Why Did Aram Mojtabai Leave The Blacklist? Reason Behind His Sudden Exit

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Why Did Aram Mojtabai Leave The Blacklist
Amir Arison as Amar Mojtabai left The Blacklist after Season 9 (CC: Deadline)

Want to know why Aram Mojtabai left The Blacklist? Yes, we are talking about Amir Arison, the actor who portrayed the character so amazingly throughout the NBC show. Fans are wondering why did the actor leave after Season 9.

His absence in Season 10 is very much felt by the audience. The question is, what went wrong? How did things end in the story on his part? Before everything, let’s briefly discuss Amir’s prominence, Aram’s character, and the plotline of The Blacklist.

Amir Arison is indeed a great actor, doing wonders in the industry since 2003. When it comes to his works, some of the notable ones are Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, American Horror Story, Dallas, The Dropout, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, etc. Being his fan, you will be happy to know that Amir is set to release his upcoming project, Sinking Spring.

If you are looking for an intriguing crime thriller drama series, The Blacklist is exactly the right choice. How would it turn if a fugitive mysteriously surrendered himself to the FBI? Sounds weird, right? The same happened here!

H offered to help the FBI team in finding some of the deadliest criminals. To be more precise, his target is to work with Elizabeth Keen, a new profiler. What happened next? Watch the show for that! 

Why Did Aram Mojtabai Leave The Blacklist
Amir Arison played Aram Mojtabai in The Blacklist (CC: Pinterest)

Coming back to Aram Mojtabai’s character in The Blacklist, he served as the tech expert of the FBI team. Initially, he started as an agent of the National Security Agency. His diverse skill set in computers helped him in getting the job as hired by Harold Cooper.

By now, you must have understood how much prominent Aram was in The Blacklist. So, what was the reason behind his sudden departure? Did the actor have some obvious reasons behind it? If you are looking for why Aram Mojtabai left The Blacklist, here is what we know. 

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Reason Behind Amir Arison As Aram Mojtabai Leaving The Blacklist Revealed: What Happened?

By now, you must be well aware of the fact that Amir Arison, as Aram Mojatabai, left after The Blacklist Season 9. However, the actor made guest appearances in Season 10, which further raised questions about his sudden exit as the consistent cast among his fans. What happened? 

The major reason behind Amir Arison leaving The Blacklist is he wants to focus on something else and explore more. According to him, he has served this particular show for many years. He felt like it was the right time for him to part ways. To be more exact, Amir is set to focus and work hard for another project- The Kite Runner. You will be happy enough to know that it’s going to be his Broadway debut. 

While announcing his departure from The Blacklist, Amir shared that he was honored enough to portray Aram Mojtabai for nine years. He felt lucky to have worked with such an amazing team- an extraordinary cast, crew, writers, and producers. 

Why Did Aram Mojtabai Leave The Blacklist
Amir Arison (CC: Deadline)

Along with Amir Arison’s exit from The Blacklist, his co-star, Laura Sohn, also parted ways to pursue other projects. She played the role of FBI agent Alina Park. Throughout Amir’s association with The Blacklist, he stayed very dedicated. 

Concerning Amir Arison’s departure from The Blacklist, the executive producer of the show, John Eisendrath, said that Amir is indeed a great actor and a better person. The entire team wished him well and hoped for his comeback to reprise the role for some very special episodes in the following season. Well, Amir did the same, making guest appearances. 

Best Wishes to Amir Arison for the upcoming days of his life. Make sure you follow Amir on his Instagram account for more such relatable updates. 

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