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Is Jake Sully from Avatar really Paralyzed?

jake sully from avatar really paralyzed
Is sully from avatar really paralyzed?

Is jake sully from avatar paralyzed? Box office blockbuster sci-fi movie Avatar revolved around the lead protagonist Jake Sully. While Sully served in the US Marine Corps, he was discharged after an injury rendered him paralyzed from the waist down. After Jake Sully makes the shocking discovery that his twin brother Tom was killed.

Later, Jake decides to replace his brother in the RDA’s Avatar Program, taking place on Pandora, where humans remotely control the human/Navi hybrids in order safely navigate the planet. The action is set in motion after Jake turns against the RDA as he starts to sympathize with the Navi and meets Neytiri.

The role of Jake Sully was played by English–born Australian actor Sam Worthington. The actor went on to star in various notable. Movies including Everest, The Shack, and The Debt. Let us find out whether jake sully from avatar is paralyzed. 

Is Jake Sully from Avatar Paralyzed?

While the character Jake Sully from Avatar was paralyzed, the actor who played the role is not paralyzed. Actor Sam Worthington does not use a wheelchair in real life. However, the makers had to make the actor feel like he was paralyzed in the movie. The filmmakers do not use CGI as it uses prosthetics to make the actor’s legs look skinnier.

jake sully from avatar really paralyzed

Is jake sully from avatar paralyzed?

Instead, the cast and crew opted for a more elaborate way as James Cameron revealed John Rosengrant at Stan Winston’s studio took a mould from the legs of a paraplegic who had about Sam’s skeletal size, and then they created rubber legs while his actual legs are tucked down through the chair. While the role was widely applauded, many argued that it was not authentic enough as the actor was not disabled in real life.

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How did Sam Worthington Prepare for the Role?

Believe it or not but the actor left no stone unturned to prepare for his role as he spent in Hawaii trying to connect to nature so he could better envision moving around in a forest when he was on set. Not only that, but Sam and other actors were even required to wear motion capture suits for the role.

The director reportedly required his cast to imagine that the sound stages where they were doing much of the production, which was in dense rainforests and floating mountains. Cameron further used performance capture technology to further film the actors and later used it to digitally transform them into the blue-skinned, long-limbed Na’vi.

The cast, along with the director, spent about three days in the forest and was cleaning fish, cutting fruits, and preparing meals. Zoe Saldana even cooked dinner on the ground for one night. Cameron believes this is the reason why he was able to portray the Navi version of his character so well.

Sam Worthington Makes Major Revelation!

The actor who made it big after his role in Avatar has recently opened up about his struggles in a new interview. Sam Worthington shared that before he read for the character of Jake Sully in James Cameron’s box office blockbuster, Avatar, he was leading a whole different life. Sam Worthington revealed that he had auctioned off all his possessions and moved out of his studio apartment. He further added that he sold everything he owned to his mates because he did not like who he was.

jake sully from avatar really paralyzed

Sam Worthington

Worthington did not lie back and worked hard in to get the role of Jake Sully. It was a struggle as the studio flew him to Los Angeles for numberless auditions. The director has also opened up about hiring Sam for the role while but it was a bit daunting because he had an accent like Crocodile Dundee. Cameron further added that he saw a lot of actors, but Sam Worthington was the guy who made him want to follow him into battle while admitting that the other actors never quite pulled it off!

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