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Preview and Recap: Kemono Jihen Episode 7

Kemono Jihen

Previously in Kemono Jihen, Shiki recalls his past when he used to hang out with his mother. But can not remember how he got separated from his mother. He thinks that something terrifying happened, but the last day he saw his mom, she transforming into a monster. Later Akira and Kabane are heading somewhere to complete the important mission. Mihai is updating his situation via phone call. 

He told them that he had hacked the building security system and they must hurry since Shiki is in danger. The two decide to find the entrance of the building, but they encounter Momoka. She called Kabane and Akira that she spies on some rats. Inside the building, Shiki is facing the mosquito woman. He thinks that it is better for him to run since the mosquito cannot see him.

Kemono Jihen Episode 7 will be airing Sunday, 21 February 2021, at 10:00 PM JST. Watch Kimono Jihen on ANIPLUSAnimeLabFunimation, and Netflix. Take a look at how Kabane has defeated the enemies below.

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

Previously on Kemono Jihen Episode 6

Mihai updates Shiki about the components of mosquito, and he will experience his blood sucked. Shiki thinks that he is hopeless and someone can come and save him or Inugami. Kobane calls Shiki while dragging Momoka heading inside the building. It shows that Momoka has been defeated with a single blow. Momoka has the key to open every entrance of the building.

Mosquito Woman

Kabane told Shiki not to worry since they are coming to help him. Momoka complains that Kabane must stop pulling her with her hair. He also told Shiki that they had taken one of the enemies down. Mihai teases Shiki that he is a cry baby, and Shiki man up to face the mosquito lady. The mosquito lady waked up and said Shiki would pay for electrifying her. She charged towards Shiki after smelling his blood and said that she is hungry.

Shiki jumps up and disappears, and the lady tries to locate her, but she can’t find him. She thinks that he has run away, and Shiki paints the whole room with blood. The lady is confused why he can see Shiki everywhere. Shiki comments that mosquitos can detect all sorts of things to lead them to sweet blood. The lady told him to stop acting tough and come out. She calls him a little brat that she will kill.

Shiki laid a trap, and she attacks, but she got trapped. He stomps on her head and put her to sleep. Shiki realizes that he can do it if he tries and laughs at himself. He remembers when Kabane told him that he has, fins, something about his parents. But Shiki told Kabane that itis fine; he likes the life he has for now. The past doesn’t matter to him. Shiki is wondering if he is ready to hear what Inugami wanted to tell him that day. 

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

Kabane and Akira arrive at the scene and find that Shiki has defeated the mosquito woman. Shiki gets up and acts like he defeated the lady with a single blow. Shiki comments that he was getting tired of waiting for them and took care of the problem alone. Mihai comments that he is only giving him fifty points. Kabane comments that they can finish the other enemies. Shiki reveals that they know that they are inside the building. 


Shiki thinks that turning the data that Mihai has collected over to Inari will take care of everything. Suddenly a third enemy appears and comments that the trio won’t leave the building. Kabane said that it wouldn’t happen since Kemono and humans are all the same. They are both trying to live their life at their best, and that is Kbane vows to stop the enemy. Momoka and the mosquito lady comets that Big sister can free them and clean their mess. 

Big sister turns into a mosquito and sucks out flesh and blood of the first mosquito lady. She also sucks Momoka, and they turned into skeletons and die. She comments that the two were playing. It makes her feel like a jerk for being the only one taking this seriously. The Big sister transformed into a powerful mosquito and started to dominate the battle. Mihai heard that Kabane, Shik, and Akira was struggling and decided to give them advice.

Mihai told Kabane to forget that he is a half-human and stop using human strength. He advises him to use his Kemono strength and follow his instincts. Kabane must also think of the most thing that he wants now. Kabane realizes that he wants to defeat the enemy. Kabane’s Kemon’s powers got awakened after realizing that he doesn’t want to lose Shiki and Akira. Kanae breaks the mosquito’s arm, and Big sister returns to normal. Inugamicalls Kabane and said it is enough he can return Inari will take care of the rest. 

Kemono Jihen Episode 7 Preview

Take a look at how Kaben finds the truth about Mihai here: Kemono Jihen Episode 6

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