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Are Ben Savage and Fred Savage Related?

Ben Savage and Fred Savage
Ben and Fred; credits: The Things

Running for a political position is a daunting challenge, and it comes with a big spike in media attention, just like Ben Savage has been getting, as he is all over the news for his political run for the past couple of days. So this news outburst is making some people very curious as to whether Ben Savage is connected to Fred Savage, given the fame of both the personalities.

So let’s look at who they are first before going into more details. If you consider yourself a millennial, then it’s very likely that you would recognize actor Ben Savage as our favorite Cory Matthews from both the TV series ABC’s “Boy meets World” and its spinoff “Girl meets World” on Disney.

On the other hand, being a millennial, who doesn’t remember Kevin Arnold, right? The one from “The Wonder Years”. Yep, that’s our man, Fred Savage. The one who grew up In front of us and had that adorable crush on Winnie Copper, super nostalgic right? Well, Fred has also been in various movies and shows over the years, and remember the blue octopus, Oswald, we used to watch as kids? Fred voiced Oswald’s main character too.

Fred Savage and Ben Savage

credits: New York Post

However, incase you are unaware of who Fred , you might be more familiar with Fred Savage because of the misconduct allegations that were brought against the actor-director during April-May last year. His roles as executive producer and director on the current ABC reboot of The Wonder Years were fortified as a result of the allegations.

Pfft.. that escalated fast!

Okay, coming to our point, are they related? What do you think?

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Are Ben Savage and Fred Savage related?

So if you’re wondering if Ben Savage and Fred Savage are related. Great, you’ve guessed it right! They are both brothers.

Fred is the elder one, who will be 46 years in 2023, and the younger one, Ben will be 42 years in 2023. They were born in Chicago, Illinois, and were raised by their parents, Joanne and Lewis Savage, who was in the real estate industry as a broker cum consultant. Their family moved to California, where they attended schooling from Brentwood.

Both Savage brothers started acting at a very tender age. Fred began his acting debut with the television show, Morningstar/Eveningstar, when he was just nine. He later got his recognition on The Wonder Years, which led him to nominations for Golden Globes and Emmy.

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Ben is best known for his part on Boy Meets World, but just like his big bro, he started appearing on TV at quite the same age as his brothers’. Later, both of them took break from show business to attend college and try their hand and make it up as directors.

What are the Savage brothers doing now?

Ben appears interested in venturing into the role of a congressman in addition to his acting career. Ben was qualified to run for West Hollywood City Council in Los Angeles in August 2022, but he was ultimately unsuccessful, as per reports.

Ben Savage

credits: Entertainment Weekly

That, however, doesn’t appear to have curbed his desire to run for the post. Recently it has been all over the news  that Ben is thinking about running for Congress. According to Federal Election Commission records obtained by the publication, Ben is listed as a Democrat seeking the 30th Congressional District of California.

On the other hand, Fred is apparently taking a sabbatical break after the breakout of “misconduct at workplace” allegations pressed on him last year, as per reports.

Fred’s reaction as recorded to this incident was comparably calm, he did address his mistake by saying though he doesn’t think the allegations are true, but if people around him are feeling that about him, then he will figure out what could he do better.”

Talking about their personal lives, Fred is married to his childhood sweetheart Jennifer Lynn Stone. The couple got hitched back in 2004, and have three adorable kids since.

Fred Savage and Ben Savage

Fred and Jennifer; credits: Getty

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Ben, however, just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, actress Tessa Angermeier. Ben shared adorable pictures of their ceremony on Instagram to declare their coming together.

Ben very recently starred in the Crime film Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez, that aired in Lifetime last year.
So while everything seems to be going well for the Savages now, we wish Ben for a good Congressman run, hope he succeeds.

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