How to Watch Blind Gekocht Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Blind Purchased
Blind Gekocht Poster (Source: Play4)

There are a lot of reality shows out there, some based on dating, some about rebuilding houses, and some of them about buying people’s houses. One such show that is known to have some very interesting people participate in it and try to find a dream house for themselves is Blind Gekocht. Blind Gekocht’s direct English translation would be Blind Bought, which is exactly what the concept of the show is.

Wherein duos and couples approach the show ‘Blind Gekocht’ and put all their hope and trust into the people of them. That is a lot of daring and commitment to entrusting strangers with everything you have, so you can get something you need. But, well, a house is a house, so you need to check out some essentials when buying a house for yourself. 

Blind Gekocht is a Belgian show that came out in 2019 on 10th July. The show had a concept that was new to the people in Belgian where most of the people took it into their own hands to be selling their houses to someone else, and only about half the population decided to go through an estate agent for the task, something that is commonly done in countries like the United States (US).

Coming up with the show and putting it up on television screens must have come as a task for the creators of ‘Blind Gekocht,’ just like for the start of any new show. But they held on with their heads high and now have finished a 5th season of the show, and fans are definitely loving the ways things turn out for the buyers. 

Blind Gekocht Season 4
A scene from Blind Gekocht Season 4 (Credit: YouTube)

Loads of people out there love following up with the show, something they have come around to liking and want to know what is next. The concept and the way they carry it out are definitely commendable. There are obviously ups and downs, though, like when the customers do not like the house that was bought or when the buyers’ demands are a huge list of things, making it impossible for either the hosts of ‘Blind Gekocht’ or even them to find a house that will suit their needs and desires.

Many moments in the show are really heart-warming in the show, too, when the couple sees their house and is overjoyed to find the house to be exactly what they wanted it to be, the dream house that they were looking for! All of that makes the tragedies seem nothing, for the viewers, at least!

The original cast of the show includes Dina Tersago and Bart Appeltans. Dina was later replaced by Kobe Ilsen, and then finally, the one who has been on the show since 2022, Jani Kazaltzis. The show now has Kelly Claessens as the interior designer, who joined the show in 2021 along with Bart Appeltans and Kinga Kantorska, who joined the show as an estate agent expert following Béa leaving the show after working here for four seasons.

People loved all the characters playing a part in the show and were saddened to see Béa leave the show but excited to have another optimistic character join in with Jani in his eternal optimism sprees. Having come five seasons down, there have been cast and streaming platform changes that can confuse people though, do not worry about where to stream and how to watch the episodes of the famous and intriguing Belgian we have the answers!  

Plotline of the show ‘Blind Gekocht’

The plotline of the show goes something like this, a lot of the time, finding the perfect house for oneself is hard; with the right equities and the necessary backdrops, the area we live in, and whatnot, all the essentials that need to be considered before one goes on to buy a house. At times, we see a house and are so captivated by it that we forget that it might exactly match our needs, and now we are in a fix after investing all that money.

Similar cases can be seen on the show ‘Blind Gekocht’ where the buyers have been unable to find the ‘perfect’ as it comes house for themselves because of various reasons. Then, we see the estate agent of the show approaching them and telling them they have been selected from a group of people to participate in the show. 

This leaves them excited and, many times, in tears at the prospect of it all. Then comes the harder part, where the people of the show have to find the house for our buyers after discussing their needs and wants with the team, which then tightens their belts and is ready to be hard at work. 

The catch here is the buyers have to entrust the show people with all of their money, and after everything is discussed and the appropriate housing situation is found, the house is bought by the show people WITHOUT showing it to the buyers. The buyers can see the house only after the complete documentation and buying process have been done. It is kind of a trial-and-error case. As I had said earlier, it could be that the buyers ABSOLUTELY love it or are somewhat disappointed and seldom might even ask, “Can we sell this again?”. That is a disaster. But, hey, it’s all about the process and the audience sitting and watching the show on their television or electronic screens. The tea is pipping hot and extremely engaging to watch. 

How to watch Season 5 episodes of ‘Blind Gekocht.’

Coming to the part where we discuss the show timings, the show has already premiered on the Play4 online streaming website. Season 5 of the ‘Blind Gekocht series premiered on 26th April 2023 on the streaming website. There are a total of nine episodes in the series, which can be seen to be the common number for all seasons. Usually, the show lasts for the span of 60mins per episode, and one house search and reveal is done per episode. The episodes came out each week on Friday, and the last episode for the show aired on 2nd June 2023.

Cast for Season 5
The cast of Blind Geokcht for Season 5 (Credit: Play4)

Below is mentioned the release date and episode time for each episode,

  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 1, Release Date: 7th April 2023, Run-time: 58 mins.
  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 2, Release Date: 14th April 2023, Run-time: 53 mins.
  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 3, Release Date: 21st April 2023, Run-time: 55 mins.
  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 4, Release Date: 28th April 2023, Run-time: 55 mins.
  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 5, Release Date: 5th May 2023, Run-time: 58 mins.
  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 6, Release Date: 12th May 2023, Run-time: 50 mins.
  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 7, Release Date: 19th May 2023, Run-time: 50 mins.
  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 8, Release Date: 26th May 2023, Run-time: 53 mins.
  • Blind Geokcht Season 5, Episode 9, Release Date: 2nd June 2023, Run-time: 53 mins.

Where can you watch ‘Blind Gekocht,’ Season 5

Blind Gekocht Season 5 can be viewed on their official streaming platform called Play4 or GO Play as it is known now. Earlier, the episodes were available on a different website called VIER to be viewed by the audience, but they recently changed the platform.

All the episodes are available to be watched by the audience here. People who are not from the Belgium region need not worry, as they can watch the show too, using an easy solution of a VPN network. That way, you can change your geological location to watch this interesting show online!

Catch up on the show for thrilling home buys in Season 5 and the seasons before that. I will just go and do the same! See you in my next article! BYE!

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