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Good Bones: Risky Business Season 1 Episode 4: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Good Bones: Risky Business Season 1
CC: Good Bones: Risky Business Season 1, Credits: HGTV
DIY fans are thrilled to have Mina Starsiak Hawk back with an all-new Good Bones spin-off called Good Bones: Risky Business, in which Mina is walking it solo on a personal passion venture which is unlike anything she has ever done before in her entire career. The show follows Mina as she purchases, in a bid to transform, the dilapidated 1800s Victorian Sanders House in Fountain Square, a neighborhood in Indianapolis.
Diverging from the typical format, the entire first season of Good Bones: Risky Business is devoted to just one house, giving the audience an in-depth look into the grittier details of the renovation affair. The season unfolds as she attempts to turn the historic Victorian mansion into a bed and breakfast along with an event center.
In its most recent airing, Episode 3 called Redemption, which aired on September 20, 2022, we saw the carriage house area of the massive 7,000 square-foot property almost reaching completion when Mina was slammed with some unfortunate truth about her exceeding budget. Eventually, Mina makes a tough call to go forward with her project in lieu of giving up on it.

Good Bones: Risky Business Season 1 Episode 4 Preview

The Sanders House is more than a hundred years old and includes a carriage house beside the main home. In Episode 4 of the DIY reality show, The Stakes Just Got Real, and quite literally because that is the confirmed title of the episode.
In this episode, the carriage house will be finally complete, giving Mina the opportunity to get ready to start working on the main house of the project, which she intends to convert into a B&B as well as an event space.

Good Bones: Risky Business Season 1 Episode 4 Spoilers

Mina is juggling a receding bank balance and a thin budget but insists on following her dream of transfiguring the extravagant historical property. At the same time, she wants to give the house a modern look while also retaining its Victorian elements. 

Eventually, she decides to adopt an industrial loft design by taking a risk on a moody dark painting style. To add more, the pressure reaches the roof when one of Mina’s friends informs her that they want to get married at Charlotte Hall within the next few weeks leaving Mina scrambling to increase the pace of the renovation.

It is worth noting that the show is garnering much drama, with fans of the show particularly displeased by the “sexist” behavior exhibited by the General Contractors towards Mina and insisting that they must be immediately dismissed.

Good Bones: Risky Business Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

The debut season of Good Bones: Risky Business premiered on Tuesday, 6 September 2022, at 9 PM, and subsequent episodes air every week on Tuesdays at said time.

Good Bones: Risky Business Season 1 Episode 4 is slated to release on Tuesday, September 27 at 9 PM on HGTV, while Episode 5 will come out on October 4.

Good Bones: Risky Business Season 1 Episode 4: How To Watch

Fans can stream the Risky Business on Discovery+, DIRECTV, fuboTV, Spectrum, and Amazon Prime, given they have subscriptions. They may also stream it for free with ads on HGTV after the broadcast.

The show is available to be downloaded after being purchased on Vudu, Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes, and Amazon Video.

Mina Starsiak

CC: Mina Starsiak, Credits: HGTV

Although Mina’s journey on Risky Business hit an early bump, the renovation expert has consistently proved to be all the more resilient. We saw it ourselves how work on the carriage house was getting constantly delayed, how her new team reached its breaking point, and how she bravely chose to make a huge personal sacrifice, all just to restore the historic house to its former glory.

This is by far the largest project, both in lines of budget and size, that Mina has ever taken on, not to mention single-handedly. If not anything else, this will define her legacy as a woman in a mostly male-dominated field. Needless to say, fans are sincerely rooting for her success. 

But will Mina be able to tackle the real estate realities that come with it?

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