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Baarish Season 2: How Many Episodes Can We Expect?

Baarish: Season 2, How Many Episodes Can We Expect?

Baarish – When you are in a mood for romance is a Hindi web series that has been developed by Ekta Kapoor in 2019 for the video on demand platform ALTBalaji and ZEE5. The protagonists of the show are Sharman Joshi and Asha Negi and explore their lives and their clashing personalities! This new series has been quick to steal the hearts of many with its simplistic storyline and is all set to return for a second season! Stick with us while we update you on all you need to know and make you fall even more in love with the show!

The series was launched on ZeeTV on 25th March 2020 as a substitute to the original shows that had to be stopped due o the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

Plot Of Baarish

The series is based on Anuj, who is a Gujarati businessman and Gauravi, who is a Marathi girl. They are two complete strangers with widely different backgrounds.

After the death of his father, Anuj quits his studies to look after his family business and his siblings and builds his own business empire, “Mehta Jewelers,” from scratch. He is extremely respectful of his employees and treats them like his own family.

On the other hand, we have Gauravi, who hails from a middle-class family where education is of prime importance. She works in Mehta Jewelers, and her younger brother Aniket is dating Anuj’s sister, Shreya. Anuj’s spoilt brother Rishi looks after sales at Mehta Jewelers.

Anuj and Gauravi get close after he saves her from a conspiracy at an exhibition. The circumstances lead to their families arranging for their marriage, and eventually, they fall in love!

This is the main storyline of this Hindi web series.

Cast Of Baarish 

The cast includes many loved household names including the likes of

  • Sharman Joshi – Anuj Mehta
  • Asha Negi – Gauravi Karmakar/ Gauravi Anuj Mehta
  • Manit Joura – a lawyer
  • Vikram Singh Chauhan – Aniket Karmakar, Gauravi’s younger brother
  • Priya Banerjee – Shreya Mehta, Anuj’s younger sister
  • Sahil Shroff – Rishi Mehta, Anuj’s younger brother
  • Benaf Dadachandji – Zeenia
  • Jay Zaveri – Anuj’s PA

Baarish Season 2 Episode Schedule: How many episodes will there be?

After a successful run with Season 1, Baarish is ready to release season 2 of their Drama Web series soon! Season 2 will explore Anuj and Gauravi’s married life and how they navigate the chaos that ensues!

Season 1 had a total of 20 episodes leading to the upcoming season 2, and though not much is known about this new season. It seems a safe guess as any to assume that this, too, will have a total of 20 episodes!

  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 1 – May 6, 2020.
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 2 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 3 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 4 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 5 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 6 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 7 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 8 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 9 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 10 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 11 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 12 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 13 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 14 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 15 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 16 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 17 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 18 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 19 – TBD
  • Baarish Season 2 Episode 20 – TBD

Stay tuned, folks, for all the updates will be available right here!

Baarish Season 2 will be released on May 6, 2020, on ALT Balaji.

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