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Spicks And Specks Season 10 Episode 7: Release Date & How To Watch

Spicks And Specks Season 10 Episode 7

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Spicks and Specks would be coming back in the new year, but without Hills, Warhurst, or Brough, ABC Television stated on November 28, 2012, during the launch of its 2013 programming. The first episode of the relaunched series, which aired on February 5, 2014, was postponed by the broadcaster until 2014. Josh Earl, a comedian, took over as the new host, and Adam Richard and Ella Hooper served as team captains.

A humorous television quiz program with an Australian music theme is called Spicks and Specks. The series, which was hosted by Adam Hills and featured Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough as team captains, debuted on what was then ABC1 on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. It was rebroadcast on ABC2 on Thursdays at 8 p.m. Every Friday at 2:30 pm on ABC1, the previous season was replayed.

A new season with the original hosts started broadcasting on 18 April 2021 in an hour-long weekly format after the show ended in 2011 and a failed relaunch in 2014 with new hosts.

The Bee Gees’ 1966 song “Spicks and Specks” serves as both the inspiration for the show’s name and theme song. The host of the program is stand-up comedian Adam Hills. He asked two teams—one led by actor/comedian/author Alan Brough and the other by radio broadcaster Myf Warhurst—questions. Each has two special guests on its panels, usually one from the world of music and one from the world of comedy.

Spicks And Specs Season 10 

Recap Of Spicks & Specks Season 10 Episode 6

John Travolta is let down by Dave O’Neil, Alex Lee, Odette, and Kav Temperley as they try to enter a nightclub and figure out this week’s mystery song.

Spicks & Specks Season 10 Episode 7 Release Date

The sixth episode of Spicks & Specks season 10 will air on ABC TV on Air. Date: September 25, 2022, at 15:10, or in about 17 hours. In Episode 6, Dave O’Neil, Alex Lee, Odette, and Kav Temperley let John Travolta down by failing to gain entry to a nightclub and failing to figure out the hidden song.

Where To Watch Spicks And Specks Season 10 Episode 7?

ABC TV usually broadcasts Spicks and Specks Season 10 episodes at 7:40 p.m. However, there are already available episodes that the audience can watch for free. To search for and start watching the most recent episodes without providing credentials, this viewer must log in to “ABC iView.”

On the website, there are occasional adverts that run between episodes. Another streaming service that lets you watch the episodes is Apple TV. Amazon Prime Video will also have Spicks and Specks Season 10 Episode 7 accessible. So remember to watch “Spicks and Specks Season 10 Episode 7” when it airs and mark your calendars.

Spicks And Specks Season 10 Episode 7

What Do People Think About Spicks And Specks?

Although one can’t sure what precisely makes Spicks and Specks so soothing, you always know what you’re going to get with it. People can count on constantly finding something to laugh at and learn from. And there was nothing people loved more than spending every Wednesday night cuddled on the couch with their partners, giggling uncontrollably while we watched this show.

It’s consistently enlightening, innovative, deft, and—most importantly— FUNNY! The two Team Captains, Myf Warhurst and Alan Borough, are equally amusing and, in fact, VERY knowledgeable about music. Adam Hills is wonderful as the host (perhaps the greatest and most approachable quiz show host in Australia).

People adore regular panelists Ross Noble, Frank Woodley, Colin Lane, and Hamish Blake, however, there have been a ton of other memorable ones as well. People truly adore this show and have the utmost respect for Myf and Alan as well as all the guests who can correctly answer some of these VERY difficult questions.

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