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What Happened To Everleigh Labrant’s Dad? Everything To Know

Fans are now showing concerns about what happened to Everleigh Labrant’s dad. To those who aren’t aware, originally known as Everleigh Rose Smith Soutas is a child dancer, and more precisely a social media influencer. Hailing from Orange County, she excels in various dance forms, such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and many more. 

Little did you know, at this young age, Everleigh has also made it to Vogue Australia, and ended up becoming a toddler fashionista. Talking more about her popularity, Everleigh also appeared on both the talk shows, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

Everleigh Labrant’s dad is making headlines for quite some time. What happened to him? 

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Everleigh Labrant’s Dad Passed Away At An Early Age

Everleigh Labrant’s dad, Tommy Smith died on 15 September 2022. He was then 29 years old. This tragic news made the fans of this Tiktok sensation shocked. 

Losing a parent is always saddening and traumatic. And, in this case, Everleigh lost her father at just 9 years of age. It has been a very devastating loss to her and her family. Her mother, took it to her Instagram account, requesting some privacy and prayers. The caption said, “Our hearts are incredibly heavy as we process the loss of Everleigh’s dad, Tommy. He loved Everleigh immensely. we navigate through this difficult time, we kindly ask for privacy so that our family may continue to love on Ev, pray and grieve with her. Your prayers for Everleigh are so very appreciated.” 

What Happened To Everleigh Labrant's Dad

Everleigh Labrant with her father, Tommy Smith

What caused Everleigh Labrant’s death? The reason is still not known. However, it’s reported to have happened ‘unexpectedly.’ 

Even Everleigh has also shared how much she loves her father. Last July, she posted a picture with him, with the caption, “One made me, and one raised me,” she said, before adding: ”I love it.” Tommy Smitha and Everleigh shared a very close relationship. The ideal father-daughter bond! 

May Everleigh Labrant’s dad’s soul rests in peace. Sending condolences to her and her family. She has her father’s blessings and she needs to prove herself. Wishing for her bright future ahead! 

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