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The 3 Best Ways to Get Pikachu!

Well, I’m gonna show you the 3 best ways to catch, hatch and even choose Pikachu as your Starter Pokemon. As Pikachu is obviously the most famous Pokemon, it’s obviously one of the most requested Pokemon if you started early and didn’t know about the Pikachu Easter Egg or live in a rural area with only Weedle around. How bad do you really want a Pikachu?

Let’s get to it.

Use Incense in an unused area

Use Incense in an area with no Poke Stops, Gyms, or spotted Pokemon Around. If you do this correctly if you walk around you should find Pikachu randomly as the system will generate a Random Pokemon instead of the common Pokemon on that are normally on your screen. And yes this method works for every Pokemon. (This could take forever )

Choose Pikachu as your Starter Pokemon

Start a new game. Wait during the time they offer you starter Pokemon. Ignore them 5-6 times. Around the 6th time, Pikachu will appear as a Starter Pokemon. Though, if you’re further in the game, this won’t really matter.

Hatch Pikachu from an Egg

Hatch a 2 Km egg and search for a Pikachu, Now this method is most recommended because of the mass amount of Pikachu Candy. You get to power up Pikachu, and you’ll also get it at a decent CP level.

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