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The Patriot Filming Locations & Sets

The patriot
The patriot

The Patriot movie was released in 2000 and is based on the year 1776, in which the movie describes the time of colonial South Carolina. In the movie, the main lead is named Benjamin Martin, who is a French Indian battle hero as well as someone who is tormented and trounced by his history and past experiences. Even in the story, Martin wants nothing more than to live with peace of mind. In the story, Martin is on his small farm and desires no part of the battle he has gone through in the past with the most influential nation on earth, Great Britain. In the plot, Martin has three children: his two eldest sons, Gabriel and another named Thomas.

Both of Martin’s sons couldn’t wait to enlist in the newly created Continental Army and wanted to fight for their country as round soldiers. When South Carolina chooses to enter the rebellion against England, Martin’s son Gabriel directly signs up to battle for the same. In the story, it can be seen that without his father’s approval, Martin’s son tried and even signed up for the army. In the story, Martin is shown as a brave person who fights for his nation and his son’s rights, while the villain has his own tactics and a fraudulent way of living.

The patriot

The patriot trailer poster 

The Patriot storyline plot

A farmer named Martin, without his wife, lives with his two sons and a brave but brutal military past. He decides not to enter the British army when they arrive as a force. Yet, the story has twists and turns, with his son being inert in the army and more when his son tried to join the army and enlisted and was later caught by the enemy. Martin, the former warrior, must leave his agenda of never joining the army again, and this time for his blood, he has again jumped into the army.

The patriot

The Patriot, Martin, on his horse for battle 

It’s a story of how a father can fight for their sons at any cost and more. Martin rescues his son, who was captured by the regiment of Carolina patriots; the battle starts, and Martin shows the viewers that no love is bigger than a father’s love! Martin chose a life of peace, but destiny has come to him with a battle to fight.

The Patriot Filming Locations to Visit

The movie was filmed entirely on a site in South Carolina; some of the scenes were also filmed at the location, including Charleston. Many scenes were filmed in Rock Hill, and even for many of the action and war scenes, the producers and director chose other sites in Rock Hill. The farm of the Martin family could be seen in nearby Fort Lawn, where Martin and his two sons lived together.
The patriot

The Patriot, Martin soldier 

The 2000 movie The Patriot told of a location and was filmed mostly in South Carolina. It is about a man named Martin who shows insurgency and rage after his son is killed by a British official. The story is loosely based on the life of Francis Marion, who committed guerilla warfare during the Revolutionary War. All of the Patriot filmings took place in South Carolina, especially in the Upstate and Lowcountry. The village of Rock Hill served as the show’s headquarters.

Location of the Martin farm

A secluded farm in Chester was where the background displaying the Battle of Cowpens was filmed, which was a substantial defeat in the entire life of the British campaign. They converted it into a colonial village with a community church and cabins. The miniature towns of Fort Lawn and Lowrys were also utilized, along with a historic home in Charleston. There were many beach sites used for the filming of the movie. Some of the locations, like those located on an island named Edisto Island and Botany Bay, were the actual sites of Bleak Hill as well as Sea Cloud farms.

Martin’s character as a former soldier, with his bravery and acting up for his son’s killer, has won many people’s hearts, and it was not obvious to see him as an in warrior role as per his silent and calm nature in the movie. 

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