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Christian Bale – The Newest Addition To Thor Love And Thunder!

We have all been waiting for Thor Love And Thunder since it was announced; well right now, the hype just got multiplied tenfold. The one, the only Christian Bale, is gracing the movie with his presence.

Ever since this news was confirmed, no one has been able to control their excitement. The Dark Knight transitioning into Marvel! What an age we live in, this is going to be epic!

The new Thor movie cast became more start-studded, already with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and many more the movie was well on its way to being a joyous ride, but now, we don’t have the words.

First, let’s learn somethings about the man of the hour,

Christian Bale



Christian Charles Philip Bale, age 46, is one of the finest, most handsome, and one of few actors who don’t hesitate to go beyond himself for the characters he takes on; as All Might from My Hero Academia would say, Christian Bale always goes Plus Ultra!

Bale has had the opportunity to work with some of the greats in the industry. He has given us so many classic films, which has lead him to win numerous awards, including an academy award and 2 golden globes.

Some of his movies are

  • The Prestige
  • Public Enemy
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy (Christopher Nolan)
  • The Big Short
  • Vice
  • Ford Vs. Ferrari
  • American Hustle
  • Hostiles
  • Out of the furnace
  • American Psycho

These are just some of the movies from a long list of amazing must watches. The dedication he gave to these movies is something else.

Before The Dark Knight Trilogy, Bale had just completed Machinist, but he was still relatively unknown to the world. After the Batman series came out, he was put on the map in an instant; he became one of the biggest stars overnight. Some would argue to this day saying that his rendition of Batman was by far the best, his acting combined with the amazing work of Christopher Nolan and not to say the marvel that was Heath Ledger, we got 3 movies that would always have the title “Legendary”.

The weight change he displayed for the role was something to stand in awe by, he had lost a considerable amount of weight for his previous role. For Batman, he had to get into the superhero physique; he was given 6 months to do this. Yes, Christian Bale being Christian Bale, he did it; how much hard the task may have been for him, he did it.

The weight change is just one of the visual confirmations of his dedication to the roles he takes. This can be seen in movies like Batman, American Psycho, American Hustle, etc.

Now let’s get on to the good stuff –

The Thor News

Christian Bale will be portraying the villain Gorr The God Butcher in the upcoming Thor movie. This will be the fourth film in the franchise, and it will be the first time we’ll be seeing a female Thor.

The reasons to be hyped for this movie were numerous even before Bale’s character was announced. Ragnarok being a splendid hit, is one of them. The third Thor movie was revolutionary; it was vibrant, colorful, the banter and the dialogues were amazing. There was the depth to it. It was the first time Marvel brought this new perspective to their movies, and it just clicked.

Another reason to be hyped was Taika Waititi is back again, so we could expect a much better version of Ragnarok if things go well, with a cast like this and a Director who has already shown that he is capable and comfortable with directing Marvel movies, we can surely expect the fourth film to be something else. The third and final reason for the huge hype was the fact that we would get to see a female Thor; Marvel does represent their female characters very well, but from what we think, this would be the best addition yet.

But this time, Bale seems to be playing a villain. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? A good thing! First off, having Christian Bale in a movie is the best thing that could happen; now that he would be playing a supervillain is so much better. The depth and versatility Bale can bring to a villain role would be so much more; another thing is that we already got 3 amazing movies where we saw Bale as the Hero; we know how great he can be. Now this time, we can see his strength as the villain.

Let’s learn a little about the character bale will be playing.

Gorr The God Butcher

Gorr The God Butcher

Gorr was born in a terrible environment; the name of the planet he grew upon is unknown. The only thing we know is the situation was terrible there. It was filled with constant violence, starvation, but everyone was taught to believe in the Gods and be protected.

But one by one, Gorr started losing his family; his parents died when he was very young. Even after praying to the Gods, they didn’t seem to answer or help him in any way. Gorr gets married and has children, but they were also struck with the same fate as everyone else. Everyone perished one by one, mainly due to starvation. His partner also died from an earthquake, leaving him with his last son Agar. But fate struck again; Agar lost his life due to starvation, this lead Gorr over the tipping point.

He started going against the beliefs of his people; he stated that the Gods didn’t exist. This lead to him being exiled from his lands; Gorr started wandering the deserts with no aim to die finally. He kept praying to be killed somehow. That is when he actually sees 2 Gods battling.

One of the injured crash lands next to him and begs Gorr to save him. On the other hand, Gorr couldn’t believe his eyes, the Gods did exist, and none of his prayers or his families had been answered till now. This lead to him vowing vengeance against every single God out there, the swords which the injured God had bonded with Gorr turning into his signature weapon, All Black The Necrosword. With the sword, he kills God and sets off on his path to vengeance. He traveled the cosmos, killing multiple Gods without remorse. He has had confrontations with many high profile heroes, the most significant one being Thor.

The injured god was Knull, the sword he had with him; the All Black was the first-ever symbiote. After Knull, the symbiote bonds with Gorr and helps corrupt himself to become The God Butcher.

So here are some things to look forward to as the movie comes out:

Thor Love And Thunder come out on May 6, 2022. It is a long wait, but considering everything we are going to witness in the movie, the wait is very much deserved.

Another worthy note to be mentioned is the fact that fan-favorite character Korg would be back in this movie!

So like we mentioned before, Jane Foster, played by the beautiful Natalie Portman, will wield the hammer, which is a sight to look forward to.

Female Thor

Another major fact is that some characters from guardians Of The galaxy will be making an appearance. That would be amazing! If we see them also crossing over here, then we could have somewhat of another Endgame movie on our hands! With the combination of the Guardians Of The Galaxy cast, this movie would be beyond words. After all, we did see Thor leaving with them at the end of Endgame, so it really does feel like a sure thing.

Guardians of The galaxy

It’s not confirmed whether Jeff Goldblum as the Grand Master and Mark Ruffolo as the Hulk would be reprising their roles for the movie, but considering how Marvel likes surprising the fans, nothing is out of the question.

So with everything said and done, Thor Love and Thunder, even though it is just one of the numerous releases Marvel has planned from here on, could be their best one yet. 2022 can’t come any sooner.

We would recommend going back and watching all of the previous Thor titles before this one rolls out. Well, actually, with the number of new Marvel movies coming out, it’s better to watch all of the Marvel releases up until now in Chronological order; it will add to the fun. Happy Watching! While you’re at it, read our recent on – Everything We Know About Loki So Far!

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