Why Did Penelope Garcia Leave Criminal Minds? The Real Reason

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Garcia's exit the show.
Penelope Garcia

The primary reasons why Criminal Minds is always a unique series are its plot, cast, and characters. Penelope Garcia is one such character. Yet, we will explore Penelope Garcia’s reasons for leaving Criminal Minds in this post. Penelope was, without a doubt, one of the hippest and most interesting FBI analysts and hackers one could see.

Of course, the departure of their favorite character from the show upset the fans. Penelope has been a constant on Criminal Minds since its debut on September 22, 2005, and her departure was rather upsetting. She has been seen making some of the most difficult decisions since the beginning of the show, but thankfully she has excelled in all of them.

Penelope first only collaborated with Gideon without her desire, but her fate in the series had both good and evil things planned for her. The show does a terrific job of blending the lives of the characters into the narrative, and each one of them resonates strongly with the audience.

The Real Reason Penelope Garcia Left Criminal Minds
Cast of Criminal Minds

As per reports, Penelope had departed the show for a variety of good reasons, and we might get a look at each one. So, without any further delay, let us check out all the reasons why did she leave Criminal Minds.

Who Is Penelope Garcia?

One of the Criminal Minds’ most well-known and admired characters, Penelope Garcia, is portrayed by none other than Kirsten Vangsness. She has experience as a media liaison officer and a professional tech analyst for BAU. When she was 18 years old, a road accident caused the deaths of her parents. Ever since then, she has been a very strong woman.

Penelope even taught herself on her own, picked up coding, and ended up going on to become one of the FBI’s greatest hackers ever. She exudes such a magnificent aura from her outward look, which includes noirish attire, makeup, and a highly outspoken personality. She has been seen collaborating with numerous groups during the entire show, both with and against her will.

However, in the show, she has a very jovial but smart demeanor. She has endured a lot over her difficult trip, including being shot twice in quick succession. She considered JJ and Derek Morgan to be her closest friends, and she always presented them with genuine her. She was also referred to as the “sexiest hacker in the world,” and we don’t question that claim at all.

Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia

Why Did Penelope Garcia Leave Criminal Minds? 

Penelope Garcia leaving Criminal Minds was a shock to all viewers. However, she has invested all of her time and heart in BAU service, but it seems like there was a lot more for her. There were several reasons why she left the show; let’s discuss them.

A New Opportunity

Garcia previously said that she was contemplating applying for a new career in Silicon Valley. However, Gracia left BAU to serve for a non-profit at the conclusion of the finale episode after one month. She made the decision to change her line of work. She took the choice to employ her cyber and hacking abilities at the private research firm combating the dangerous climate change.

Thus, it was disclosed that Penelope was exiting the team to embark on a new profession at the finish of season 15. She does not desire to leave those she loves and cares about, but she feels that it was a move that had to be taken.

Never Ending Traumas

Penelope has had the most difficult times while working with BAU; she has been betrayed, shot, and other things. So, it all became increasingly traumatizing. Her devotion to the group, though, was admirable. She regrets the tragic acts she had to go through after being shot by his date, and this could be one of the key reasons she quit her work.

Overall, Penelope’s decision to quit BAU was never an easy one, but it had to be made. This was indeed the hardest goodbye for Pen, but she finally bid adieu to BAU. However, there were all the reasons why Penelope Garcia left Criminal Minds. Tell us how you feel about her character in the comment box below.

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