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No Man’s Sky Origins: Everything You Need To Know About It

No Man's Sky Origins details
No Man's Sky Origins (Credits: Hello Games)

No Man’s Sky is getting this year’s biggest update and it will be adding a lot of amazing things to the game. This update has been in development for 18 months and Murray said that this is an update that they have been wanting to do for a long time. With this update, there is a ton of content for the players to explore and it won’t disappoint the fans of the game because new planets, an alien race, and many other things have been added to the game. This includes new planets that will now be generated with more varied terrain which includes mountains that are four times the size of anything previously possible. The current terrain hasn’t been changed in any way and the player bases haven’t been rested.

There are many things that have been significantly improved like planetary terrain rendering, color diversity, lighting diversity. There is a number of new plants, rocks as well as other objects on each of the planet which has doubled the available diversity. Moreover, the scorched planets have now a chance of becoming volcanically active that sounds and are very cool. On the other hand, Lush planets can sometimes become marshlands or swamps and every other planet now has a small chance of becoming infected with bizarre alien growths. These changes have been done in such a way that the existing planet won’t have its type or hazard changed. PC players that have gotten a visual quality on ‘Ultra’ will now see grass and other props rendered out to large distances.

No Man' Sky origins Release Date

No Man’s Sky Origins (Credits: Hello Games)

There was a bug that caused the patches of grass as well as other objects to pop out of existence when they were close to the player and it has been fixed now. There have been some visual changes to the atmosphere of the game like the visual cloud rendering have been greatly improved along with the clouds that are seen on any planet from outer space will match the conditions on the planet on the bases of its environment. Now during a storm, cloud coverage has been increased and darkened even more. The cloud coverage levels will now be procedurally generated and will depend from planet to planet. Also, cloud coverage levels now vary over time. There will more stars in the universe now, some will have binary stars and also some will have ternary stars.

Let’s talk about Fauna. There are going to be a large number of new highly exotic creatures in the universe. Some systems that have been untouched will have planets that are filled with rare cybernetic lifeforms. There are going to be more insects as well as more flying life. The flying creatures’ behavior and animations have been improved. Those creatures that fly and swim will now flock together. Creature generation has been reset and discovered creatures are now in the ‘Extinct’ section of the Discoveries page. There also some new cooking products with the addition of the creature types there are other sustainably harvested ingredients. The weather system of the game is getting an overhaul as well. Now there are new weather and other atmospheric present in the game.

There is a chance of shooting stars and meteor showers on planets. This without a doubt beautiful but you shouldn’t go at the impact site. Lighting strikes will occur now during the storms and there is a chance that tornadoes can form during a storm but it is a rare event. Those planets that have a very high temperature may experience firestorms in which case the surface of the planet may erupt into flame. Moreover, some unknown planets will have strange gravitational events. Exosuit during storms can be real advantages in extreme conditions like superheated temperatures can be turned into improved jetpack’s efficiency, freezing temperatures will prevent the Mining Beam overheating. High radioactivity will increase the mining yield and dense toxic gases can be used for additional stamina.

The planet that was empty will now have abandoned buildings or ancient buildings. There is a new colossal planetary archive that has been added to the building generation. This archive will have the historical as well as the literary records of the Gek, Korvax, and Vy’keen. There will be a large number of NPC there as it their home and there are going to shop as well. This will also be containing mapping stations that will be able to reveal nearby ancient ruins. Players will get ancient artifacts that are very valuable that can be exchanged at the archive. In return, players can get different items. Furthermore, the long-awaited sandworms have been added to the game.

There are now trader ships that will now land on the planet sometimes and they will be selling exotic goods which include black-market upgrade modules. Scrap dealers that are on the space station will exchange pugneum for rare or exotic contraband items. The interface of the game has been through a major overhaul which includes boot flow as well as in-game menus, screens, and lastly the Analysis Visor. Both the space station and planetary base teleporter’s UI will now be similar to that used on the Space Anomaly. The teleporter interface will show screenshots of the target base more consistently. This will also display details on the system or a planet that it is being warped to these details include things like weather or system economy.

The discoveries page will show more info about where to find the creatures like its location information, active times. This (discovering page) will also allow are filtering of star systems that are based on inhabitants or solar class. Systems might be hidden now from the list of discovered systems. These pages are now displayed information about the player’s base more accurately. There is a local information guide which has been added to the mission log. What this will do is display detailed information about players current planet, star system as well as it keeps track of your progress the process the player makes. Now, base markers now display the name of the base and there is now a warning screen for base computers before a warning an accidental deletion.

There are many places in which UI did respond to the disabling press but it has been fixed now. The visual issues with the galaxy map’s display information have been fixed. Now, a number of items in the inventory stack are now displayed in the popup header. Lastly, there is a new thing added to the player HUD which is a depth readout that is displayed when underwater. Photo mode is getting some love as well, it is getting a new photo mode filters. The developers have improved and fixed the controls over fog and cloud density of the photo mode. Vignettes have been fixed alongside the control over FOV has been fixed and improved as well. The depth of field has been improved with different controls for both focal depth and distance. The stormy conditions of the game will be captured accurately by photo mode and the photo mission will be offering more assistance in terms of locating a suitable planet to take a photo on.

Now let’s talk about crafting, the lesser-used crafting products have been removed from the game. Instead of them, new crafting materials have been added to make up for them. The specialist survival products’ number has been reduced but the stack size of the remaining survival has increased. Glass’s stack size has been increased. There are some new buried items that have been added to planets and these can be found which will be processed to unveil the range of exotic as well as of interesting new items. The issue with the items being in the wrong place in the Catalogue as been fixed.

Multi-Tools is one of the most interesting and useful things in the game and now the players will able to upgrade it at the Multi-Tool technology that will be able at that merchant who is aboard most Space Stations. There are new slots in the inventory section but these will cost players a large number of units. The multi-tool class can now be upgraded through a number of nanites. This expansion slot will give the addition of an inventory slot and players can find these upgrade circuits while also exploring planets. Portals are getting changed, first is that the interference for the conventional portals has been removed this will allow players to roam around freely. If a player goes through a portal, that return portal will be the same until the player leaves the planet. All of these things are some changes that many have been waiting for and there some bug fixes as well.

These bugs have been mentioned in the patch notes which includes the handling of the third-person camera when on slopes which have been done to avoid the camera getting stuck in the grass. They have reduced the player and camera jitter in the third person. The performance of the third person auto-follow camera while going up or down steep slopes have been improved. The developers have reduced the auto center strength on the falling camera and the trade economies have been rebalanced. freighters of the player will automatically power the basic parts while they are aboard them. The issue with the mining speed bonus to not increase the speed of the mining laser has been fixed. The issue with the Nexus participants screen which made the player’s name blink if they are not aboard the Space Anomaly has been fixed. Diminishing returns to the game which can be used to resource extractors.

They have fixed the issue which made the mode select screen invisible in the ultra-wide resolutions. There was an issue with the Eye of the Korvax helmet to be black has been fixed. The issue that didn’t let the marker placed on the crashed freighters from clearing has been fixed. Sometimes the lighting on the children of helios used to be overblown but it is now fixed. There was a bug that allowed the players to delete a freighter storage room while standing inside it has been fixed. The bug that with the base building parts which looked incorrect when seen at a distance has been fixed. The issue with the lighting inside large cylinder rooms sometimes is overly bright has been fixed. There was a bug that caused the text “%EXOTIC%” to appear in some Nexus mission descriptions. The issue that didn’t allow the player to claim some abandoned starships even if there wasn’t any NPC has been fixed.

There was a bug that caused dead creatures to embed in the terrain and another one was that it caused the lightning which overblown on some rare props, both of these have been fixed. There was an issue that happened when underwater that made the props appear overly bright and there was another lighting issue with the mining laser impact effect which stayed active forever. There was a bug that caused some time-based missions to not start correctly has been fixed. These are almost all of the bugs that have been fixed in the game that will improve the users’ game experience. No Man’s Sky has been proven to be a very amazing game and it continues to improve with each update.

Many know upon its release the game was a shell of what it is today, there wasn’t anything in the game and it was bombed by the people and many other nasty things. But the developers didn’t look at that instead they constantly release updates for the game and you see the results of that which is that it is flourishing to this very day. It is good to see that the game in a very good state right now and hopefully it will continue to happen in the future.

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