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Why Did Davante Adams Leave The Green Bay Packers?

Davante Adams played for the Green Bay Packers since 2014 and left the team last year. So, it was for many years. With the news of his exit from the team, his fans started wondering what went wrong. Before getting into the details, let’s look at what Davante is popular for.

Davante Adams is a versatile footballer who has joined the Las Vegas Raiders of the NFL this year. Talking about his position, he plays as the wide receiver. As far as his achievements are concerned, the list includes- Paul Warfield Trophy, First-team All-MWC, First-team All-Pro, etc. Besides this, Davante has also successfully made it to the Pro Bowl five times. His passion for the sport also made him play football at his college for the Fresno State Bulldogs. 

Ever heard of someone leaving his job because his friend retired from the same? Well, Davante’s exit from the Green Bay Packers appeared more like that. Who was he? However, there was another reason as well. If you are looking for the answers, you are exactly at the right place. 

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Davante Adams Left The Green Bay Packers: Here Is Why

The Green Bay Packers offered Davante Adams a better amount of money. But he didn’t accept it and ended up opening the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Why Did Davante Adams Leave The Green Bay Packers?

Davante Adams

When asked about the major reason behind leaving the Green Bay Rackers, Davante said that he wanted to spend more time with his family on the West Coast. At present, he resides close to California. The wide receiver also shared that he never had a bad relationship with his former team members. Even at the time of his exit, everything was good. He wanted to do big things and be remembered by all. 

As mentioned earlier, Davante also left it from his friend Aaron Rodgers’ retirement. Aaron served as the quarterback for the same team. Before making any discussion, both were reported to talk about each other’s plans. Aaron had his reasons for his exit, and it somehow felt like his future uncertainty was the major cause. Knowing this, Davanta felt like money was not that important to him, but his future was. On this note, he said, “Family is a big part of it for me.” He preferred to have some fun with his family and raise them over continuing with the Green Bay Packers. 

Another major reason for Davante’s departure from the Green Bay Packers was his wish to be together with his fellow former college quarterback, Derek Carr. Aaron Rodger also respected his decision about his exit. He shared that they had a lot of good talks and he could agree with what Davante wished for. 

Why Did Davante Adams Leave The Green Bay Packers?

Davante Adams

In case you aren’t aware, Davante Adams has signed a five-year contract with Las Vegas Raiders worth $141.25 million. So, it was nothing but his personal choice still have a good relationship with those former team members. You may give Davante a following on his Instagram account for more updates. Wishing him nothing but a beginner in his life. 

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