Will There Be The Promise Episode 11?

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The Promise Episode 11 Release Date
A still from the show. (Credits: Devontee )

The Promise Episode 11 release date is what the fans are willing to learn about after the emotional Episode 10 aired recently, and we are excited to bring all the news to you all. The numerous tales in the Thai BL industry are fan favorites and need no introduction.

They are constantly excited and glad to learn of new BL programs that are in the works. And for that reason, fans find it challenging to keep up with every new BL release.

The genre is receiving the acclaim it deserves on a global scale. Additionally, we have seen the development of Thai BL, which inspires other countries to make greater efforts to experiment with this genre.

This brand-new BL or The Promise, with ten episodes overall, debuted on March 1. The first episode premiered on March 1st, and the last one was released on May 10th, 2023. The show has become a fan favorite within a span of days, and now they are waiting for episode 11.

WeTV aired this Thai romance drama series, and the program was written by Funt Thanyathorn Siwanukroh under the supervision of Khom Kongkiat Khomsiri, who is most known for one of the most loved BLs out there, the KinnPorsche.

The plot of the show

The journey of two people from being buddies to lovers and their experiences are the focus of The Promise. Phupha and Nanfa are the two characters had been close pals since they were children.

The Promise Episode 11 preview
A still from the show. (Credits: Devontee )

Next to the medicines store controlled by Nanfa’s dad is a coffee shop run by Phupha’s father. Throughout the ages, they have remained loyal to one another. But once Phupha got to graduate from college, he vanished from Nanfa’s life and hasn’t been seen for the past eleven years.

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Nanfa found it challenging to begin her new life since he felt depressed and alone. The closest of friends, Phupha and Nanfah, portray their relationship as one that is marked by love, ambiguity, and horror.

The romantic drama gets to show how the two start their relationship rather than simply hanging out as friends. We get to meet Nanfa’s dad, who is an upbeat man who always wished for his children to inherit the same prosperity as their predecessors.

He is the pharmacy’s founder. On the other side, we got to see how Nanfa’s dad has a drugstore next to Phupha’s dad’s traditional coffee shop, which serves beverages prepared from beans grown on his family’s farm.

They are constantly by one another’s sides and are practically hooked on one another. Phupha was comforted by Nanfa after finding out that his father had passed away due to a cardiac condition.

Phupha persuaded Nanfa’s strict father to allow him to pursue his interest in advertising rather than his desire to become a physician. Since they were young children, they had been holding hands.

We saw how they were both students at the university; they even shared a room up until the point when Phupha unexpectedly broke off the connection, leaving Nanfa fearful and perplexed.

He made many attempts to get in touch with his one and only best buddy during the following ten years, yet he had no idea where Phupha was. Phupha informed Nanfa, among other things, that he would visit his mom in Melbourne before leaving.

The Promise Episode 10 recap
A still from the show. (Credits: Devontee )

Nanfa developed the habit of visiting Melbourne once a year in the hopes of meeting Phupha. Recently, he has been having difficulties sleeping, feeling lonely, and finding companions who will help him feel better about himself.

Nanfa keeps acting this way until Phupha unexpectedly comes in next door. As the story develops, long-lost close companions reconnect. Despite the fact that we both experience loss in various manners, we both share the same sentiments that are generated by the same emotion—love.

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Will there be The Promise episode 11?

The Promise Episode 11 is not released, sadly, as there are only ten episodes in the show, and the makers have not yet announced Episode 11 or Season 2, so we have to wait for the announcement of Season 2.

Where can I watch The Promise episodes?

The Promise is streaming on Devonte’s YouTube channel, DEVONTE296 OFFICIAL, currently for fans and viewers worldwide.

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