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Spoilers and Recap: Kengan Omega Chapter 98

Kengan Omega

The high-ups are investigating Raian and Alan’s fight since Alan has been killed. Assistant referee Hashi Motohonoka thinks that it will be best for Raian to be disqualified. Assistant Ref June Cameron comments that Alan was about to kill Raian, and it was self-defense. Nagase Matsuri thinks that they can call it a no-contest since the match can bring chaos to Purgatory.

Ref Shina Alisa comments that it is true that Alan has crosse the life, but Raian self-defense is not justified. Commentator Jerry Tyson reveals that he saw Alan drawing his knife out. This proves that he would kill Raian, but he got killed before he can stab him. Toyoda is wondering why they cannot get over this argument. He asks Saka for her opinion. Sayaka reveals that Alan’s possession of hidden weapons and Raian murder of Alan’s murder should be considered separately. 

Kengan Omega Chapter 98 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 98 will hit on  Thursday, 18 February 2021. Kenga Omega hits every Thursday; try more updates here: Kengan Omega Chapter 97. Let us find out below who has been chosen as the winner between Raian and Alan.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 9

Sayaka said that if they look at Pugatory’s rules, Raian is considered disqualified since he has murdered his opponent. Alan was dead before he could even use his weapon. If Alan has used the weapon, he would have been the one to be disqualified. Sayaka said the is what she can say, and Toyoda thinks she has a point. Toyoda told Alisa that it is up to her to take the decision. Alisa asks why can’t he make the decision.

The Decision

Toyoda comments that he is just the host; he has no right to make the decision. The ref who was inside the ring has the right to do that. Later on the scoreboard, it has been revealed that Alan has won. Raian has been ruled for disqualification, and the Kengan Association is disappointed. They thought that Alan came in intending to kill Raian. Koga asks why Okubo is worried since he hates Raian. 

Okubo confess that he hates Raian guts but what has happened is not fair to him. The doctor has just finished removing the corpse of Alan inside the ring. Fei Wang Fang this it is not worth it to be involved in deathmatches. He thinks that it is better if he withdraws, and Nicolas thinks that Fei is a chicken. Nicolas thinks he is a sportsman, and they should continue. Jubrota notices that Liu Doncheng is back, and Lolong told him about Jang Gi.

Liu said he is in while Kazuo got surprised by Gaolangwongsawat’s speedy recovery. Kazuo comments that they have to get their heads back to the competition. He reveals that Purgatory still has the first pick. Agito told Gao what had happened when he was not around. Okubo raised his hand and said that he would go to battle next. Takeshi told Okugo to relax and cool his head. Okubo insists that he will have to go next.

The Gentle King

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Masaki comments that they can take their pick after they have seen who Purgatory has picked. Tokumichi supports Masak’s idea since it will give them an advantage. They both talked about reading Tokumichi’s novels. They ask Ohma if he likes reading, and he said he is not good at reading. Arashiyama shocked the arena by stepping into the ring. He looked at the Kengan Association fighters and told them to come and get it. 

Kengan fighters are surprised that the gentle king Arashiyama Jurota has stepped on so early. Kubo thinks that the gentle king is boring and the way he dresses is old fashioned. Kazuo told Ohma that they have sent out one of the two kings. Ohma asks what he means by two kings. Kazuo reveals that there are two kings in Purgatory, King Lolong Donaire. Lolong is the champion of last year’s ultimate gladiator’s playoffs.

The other one is the gentle king Arashiyama Jurota who is said to be par with Lolong. Takeshi wanted to go since he has fought with the Judo practitioner. The Killing Throw Hayama Masaki decided that he will be the one to go. It is officially announced that the next match will be The Gentle King vs. The Killing Throw. Ohma thinks that it is going g to be like a Judo match. Masaki is 196cm tall and weighs 128 knows, and Jurota is 202 cm and weighs 134kg.

Jurota asks Masaki if he is related to Mugiro Masaki. Masaki said they are relative and why. Jurota looks at Masaki and thinks that this boss has already lost the game. Masaki is just smiling since he realizes that he is just facing the gentle guy.  Kengan Omega Manga chapters on the Manga One magazine and mobile app.

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