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The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 2 recap
The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 3’s release date is here. Fans and viewers devoted to the show are eager to learn the latest information about the upcoming episode. But we will be recapping the last episode before coming up with The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 3’s release date and streaming date, so let’s go.

“It is Abba night,” Nick Cannon stated on The Mask Singer as soon as the last episode began. Along with our reigning champion, Medusa, who is there with fury and ready to face off against two more masked celebrities, our favorite panel includes Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and J. McCarthy, and Robin Thicke is also back.

Medusa is performing “Dancing Queen” in the episode. Jenny claims that she is her favorite contender because of her aptitude for switching genres in that way. Nick Viall, a former Bachelor, enters the room and gives us a new hint: a first-class ticket to Tokyo with the number 1996.

A brief and quick recap of episode 2 of The Masked Singer Season 9

Nicole thinks it’s Lorde. According to Robin, it’s Apple Martin. It could be Dakota Johnson, according to Ken. A new masked performer, the Night Owl, who debuted at the top of the rankings at 17, comes on stage.

The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 2 recap

A still from the recap.

She claims that while there are other diva competitors, she is the original pop princess and a triple threat. She has worked on Broadway, on television, and in movies. “Fernando” is then sung by her. Nick claims he doesn’t know who she is.

Another disguised performer arrives soon; this time, it’s the Rock Lobster. He danced for 12 seconds every day in front of nine million people. For playing jokes, he was dismissed from three different schools. The things that brought him difficulty now bring him wealth. He then performs S.O.S.

Ru Paul’s Shangela, a gavel that makes three banging noises as it enters the stage, gives us a hint so that we can guess who she is. According to Ken, it’s Howie Mandel. Jenny rejects this. According to Nicole, it’s Martin Short. Robin feels like it could be Steve O.

The Rock Lobster is the masked singer departing first. Ken’s guess was Howie Mandel. It’s Howie Mandel, which is a first in a long time. Howie said he did the show purely out of fun and because he loves Nick.

The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 2 recap

A still from the show.

The winner of the Battle Royale will advance to the New York theme the following week. The panel then chose the winner of last week’s competition. The next performer this week was Medusa. Jessica Parker is Ken’s last guess. Kylie Minogue is the ultimate guess made by Robin.

For Belinda Carlisle, Nicole Jenny, who accompanied Debbie Gibson on tour, claims to regard this individual as family. Debbie Gibson is indeed the Night Owl. Jenny was precise.

What should we expect from the newest season?

The “Master of the Masked Singer” concept, which features many unmaskings and eliminations in each episode, will also be used for the most recent season of The Masked Singer. The champion continued to participate the following week, competing for a place in the semifinals.

During Series 9, the competitors will be split into three groups, similar to Season 8. Instead of competing against other teams this time, they will square off to determine who will be proclaimed king or queen. Halfway through the show, the masked performer who received the fewest votes will be revealed.

The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 3’s release date

The Masked Singer season 9 episode 3’s release date is March 3, 2023. The Masked Singer S9 Episode 3 will premiere on Fox in the U.S. around 8 p.m. The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 3 will be available to viewers worldwide via multiple streaming options listed below at approximately:

  • 1 am Greenwich Mean Time (March 4)
  • 6.30 am Indian Standard Time (March 4)
  • noon Australian Eastern Daylight Time (March 4)

The Masked Singer season 9 episode 3: where and how to watch

There are multiple streaming services that will stream the show. Hulu and Tubi TV will offer The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 3 at the abovementioned hours. Fans should compare their local hours with those listed above. While Tubi TV requires a quick login, Hulu will get you ready in about $15. Happy streaming!

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