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Is Shakira Pregnant? Hips Don’t Lie Singer’s Pregnancy Rumours Revealed

Here, we shall discuss is Shakira Pregnant? What do we know about the renowned Colombian singer’s pregnancy rumors that are surfacing on the internet? Recently, Shakira has made headlines regarding her breakup with Gerard Pique. Not only this but also for the release of her new music video which garnered more than 7 million views in a short time.

Starting from the basics, there isn’t a single person on this earth who doesn’t know Shakira. Some of her very hit songs are titled as- Waka Waka, Hips Don’t Lie, Can’t Remember To Forget You, Te Felicito, Girl Like Me, Deja Vu, and many more. Which one is your favorite?

Gerard Pique has been Shakira’s long-time boyfriend. However, their relationship didn’t last forever. The former couple already shares two children whom they are co-parenting at present. With the news of Shakira’s pregnancy this year going viral, fans are wondering if those are true. If yes, then it would also call for the discussion of the father of the unborn child. Well, does that mean Shakira is dating someone right after her split with Gerard? Without creating further confusion, let’s dive into this article to learn Is Shakira Pregnant?

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Is Shakira Pregnant? The Rumours Revealed

Shakira is now facing very strong pregnancy rumors. Well, these have been started after a video of her dancing with her healthier belly went viral on the internet. Fans are wondering if the world-famous Colombian singer is expecting her third child.

Is Shakira Pregnant


It is reported that she has been dancing in the video for a television program that is likely to air on NBC. As she flexes with her dance moves, her belly appears to be a bit bulkier than before. Surprisingly, Shakira has made no comments on these rumors. Thus, we are unsure if Shakira is pregnant. However, considering it as a possible pregnancy, as many of her fans are already convinced, it indicates that she has started her new journey. Since she is already the mother of two, the experience won’t be new to her.

Also, as we all know that Shakira and Gerard have already parted ways, and neither of them has ever talked or made their plans in public. We are just hoping that Shakira’s third pregnancy rumors turn out to be true. What can be better than this? But, that would also leave her new romantic life under question.

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