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What Episode Does Adam Torres Die in Degrassi: The Next Generation? Answered

Adam Torres Degrassi
Adam Torres from Degrassi: The Next Generation

The upsetting death of Adam Torres from Degrassi: The Next Generation is unforgettable for all the fans. Adam was one of the favorite characters from Degrassi, and his death was unexpected and unacceptable. However, this is how the writer decided to end his character with trauma and disturbance.

Degrassi: The Next Generation was a long-running Canadian television series released back in 2001. With many awards and critical acclaim, Degrassi became one of the most fantastic drama series that threw light on the problems faced by the teenage generation nowadays.

This Degrassi franchise debuted in 1987 and had the most talented actors. The show received so much love because of the meticulous cast that performed their respective characters very well. Also, fans could see their favorite stars from the previous two editions of Degrassi in Degrassi: The Next Generation performing as guest stars.

Talking about the characters, Degrassi’s every character has a different story. Each character is stuck into a problem, be it about sexuality or drug addiction. Degrassi perfectly depicts the problems that teenagers from the Degrassi School encounter and how they get immersed in them or find their way through them.

One of the teenagers that everyone loved for what he was was Adam Torres, the first and only homosexual character featured in Degrassi.

No doubt, his death was unexpected, and fans were not ready to not see him again in the show. His death devastated the whole fanbase, who started looking out for the answers to why the creators decided to kill such a charming character from Degrassi, Adam, all of a sudden.

Well, now that you are here, you will get all the answers to your questions, So stay tuned.

When Exactly did Adam Torres Die?

As mentioned earlier, Adam Torres was one of the favorite characters from Degrassi, which Jordon Todosey played. Adam Torres’s character was transgender, who converted himself from a girl to a boy and then got into the Degrassi School.

Because of his transgender nature, he faced many problems, from suffering violence at his old school to not receiving love even from his mother. However, his charming attitude made his friends from the new school adore him, who knew that he was transgender.

Adam Torres - Degrassi

A still from Degrassi: The Next Generation – When Adam’s car crashed

Fans always saw Adam as a motivating character for all those transgenders who are suffering nearly the same problems as him. Adam’s character was properly growing, and fans wanted to see how he would make his own identity in the homophobic world of people.

However, all the anticipations of fans collapsed when they saw Adam dead. His death was so sudden that everyone burst into tears.

At the end of the episode in which Adam died, it was shown that he was carelessly driving while texting Becky on the phone. His car crashed, and he suffered severe injuries that took his life.

What Episode Does Adam Die in Degrassi?

A young teenage girl who converted herself into a boy after understanding the fact that something is wrong with her that makes her unique in terms of gender, Adam Torres, who suffered major problems from being transgender, debuted in the 10th season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

After pouring so much love into Adam’s character, an unexpected thing that shocked fans was Adam’s car accident. Fans were still hoping to see him alive in the upcoming episodes. However, the writers of the show decided to end his character with a terrible car crash.

On 15th August 2013, it was confirmed that Adam had passed away. To be more precise, in season 13, episode 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Adam Torres was killed in a car accident.

Why did Jordon Todosey leave Degrassi: The Next Generation?

Jordon Todosey, the gorgeous actress behind the character of Adam Torres, left Degrassi in the 13th season of the show. She debuted in the 10th season, and only in 3 years she received so much appreciation from fans.

So what exactly happened that she left the show all of a sudden? When asked, it was confirmed by the executive producer that her contract was ended, so anyways; she was going to leave the show.

Jordon Todosey

Jordon Todosey as Adam Torres (Credit: Degrassi Source)

Also, as the show focused on the realistic portrayal of high school teenagers, there are many who text while driving the car. Producers decided to encircle this issue and throw light on how harmful it is to use a mobile while driving a vehicle.

Producers believed that even though Adam’s accident scene was heart-wrenching for all the fans, this particular scene would make many teenagers aware and motivate them to avoid texting while driving.

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