Gojo’s Teleportation Technique: Explaining His Powers and Techniques

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Gojo's Teleportation Technique: Everything You Should Know
Gojo JJK (via Akutami)

So we all know that Gojo can teleport but to what extent and how does it actually work believe it or not Gojo‘s Teleportation Technique has not been fully explained yet in the manga, it has been briefly mentioned and shown here and there but, to be honest, I don’t think we will ever get an explanation by the end of the series since it seems like its one of that ability where you as the leader just have to figure it out by yourself.

Akutami has already given us the required details need to know, how Gojo teleports within the Limitless Technique. I think that explaining Gojo’s Teleportation Technique is gonna be much more interesting than you think, because this teleportation is so complex.

During my research, I find out that there is not much information regarding Gojo’s Teleportation Technique, this might be because it’s been glanced over in the manga, so without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the point.

To starts off, we don’t really know anyone in Jujutsu Kaisen that possesses a general teleportation ability so without having certain hand summonings or drawing sorcery circles although it is very unlikely that Ui Ui has a curse technique specifically for teleportation, meaning Gojo’s teleportation is not because he has a separate Curse Technique or some other tertiary ability.

Gojo’s Teleportation Technique: Everything You Should Know

Gojo can teleport because of his own curse technique with that of the Limitless, it was also confirmed in chapter 76, where Gojo mentioned that he still needed to work on his long-distance teleportation. In this conversation, he was talking about training and perfecting every aspect of the Limitless, so transportation is definitely done by his curse technique, and there are three main abilities of the Limitless. 

Gojo's Teleportation Technique: Everything You Should Know
Gojo JJK (via Akutami)

 I want you guys to guess which of the three main abilities derive from his teleportation of course if you don’t already know the answer to explain; the first one we have is the “Infinity”, the base state of the Limitless, which essentially allows Gojo to stop motion.

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Anything that approaches him with his Infinity coated on will never reach Gojo as there is now an infinite amount of space or an infinite amount of fractions between the two points of contact.

The second main ability is “Blue” the lapse of the technique which amplifies the Curse Energy output and generates a field of attraction, obviously, there is a way more scientific and mathematical explanation for that, we will get to that later. 

The last main ability is “Red”, the curse technique reversal of Blue, meaning that it can repel instead of attract, as Gojo achieves this by flowing the reverse curse energy into the Limitless. 

Those are the three main abilities, technically there is also Hollow Purple, but it is not considered the primary ability, since it is a mixture of Blue and Red, so yeah, which of these three does his teleportation?

What Causes Teleportation In Jujutsu Kaisen?

If you guessed Blue, then you are correct, as Gojo, while it was not explained or stated yet in the story, Gojo likely teleports by “Sucking the distance between him and the destination”, using Blue. We are gonna explain it more in-depth manner but if you think this is like a wormhole, well yes, it definitely does share some similarities with wormholes, but it is not the same, and I am gonna explain why.

Gojo's Teleportation Technique: Everything You Should Know
Gojo JJK (via Akutami)

This might get confusing, but to visualize this let’s look at a number scale, say Gojo is at the “Park” but he needs to go to the Jujutsu Headquarters for some higher-up meeting, to explain how he will teleport there.

Gojo will always start at zero on the number scale, while let’s say Jujutsu Headquarters is 10 km away from the Park, so will assign a distance of 10 on the number scale. When we measure the distance between Gojo and the HQ, we will always measure it in a positive value because we don’t measure distance negatively, unless you are Satoru Gojo!!

As I explained earlier, how Blue creates a field of attraction, that is possible Gojo can bring negative distance into reality, this is something that is conceptually impossible since negative distance means there is negative space, and that harms the universe because negative space doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, so the universe tries to fix this negative space by pulling matter or the surrounding space violently towards the source of the gap. 

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Concept Behind Gojo’s Teleportation

In turn, it creates this strong point of attraction, hence Gojo’s Blue. Now, how does this correlate to Gojo’s teleporting, well, going back to the number scale, the Jujutsu Kaisen HQ is 10 km away from the Gojo at the Park than Gojo, we just discussed, who can create a negative distance, can generate a distance of negative 10 on himself.

This causes his location at the park which was originally assigned at zero but is now at negative 10, and his destination at HQ assigned at +10, to effectively overlap each other. They overlap because Gojo just created a violent pull of matter, between him and the HQ, thus “teleporting” it to its destination.

Gojo's Teleportation Technique: Everything You Should Know
Gojo JJK (via Akutami)

In scientific terms, Blue is like manipulating time and space as if it were the fabric that can bend, wrinkle, compress, etc because realistically Gojo didn’t teleport from 0 to 10, no the distance between what was originally 0, now -10 and to +10 collapse. Hence Gojo warped Space-Time, in a way that allowed him to overcome the constraint of normal movement.

In other words, it looked as if he teleported or he technically did by bending space-time but the reason why this exactly is not a wormhole is that while there are some similarities, a wormhole is a hypothetical passage through space-time,, that would allow for travel between two points.

It involves a tunnel through space-time, whereas Gojo’s Blue for Teleportation involves collapsing the distance between two points, So I guess the closest concept to Gojo’s teleportation isn’t a wormhole or a  warp drive, but it is “space-time distortion”. 

Gojo's Teleportation Technique: Everything You Should Know
Gojo JJK (via Akutami)

This concept occurs when an object or force distorts the fabric of space-time around it, this can create a gravitational force that pulls other objects toward similar to the way in which Gojo’s Blue creates a string field of attraction, but now that is been explained.

It’s time to go over its condition, Akutami, the author of the Jujutsi Kaisen, confirmed in the Volume Extra that there are certain conditions for Gojo’s Teleportation, although it is unknown at the time of writing this, so we are gonna do some guessing of our own.

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Different Types of Gojo’s Teleportation Technique

The first thing that we should establish is the different types of teleportation, this would kind of correspond to figuring out the different conditions as well.

The first type is Gogo teleporting himself to a fixed location, the second type is Gojo teleporting himself and someone else alongside him, while the third ad the last type is Gojo simply teleporting others.

Gojo's Teleportation Technique: Everything You Should Know
Gojo JJK (via Akutami)

We are gonna start with the third one because it is kind of easy to explain, I don’t even think that Gojo is limited to achieving this, or maybe he is because, yes, in volume 0, we saw Gojo teleport Panda, and Inumaki. Guys, who were initially at the Downtown Kyouto for the Night Period of 100 Demons Event, but Gojo teleported them to Jujutsu High since he realized that Getto was coming after Uta.

So for this, he cast some type of sorcery circle, that had a Panda and Inumaki inside it, and then when he activated it, obviously sent Panda and Inumaki to Jujutsu High. Now, you might think, well Gojo shouldn’t be the only one to do this since the sorcery circle, although I don’t know what it is called as sorcery circle because there is no name for that yet, but it doesn’t seem like it is anything related to Gojo’s infinity.

Gojo's Teleportation Technique: Everything You Should Know
Gojo JJK (via Akutami)

It looked like any skilled Jujutsu user, can draw and cast that circle, but what’s troubling me is when Gojo activates the teleportation he claps his hands, which he does every time he teleports himself, and maybe it is limited to Limitless, and that is kind of segues to the first type of teleportation where he teleports himself. 

In the fight with Miguel in Volume 0, he clasped his hands to briefly teleport, and then in his fight with Sukuna at the beginning of the series, the same thing, finally in the Kyouto Sister School Arc, when Gojo was floating atop the battlefield,e he clasped his hand and teleported straight down to Juso.

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