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Netflix’s He’s All That Starring Addison Rae

Well, we know how the entire year 2020 went away in a snap as we were all sitting idle inside our houses and watching electronic devices. The most popular that one application had, was TikTok. Everywhere we looked, there were TikToks and people talking about those videos and even getting influenced to make some of these videos. Some people who rose to fame during the pandemic because of this application are Bella Poarch, Charlie D’Amelio, and her sister Dixie D’Amelio. But the most famous influencer had to be Addison Rae. She has been making videos for quite a while now and has millions of people following her on social media applications. As of right now, news has come out that she has been cast in an upcoming Hollywood film. This influencer is going places now that she has jumped directly to movies after being in the small Tiktok videos.

Addison is getting even more love and popularity from her fans now that she has been cast in the lead role of the upcoming film called ‘He’s All That’. She was having an interview with Glamour UK and there, Addison revealed that she always had a dream to become an actress. Now, that she has left the title of ‘influencer’ behind and is being called an ‘actress’ makes her very happy. Addison says that while she was growing up, she always used to opt for acting classes and watch films all the time and in her free time, used to enact the characters that were in those tales. Back in September of 2020, news broke out that Addison Rae is set to star in a new Hollywood remake.

The cast of He’s All That

He’s All That – About the Reboot

This story is called ‘He’s All That’ and is based on the parent film, ‘She’s All That’ from the 90s. Back in that film, we had a cast list that included Freddie Prinze Junior as well as Rachel Leigh Cook and Paul Walker along with Gabrielle Union. As for the creative writing team of She’s All That, they are all going to come back in order to work on this new upcoming film starring Addison Rae. The most amazing news came out when the media got to know that Mark Waters, the man who has made some truly iconic high school dramas such as Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, is set to direct this forthcoming film.

Bill Block, in one of his interviews with Variety, told them that She’s All That will serve as a new generation of how Miramax likes to tell their stories. Bill is the CEO of Miramax and talked about the movie after its announcement was done. He says that this is just a piece of how they all are working upon refreshing their existing entertainment library with fresh content that is made for both, the cinema as well as the television.

The original She’s All That film

He’s All That – Plot and Release Date

Now, there are many people who must be wondering about what this movie is going to be all about? This upcoming reboot of the 90s film She’s All That, by the title of it called He’s All That, surely has changed the gender roles. This new film is going to put a 21st-century effect on the original film and its plotline. As for the character of Addison Rae, it will not be tough because she will be an influencer in the movie which is actually is in real life.

Addison’s character is going to try to transform a very nerdy boy into the most popular prom king of the school. Back in the original movie, we saw that a high school jock got dumped by his girlfriend only to fall for an art geek. He tries everything that he could so that the girl that he now admires becomes the prom queen at his high school.

Now, you all must be curious about who will actually be sharing the spotlight with Addison Rae in this upcoming film. Well, it is Tanner Buchanan. He has previously worked in a very popular show called Cobra Kai by Netflix and he joined the cast of the show back in October of 2020. Also, no new release date has been set till now for He’s All That but you guys should know that filming for the film wrapped up back in December of 2020. This means that the fans might be able to witness the film pretty soon by the end of this year.

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