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Coffee Melody Episode 10: Release Date, Streaming Guide And How To Watch

Coffee Melody is a Thai drama slowly heading towards its final episode. The drama has received mixed reviews from the audience. For some, it was cringe, even criticizing the leads for acting a little bit in a self-centered way. Also, there is kind of no character development in the series. While on the other hand, some mentioned how one could enjoy the drama without putting some brainstorming theories on the plate.

The actors have been praised for their performance. The lead actors include Pavel Naret Promphaopun played the role of Plengrak. His previous projects include 2 Moons 2, Coffee Melody: Behind The Scenes, and Moons 2 Special: Before the Moon Rises, among others.

Benz Panupun Vongjorn as Duean Yi, is a famous composer who meets the love of life, Plengrak while searching for some inspiration. Benz’s previous projects include Call It What You Want (2022 Version), My Only 12%, My Secret Love, Call It What You Want 2, and Call It What You Want, among others. 

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Coffee Melody Episode 9 Recap

Duean Yi, met Janjao after quite some time, and this time she brought good news along with her. A head record label wants to work with him, and for that, he will have to move to Shanghai.

Plengrak, on the other hand, was having a fun time with Tusmin and Jean. Meanwhile, Duean Yi was having a hard time deciding whether to move out or not. When he asked Janjao what she would have done if she was at his place, she mentioned how she would have followed her dreams. After all, such opportunities come once in a while. Moreover, he will be gone in three months.

Coffee Melody Ep 10

A Still From The Series

Duean Yi, went to meet Plengrak as it seemed that he has a lot on his plate right now. Mainly he went there to inform how he is planning to move due to his career’s demand, however, seeing his workload somehow, he just couldn’t say it. 

Later that night, Plengrak even cooked for Duean Yi, at that moment, Jean entered, telling him that he was happy since his boss had reconciled with Duean Yi.

Winter finally made it to their debut show and was holding a performance. When they debuted, nobody gave attention to them, however now, the scenario has changed. The band members believe that if we give our all to something, then we will become successful one day or the other. The special part was Duean Yi even made a song for them.

Coffee Melody Ep 10

A Still From The Series

As if the concert wasn’t special enough, to top it all it was the moment we all have been waiting for as Plengrak finally proposed to Plengrak and this was the beginning of a new stage. 

With that Plengrak he confessed how he had to go abroad and settle there for the time being. 

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Where To Watch Coffee Melody Episode 10? Online Streaming Details 

Coffee Melody Episode 10 will be released on its original network Channel 3. For the international audience, the drama is available on the Rakuten Viki app. However, for that, you have to buy the Viki Standard Pass. There are several options, choose whatever plan suits you the best, and then you are all set to watch Coffee Melody. Also, you have a lot of subtitles options to choose from. 

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When Will Coffee Melody Episode 10 Release?

Coffee melody Episode 10 will be available on 19th September 2022. The drama starts with a slow pace, and though the performance of the leads is noteworthy, however, the series as a whole makes a lesser impact. Though, a part of the audience does feel connected to it, agreeing with the fact that there a certain places where the story could have been better. 

Many loved the chemistry between the actors and found it extremely adorable, whereas, for some, it didn’t seem to work out. Find out if the story truly works for you by watching Coffee Melody. 

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