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‘Azim Premji’ Net Worth In 2020: All You Need To Know

'Azim Premji' Net Worth In 2020
Azim Premji

Billionaire and Indian business tycoon, entrepreneur Azim Premji is the richest and highly successful businessperson who reached a personal milestone of becoming the top business entrepreneur not only in India but also around the world. The country witnessed some of the impactful business people, and Azim Premiji’s name will tops the billionaire list. He is known for the CEO and Chairman of India’s largest and most prominent IT company Wipro and an influential public figure who believes in setting a new benchmark as per his IT company growth and development operation.


Azim Premji

He is such a phenomenal business owner and entrepreneur that can bring a start-up company to reach glory and equally stand among the top IT company worldwide. Premji has done enormous work to sustain decades of his work experience and keep getting outstanding business profitability and impressive business turnover. He is a man of vision and eye on something extraordinary, which results in his overhaul success as chairman of the Wipro IT Company.

Early Life and Education

Entrepreneur and towering personality Azim Premji need not need any dependency in his decades of a business stint with some of the biggest name in IT industry. Premji was born on 24th July 1945, in Mumbai. Since childhood days, he had a knack of ability and knowledge about business, which his main forte as per business understanding is concerned.


Azim Premji

He is a confident, independent man who individually helped his IT Company to reach and stand among the top information and technology companies in the world. Azim Premji never accustoms to dictate terms and never interferes with anybody besides talking and discussed business strategies into implementation within the company. He has a Bachelor of Science degree, which his most significant and equivalent to electrical engineering from Stanford University. His real name is Azim Hasim Premji.

Professional Life and Areas of Interest and Passion

Well, chairman of top IT Company Wipro, Azim Premji, has an illustrious and proudest entrepreneur who has seen many glorious moments of his decade’s engagement with the company’s strength and progress. Premji helped his IT Company to dominant the industry and reach a particular milestone, mainly of his visionary skills. He never failed in his life. A person of excellent business understanding and knowledge, Premji able to go through various business challenges and never shy away from responsibility and steadied the rise and growth of the company.

Leading the IT Company is never an easy task, but he managed to drive not only the name and fame but lead from the front to let the IT world knows his company standout performance and satisfied clients all over the world. Apart from a settled business job, Azim Premji is also quite passionate about buying the latest launched cars, and some of them are Mclaren, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc. In his decades of work experience, Azim Premji has seen many things that challenge his so-called successful outing in the IT industry. He is someone who takes all business challenges on his stride and solved them with immense business skills and knowledge about how to accumulate things to work well in his favor.

Awards and Achievements

Azim Premji is a person with a golden touch and known for helping various social welfare or charity donations work. He always engaged with contributions to his savings income and make sure that orphan or underprivileged people stay well and get all kinds of facilities and benefits. The Indian government honored him the Padma Bhushan in 2005 for his humanities and outstanding works upfront. He has also awarded for helping his IT Company Wipro to stay on top over a period. Azim Premji house is in Bangalore, India, and his home is nothing like a luxurious one with a considerable cost of 350 Crores. He is also proud achiever of owning various real estate properties under his name sheet.

Azim Premji Net Worth Close to $4.5 Billion

Well, business person and chairman of IT Company Wipro, Mr. Azim Premji net earning estimated around $4.5 billion, making his earning a lot. He could increase his net worth, but Premji often donates his net salary to charity and actively volunteers all initiatives that marked his humanity and contribution to poor people.


At its peak, Azim Premji positioned at 36 among the richest man on the planet. His net earnings and dominant the IT industry is a prime example of how much Azim Premji value to the company rise and future growth.

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