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A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3
A Shoulder to Cry On (Credits: GagaOOlala)

A Shoulder to Cry On is a newly released Korean Bl drama. It is a drama adaptation of the popular webtoon “Sonyeoneul Wilohaejwo,” also known as “Comfort the Boy” by Dong Mul from Lezhin Comics. It is soon going to release new episodes. We are here to share all the details from the release date, a recap from the last episode, and where to watch the episodes of A Shoulder to Cry On.

On March 15, 2023, the first episode of A Shoulder to Cry On aired in Korea. Kim Jae Han and Shin Ye Chan, members of the K-Pop boy band Omega X, are making their acting debuts. They play the main characters, Lee Da Yeol and Jo Tae Hyun. It is a youth romance drama about two boys who will support each other in healing and growing together. 

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3: The Storyline 

Lee Da Yeol is a skilled archer but feels like an outsider. He spends most of his time in the archery club at school. Due to his archery skills and performance, he has earned a school scholarship. He is very much involved in pursuing his passion for archery.

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode Still (Credits: GagaOOlala)

Jo Tae Hyun is handsome and the most popular high schooler. He always gets away with incidents. He enjoys the most freedom compared to other high schoolers. One day, Lee Da Yeol and Jo Tae Hyun get into a misunderstanding, and everyone believes Jo Tae Hyun.

The gossip about Da Yeol trying to make out with Tae Hyun spread throughout the school. A little joke by Tae Hyun endangers Da Yeol’s chances of getting the scholarship.

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode Still (Credits: GagaOOlala)

Tae Hyun and Da Yeol start bitterly because of the false rumour. Tae Hyun enjoyed making Da Yeol’s life pathetic in school. Da Yeol tried hard to stop and clear the misunderstanding with the truth, but it didn’t work. To tease him more, Tae Hyun keeps following Da Yeol around. They start spending time together, and a conflict of thoughts arises.

Where is this going? Will they remain classmates or fall in love?

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3: Recap

Lee Da Yeol is a talented archer in high school who never missed his target, but after meeting him, his life has taken an unexpected turn. One day while practising, Da Yeol feels pain in his arm. His friend advises him to visit the doctor before it becomes a serious injury later. 

While lying on the bed in the health centre, he heard two boys’ voices whispering to each other. For the first time, Da Yeol meets Jo Tae Hyun. He asks Do Yeol to be quiet and wink at him.

He goes to check, and he accidentally falls on them. Da Yeol starts searching for his missing arrow feather. Mistakenly, they get covered in the blanket. The nurse enters the room and removes the blanket over them. Tae Hyun lies that Do Yeol came over him. 

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode Still (Credits: GagaOOlala)

The teacher scolds Lee Do Yeol, and the other two boys start fabricating the situation more. He gets scolded by his coach for the incident. Lee Do Yeol plead with Tae Hyun to reveal the truth to the teachers. But he ignores it and keeps laughing to his face.

Tae Hyun and his friends begin to tease Do Yeol. Students are divided into teams for presentations. Tae Hyun wants to do it with Do Yeol. Lee Do Yeol asks So Young to work on the project ignoring Tae Hyun.

As he is preoccupied with archery practices, others insist on planning the presentation with Tae Hyun. Lee Do Yeol considers dropping out of the group project to avoid becoming more distracted. Tae Hyun is having a good time with Do Yeol. Jo Tae Hyun appears carefree, but behind his cheerful face hides a tragic past. As they spend more time together at school, Lee Do Yeol’s feelings for Tae Hyun change.

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3: Release Date & Time

A Shoulder to Cry On is releasing episode 3 on March 22, 2023. It is a Wednesday-Thursday k-drama. Each episode lasts about 30 minutes. There is a total of seven episodes in the series.

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 3: Streaming Guide

The series A Shoulder to Cry is officially on the streaming platforms Viki and GagaOOlala. Korean viewers can access the episodes of A Shoulder to Cry on Wavve, Watcha, and Tving. These streaming channels are only available in Korea. Viki requires a VIKI PASS Standard subscription to enjoy all the latest episodes.

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