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Best Anime Of Summer 2020 Ranked

Great Pretender

It was an unusual year and an even-odd summer anime season, so what was the best anime in the summer 2020 season? The effect of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic certainly made things tougher for the summer season, as there were not only a lot of long-term concerts but some of the current premiers had not been announced until later. The summer anime season officially started as we reach July. However, if you are looking for anything to watch, there are still some new shows worth your time!

This list is not as a reminder, the best animation of the season, but it is too soon to make the difference. These six shows have just caught our eyes and are also based on the strong manga and light novels. These are essentially the 12 anime that we are most excited about to wait for so we hope you join us and watch them.

1. Fire Force Season 2

For the second season, this summer Fire Force is back and sees new challenges being met by Shinra and the rest of Company 8. The Fire Force is your typical shonen anime, but there are impressive animators and sound designers behind it, especially when it comes to the fire effects that erupt on the screen both visually and audibly and express the volatile wild nature of the abilities of each character. The appearance of people with pyrokinetic abilities in the world of the Fire Service was induced by a major incident. Their power, which arises from flames that spring from control and transforms them into diabetics called infernal persons, cannot be controlled by the first generation. The second generation can, however, control fire in various ways, and individuals of the third generation can create and control fire. Eight special battle units are created, each assigned to address threats on a separate basis because traditional firefighters cannot deal with Infernals. Although some of them are all about research or experimentation, Company 8 is more direct to fight the fire and deploy a mixture of ordinary humans and both prokinetics of the second and third generations to kill infernals.

2. Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World

It has recently premiered its second season. That helped me to confirm that Re: ZERO-Starting Life in Another World-Season 2 has achieved a seamless baton pass from the first season, in which it feels like almost no time has passed between productions. While Subaru has faced daunting odds from episode one the second season’s storyline has dramatically increased the difficulty level to the point that it feels like Subaru faces several final bosses at once. But despite this scary scale, he’s still the same ordinary Joe, with a relatability that makes it rewarding to try to solve the fantasy world puzzles alongside him. The stakes have never been higher and the consequences have never been grimmer, but the show somehow maintains a comedic baseline through allies and antagonists who have always had time to swap smart banter. With remarkably intricate character designs made to be cosplayed, and a haunting soundtrack that highlights the tonal changes, Re: Zero retains the trademark of all great mysteries—becoming even more intriguing the more that it shows.

3. The God of High School

Are you a fan of the anime arcs of the tournament? And if that’s the case, you’re going to enjoy The God of High School, since the episode only continues with the tournament arc. You’re not going to get something profound from The God of High School’s general plot or character—the ideas and tropes present in this Crunchyroll Original have all been reached to some degree by another anime. But it doesn’t make The God of High School any less thrilling. This performance is filled to the brim with well-choreographed fights, all animated to catch the combatants’ high-stakes action and dance-like moves. The God of High School follows a tournament where competitors are able to experiment in whatever sort of martial arts they choose. The winner shall be given every appeal by the organizers of the event. The show centers mainly on 17-year-olds Mori, Daewi, and Mira—all of whom meet and become friends before the tournament starts. The three of them entered the competition for their own reasons, as did the diverse cast of warriors that each of them had to face in order to win. The God of High School is available on Crunchyroll, you should give it a try.

4. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is also known as OreGairu.It is already a successful romantic series about launching its 3rd season, so you know there’s something good about it. Resolved to become a more independent female, Yukino Yukinoshita decides to smooth things out with her parents, and the first step toward that goal is to prove herself. Iroha Isshiki, chairman of the student council, demands a graduation ceremony in collaboration with the voluntary service club as his graduation approaches for the third-year students. Yukino accepts this appeal on her own volition, intending to use it as an opportunity to display her self-reliance, but what lies ahead of her will prove to be a daunting barrier to cross. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Kan circles around the graduation dance as passions are put into the arrangements for the gathering. Around the same time, there is an opportunity for members of the Voluntary Service Community to better learn each other. And so Hachiman Hikigaya’s hectic and bittersweet high school life starts to come to an end. The nature of Hachiman and Yukino is refreshing in romantic anime for those who have shown apathetic feelings whenever they can identify with characters in school. Of course, the couple and the other club members grow into better individuals, but not without getting closer every day.

5. Deca-Dence

Is it surprising that director Yuzuru Tachikawa (Death Parade, Gang Psycho 100) and screenwriter Hiroshi Seko, are not just one of Europe’s best anime in 2020, they are also one of the year’s greatest anime surprises? Deca-Dence follows the story of the young girl of Nathan, a taciturn teacher whose past and temperament hide a memorable secret about the personality of his World and Nathan. He is a giant mobile fortification in a post-apocalyptic universe dreaming of becoming one of his guardians. When the heater plate mashed on Titan by Mortal Engines soon evolved into a science fiction cerebral drama resembling a Westworld drink, Monster Killer, and a mutant Pixar’s Wall-E hybrid met Disneys, Wreck-It Ralph. What starts with the amazing results. With incredible action, magnificent visuals, and a delirious high concept, the mind spins,

6. Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld  Season 2

The final battle against the Evil Territory is grinding on as players from all over the world invade the servers of the Underworld and throw the Human Empire into total chaos. Asuna Yuuki and her friends are protecting their new allies with all they have, but their numbers are dropping. Meanwhile, Alice Zuberg is headed for the World’s End Altar, while Gabriel “Vecta” Miller is actively chasing her. In the meantime, Rath representatives are preparing a campaign to try to restore Kirito’s degraded reflect light. However, there are other preparations for the intruders occupying the main control area. In the center of death and grief, when all hope is lost, one voice calls Kirito—a well recognized one, “I will always be by your side.” Sword Art Online: Alicization-War of the Underworld Second Season is an epic end of Akihiko Kayaba’s idea of developing artificial human intelligence. Now it’s up to Kirito and his friends to protect this crumbling planet from the masses who still believe it’s just a game.

7. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Misfit of the Demon King Academy is an isekai anime that is based on a light novel series by Shu and Yoshinori Shizuma. The series is produced by the Silver Link studios and got its release in July 2020. In the far past, the war between humans and demons has caused global confusion and bloodshed. In order to bring an end to this almost futile war, Demon King Anos Voldigoad gladly lost his soul, expecting to be resurrected in a happier world. In preparation for their King’s return, the demon race set up the Demon King Academy, a prestigious organization charged with deciding Anos’ identity when he reawakened. Two centuries later, he reincarnates, but to his dismay, he quickly discovers that the amount of magic in the world has decreased significantly during his absence. Moreover, as he enrolls at the academy to regain his rightful title, he figures out that the devil remembers him differently. His identity, his deeds, and even his reputation are all falsified—masked under the mantle of an impostor.

8. BNA: Brand New Animal

Not every anime series will release a single piece of main visual art and encourage ardent conversation, but something created by Studio Trigger seems to get the treatment. It’s no surprise why—since its 2013 debut with Little Witch Academy, Trigger has produced a smash hit. His most recent work, the psychedelic adventure fantasia Promare, managed to make $1 million on just 30 screens in North America, contributing to the return of few anime movies to theatres in the English-speaking market. But sure, when you’re the ones who created heavy hitters like Kill la Kill, Darling in the Franxx, and Little Witch Academy in less than a decade of life, you’re going to violate all kinds of rules. Join the latest animal brand. All fans have to slave over is a single image: what looks like an anthropomorphic wolf in a trench coat and a basketball-toting girl with squirrel-like features, standing against a neon-shaped landscape of skyscrapers and billboards. If there is some hint of the upright cheetah behind them, theirs is the world of humanoid animals such as la Zootopia or Beastars, albeit one made according to Trigger’s heavily saturated, ultra-modern aesthetics. So far, those are the only specifics that fans have to pick up—but Trigger has encouraged confidence to make even those sparse hints enough to make Brand New Animal an anime to watch.

9. Tower of God

The Tower of God was one of the most talked-about the latest 2020 season, and with good reason. A partnership between Crunchyroll and the interactive comic publisher Webtoon, the series is an anime adaptation of the online ‘manhwa’ (Korean for ‘comic’) by artist S.I.U. and the latest in Crunchyroll’s recent move to create its own original anime content. The series follows Bam, an amnesiac youth who is mysteriously teleported to the eponymous Tower of God, a metaphysical system that supposedly covers the whole universe and is built to grant enormous powers to all that are capable of achieving its heights. On his way to the top of the tower in search of his beloved friend Rachel, Bam must surround himself with his comrades in order to conquer the dangerous trials and even more deadly adversaries of the Tower. A stunning fantasy-adventure with rich characters, dense mythology, and breathtaking animation, the Tower of God will please anyone who is hungry for a new shimmering series to binge.

10. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Premiered in late July, this new Slice Of Life anime has steadily gained the attention of influential anime fans due to its vibrant characters. Hana Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai are the two main protagonists in this newest love anime. The two characters of this romantic anime go to the same college. It has some ecchi features and some support from the crowd to attract the attention of influential anime viewers. Hana is happy to go to the same college as Shinichi because she has been helped. After a year of watching him laze around the university, she needs to hang out with him. The anime tells a tale about their daily lives and adventures.

11. Appare-Ranman!

Yes, this one technically started in Spring, but when 80 percent of the series runs in summer I think it should count. Apart from that, Appare-Ranman! It was just such a joy every week that it would be criminal not to have it. Although the racing element is lighter than you would expect, this show has proven to be an instantly charming, easy entertaining, good time week after week with a lovable cast and charisma to spare. Its comedy is pretty broad and well established, but the execution nails every punchline while embellishing you with every wacky character with a remarkably empathetic performance, and I eventually ended up with a silly grin on my face in every episode. Strong development, sharp direction, and some disturbing but unforgettable character designs have helped it stand out in a season of delays and difficult animation. There were a few more ambitious shows that I might have selected, but nothing beat this one’s laughs and cheers for pure entertainment. Appare-Ranman, guy! Prove that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a good road ride, and I’m always looking forward to what this talented team is going to bring next.

12. Great Pretender

Makoto Edamura is Japan’s greatest con-man, or at least that’s what Laurent Thierry, a sweet and masterful gentleman thief who looks to young Edamura to join his globetrotting gang as an apprentice roaming the globe from San Francisco to Singapore, London, and beyond, learns the tricks of the business when he contends with the most merciless plutocrats of the criminal community as he grows up. Directed by Hiro Kaburagi (91 Days, Speed Grapher) and written by screenwriter Ryota Kosawa, Great Pretender is a death-defying, high-wire heist drama packed with spectacular art direction, dazzling views, and an infectiously jazzy score that immediately catapults it into the ranks of the greatest, most memorable, and exciting new anime to come out in 2020.