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What Happened On Love Island Season 9 Episode 54? Who Are The Least Compatible Couples?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 56
Jessie and Will (CC: ITV)

We have made it to the finals with Love Island Season 9 Episode 54. I did not see that coming, Shaq and Tanya in the final. In Episode 54, Shaq says that his and Tanya becoming girlfriend and boyfriend was a long time coming.

So while talking to the boys in the morning, Shaq says, “she just looked insane, and then the date’s setting itself, all the light and the roses at night were just amazing. I felt like she was my girl before, but now she is my girlfriend, and it’s official.”

A lot happened in episode 54. We saw Will and Jessie’s Farm date. We saw Kai and Sanam’s luxury date. Then we got to know who the Islanders thinks is the least compatible couple. Let’s just get into this Love Island Episode.

What Happened On Love Island Season 9 Episode 54?

First, let’s talk about Shaq and Tanya in this Love Island Season 9 Episode 54 Recap. Some guys were asking me what did I think about Tanya referring to Shaq as her boyfriend before the actual title? And typically, you guys know I don’t like that.

I feel like we don’t act claimed until we’re claimed unless you wanna be like Jessie and do the claiming, you know what I mean? Like, stay in your lane. He hasn’t made you the girlfriend, so don’t act like one. I don’t even think she was acting like one, to begin with. So that’s where I’m like, yeah, can’t really blame the girl, that’s #1,

Second, they’ve been doing everything unconventionally. Saying I love you before being exclusive, then being exclusive, and then exploring other people. So I’m like, yeah, it does kind of feel like a long time coming because y’all were doing everything backward anyway.

So hey, let’s just get into it. It was like, I wouldn’t expect anything different from these two. So yeah, there is my answer. They’re now boyfriend and girlfriend, so what I think doesn’t matter anyways.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 54

Shaq And Tanya (CC: ITV)

Will And Jessie’s Farm Date

Will and Jessie get a text that they’re going on a date. Didn’t I say? Didn’t I call it? It’s a freaking farm date. When they enter their date Locations, they get happy by seeing all the farm animals. They refer to the three sheets as Tom, Will, and Casey.

Then they enter the barn, where they see people dancing to country music. Will and Jessie dance for a bit and then sits down for their date. And during this date, Jessie asks Will if he will be her boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, and there is nothing wrong with country music. However, just this whole honky-tonk was crazy. And why was I seeing on Twitter people posting that Hanna Montana song “Hoedown Throwdown” and saying that was Will and Jessie’s date? No, for real, Jessie was Hannah Montana, and Will was freaking Hemsworth boy. I was like, what is this? Personally, it would have been my thing, but they loved it.

Let’s talk about the actual date itself, though. So Jessie asked Will to be her boyfriend. And a lot of people on the Internet, like, “I don’t understand why you guys are upset about it. It’s it’s 2023, and we should be OK with it”. I don’t mind it, but as I’m watching Jessie and this date, I feel like she has the desire to escape what she’s used to.

And I feel like other than Will presenting more as a metrosexual kind of guy, I think that what Will represent is what she’s used to. She was raised in the country with the animals and the traditional living and stuff like that. But something about Jessie gives me, “I wanna live in the city. I want my New York minute,” you know what I mean?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 54

Will and Jessie (CC: ITV)

So her being with just her being with Will, the disconnect from me isn’t necessarily Will himself, but the lifestyle which Will represents. And I don’t know if that is what Jessie wants for real. In the long run, so we’ll see. But yeah, I do think that she likes him. I just think that especially coming off of UK Love Island now, maybe the lifestyles won’t really match.

Will Making Decisions Based On His Friendship

So Will was really confusing me when they were deliberating about the least compatible couple. We already know he is gonna choose friendship, and even Jessie is gonna choose friendship. Let’s be real. And so when he’s trying to rationalize things, he’s saying, “Kai and Sanam potentially haven’t been through enough. However, Shaq and Tanya have been through too much”.

That’s how I perceived it. And I’m thinking to myself, Will, if you’re trying to make a just case, then make it make sense. Because if you’re gonna say, “Kai and Sanam potentially could be least compatible because they haven’t gone through anything,” but then you look at the couple who’s gone through stuff, and you’re like, “oh, well, that was bad, though maybe they’re least compatible.” It’s clear you’re trying to find something that is unjustifiable.

And for Ron, I didn’t really hear them contemplate too much outside of the fact that they think that Ron is playing a game. And I’m like, no, you wanna vote Ron because Ron isn’t your bestie. You were never gonna vote for Tom. You were likely not going to vote for a Shaq. Kai doesn’t really ruffle too many feathers, so I can see him not wanting to go there.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 54

Will decide on the least compatible couple (CC: ITV)

And so Ron seemed like the only real option, and that’s who they voted for anyways. So I was just like, come on, Will, if you hadn’t to make it seem like you are genuinely rationalizing, at least make it make sense.

You can’t say, “one couple hasn’t been through enough, and the other couple has been through too much,” like it wasn’t making sense to me. As you all know, I could be reaching for something, but it just didn’t make sense to me.

Kai And Sanam’s Dinner Date

Kai and Sanan, thank God, when on a romantic date that just nullified the whole backyard thing that was happening a few minutes prior. So on the date with Kai, Samam says, “Oh, Cheers to a one-of-a-kind special night with a one-of-a-kind special person.” Then she goes on to say, “When I hear talk about when you work with children, I don’t know what it is, but I just love to hear like that.”

Samam is in deep with Kai. I don’t think I’ve heard this woman squeal this entire time. But just the thought of going home and meeting Kai’s family and the reality that he works with kids like she was just enamored by Kai on this date. I can’t blame her, honestly. A man who’s good with kids, in the words of Ron, “it’s really attractive when somebody is good with kids.”

And then, with Kai saying that he thinks his dad is really gonna love Sanam, I can believe that. Sanam just seems like a class woman. That’s not to say other women aren’t class. Watching her and how she’s handled, kind of being ostracized at the beginning of her time there and then being thrown into a lot of drama, but still keeping a level head and also supporting her man through it all.

Like she’s just that girl, she is a girl you would want to bring home. So I definitely believe that Kai’s family is gonna receive her with open arms.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 54

Kai on his date with Sanam (CC: ITV)

Ron Saying That He Will Chsne Outside The Villa

Ron seems to be stressing just a little bit about the vote because he feels like people are gonna vote off of friendship, which that’s what happened. However, he then, for whatever reason, asks Lana, “Well, so when we’re on the outside, do you think I’m gonna be different?” Now Ron, why would you say that?

So while talking to Lana, Ron says, “Do you think you’re going to see a different side to me?” To this, Lana asks, “Will you?”. And Ran says, “Well, not too much.”

Ron says in the Villa that he’s been biting his tongue a lot. And I’m so sorry, you people who are Ron and Lana supporters, it’s really hard not to think that he’s a game player when he just says these incriminating things that just don’t make sense to me. Like why are you admitting that you have been biting your tongue through this journey? Why?

And he’s like, “yeah, on the outside, I’m definitely gonna be a lot more honest. And I’m not gonna lie, just to appease you”. So is that what you’ve been doing in the Villa, Lying to her?

It doesn’t make sense, and the fact that it came from his mouth specifically, I’m like, see Ron again, the people who root for you, you’re not making it easy for them. You are not making it easy for them. You are handing this game player trope on a silver platter to the rest of us who already believe it.

And I literally said, I think Ron Lana can work if Ron can, as Sarah Destiny says, focus on his focus. But I don’t think he will. I don’t think he will focus on his focus.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 54

Ron with Lana (CC: ITV)

And isn’t that another thing? Guys, let’s really dig into it, OK, because he said that he would like to get Lana’s number. For Lana, “why are you putting yourself in the driver’s seat when we’re in the relationship mutually?

I feel like we should both have each other’s number, and it’s not like a well that’s gotta wait for him to text me because I don’t even have his digits. Oh no, we’re swapping numbers, and I will be face-timing you immediately. So you better pick up”.

The Least Compatible Couples Are Revealed

Anyways, the Villa gets a text to go over to the fire pit, and the votes are exposed. Well, not who voted for who, but where the numbers lie. Will and Jessie got two votes. Kai and Saddam got one vote. Lana and Ron got two votes.

This means this is Lana’s first time being at the bottom. Who, honey, it must be tough. Lana has had a damn near perfect run in this Villa, but people are just not buying if Ron is being for real or not. That partly, and also partly, there are relationships that people are trying to maintain in the Villa. So they are going to be the bottom couples.

I’m genuinely shocked Tom and Samie didn’t get a vote, though. Again, I know it’s about friendship, but I genuinely thought Tom and Samie would have copped one vote, at the very least. Ron and Lana did vote for Jessie and Will, and vice versa. I feel like Ron and Lana wasted their vote. Y’all should have put it on To. and Samie for real.

Anyways, speaking of Samie, Samie was talking to Tanya, and they’re basically frustrating me again, Tanya specifically. Because she believes that Kai and Sanam should technically be the least compatible because they haven’t gone through anything.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 54

Tanya talking about Kai and Sanam (CC: ITV)

I’m so sorry, but relationships do not have to endure cheating. A wandering eye does not have to be a part of your story. And for the most part, that’s typically what happens in Love Island, where people call it a “test” or “been through something.” It’s your partner having eyes for somebody else. That doesn’t have to be a reality in people’s stories.

Have they been through a lot? Not really. But they went through adversity dealing with a conflict with Olivia. I feel like that is going through something. How does my partner handle difficult situations where his back is against the wall? How does he respond to that? Is my partner gonna have my back when I’m being attacked? Is she gonna come to my aid? Is she gonna have my back? All that kind of stuff?

Like they’ve technically been through real-life things. It’s just not the wandering eye type of stuff, which is what the Villa ranks as going through stuff. And I’m like, and it’s not necessary for successful relationships.

They’re speculating that on the outside, Kai might get, you know, overexcited and be looking around. He very well could be. Not even gonna lie to you. But just because it hasn’t happened does not mean it will happen or it should happen. And that if they work through it, clearly, they’re compatible. And Tanya’s mentality really just frustrates me.

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