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The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 preview

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9’s release date is out. If you missed episodes, seven and eight of the show, don’t worry, as we will recap the same before unveiling The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 Release Date and streaming guide.

During her brief detention, Sorang spent her days bartering with her captors over how much she would be sold for. But, Sorang and Hae-young had already split apart from the remainder of the group when Heon & Shin-won arrived; the operation was such a small bust for them.

Luckily, thanks to the stones Hae Young dropped, Ja Chun, one of Shin’s men, Won follows her to the person she was given to and saves her. That’s how we can be certain that the abducted ladies are truly being sold to be unwilling brides for obscene and repulsive males.

So Rang is transferred from the abduction scene to Lady Seo & Minister Jo’s covert location before being handed over to their goons for death. However, she ends up being kidnapped by bandits from the supporters, and it seems like she is living in her adaptation of About Hanyang in something like a Single Evening.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 preview

The Forbidden Marriage’s recap.

Interestingly, the robbers’ main goal is to free kidnapped ladies and bring them to a town tucked away in the mountains. The village chief established a haven for recovered victims after he lost his little sister to the abduction ring.

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Recap of episodes 7 and 8 of The Forbidden Marriage

The community serves as both a haven for lovers and young lovers who have escaped the marriage prohibition. They expect to maintain So-rang for a couple of days to verify her identification so they can be certain she won’t divulge their secret; however since the wedding is forbidden, hamlet is Joseon’s greatest secret.

Being held as a semi-hostage in the hamlet is fine with So-rang since she is too focused on the potential customers she can attract from the young loves. Heon & Won suddenly burst into the hamlet and are overpowered by the bandits as she is midway through her sales pitch about marriage suitability. 

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 preview

Episodes seven and eight recap.

Heon’s situation becomes hilariously worse after So-rang presents him as a eunuch who can arrange a marriage gathering between outlaws and a royal maid. It never makes me smile to see Heon getting worked up over the bogus story of his lost man parts with Won barely controlling him.

But as the remaining palace guards charge in and Heon is exposed as king, the act is quickly over. He ignores the villagers’ “vice” of quais-weddings after seeing firsthand the joy that love can offer his people. In under a year, he pledges to lift the prohibition on marriage.

To be ready for something worse, Minister Jo gathers the other ministries. Yunno, given that anything is conceivable outside the palace’s fortified perimeter. Given that he sends his goons upon Heon, who the royal guard and the outlaws severely route, Minister Jo would’ve been aware of this.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 preview

A scene from episode 7 of The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 preview

And I can’t believe this man remains alive after committing so many treacherous acts against the king. Then, Heon shows up in all his magnificence with a statement: “One might think you really can not wait for my demise,” as Minister Jo informs everyone that the monarch has abdicated.

Thus, the abduction ring is the subject of Heon’s formal investigation, without Shin-won serving as the chief investigator. This causes Minister Jo & Lady Seo to momentarily nurse their sores because the inquiry is detrimental to business.

Heon spent far too much time this week dazzling everyone with his brilliance, all Hae-young to the peasants to his ministries and aides. When a man is in love, he truly shines brightly. For Heon, rejection is the first stage in acknowledging his affection for So-rang. 

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 preview

Episode 8 recap’s still.

The next action was to drag her into his bathtub. The third stage is a kiss, which is not considered a step as it is more akin to an unexpected attack.

After the journey, Shin-won intends to depart from the king’s presence, and Chun-Seok is charged with covering for him. Sadly, Chun-Seok is coerced into siding with the villains when Lady Seo blackmailed him with Hae-young.

So, it won’t be long until Minister Jo’s accomplices show up carrying a poison needle intended to kill Shin-won. To defend Shin, Chun-Seok elects to absorb the blow himself. He warns Shin-won that the monarch is in peril.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 preview

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 8’s quick recap.

In his haste to alert the monarch, Shin-won is poked by another needle in the arm and falls unconscious while Heon begs him to survive.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9: Release Date

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9’s release date is Friday, January 13, 2023. The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 will premiere on MBC at 9.50 pm KST. While the fan from other national can cross-check the times below to watch The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9:

  • British Summer Time: 12.50 pm (January 13)
  • Indian Standard Time: 6.20 pm (January 13)
  • Philippines Standard Time: 8.50 pm (January 13)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 11.50 pm (January 13)

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9: Where To Watch

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 will debut on MBC in Korea at about 9:50. For those who wish to watch The Forbidden Marriage Episode 9 when it airs in the fans’ region. It will be accessible on the widely popular streaming services Kocowa, Roku premium stream, and Rakuten Viki at the hours and dates we have stated above. The regular Viki bundle included with their subscription costs roughly $4.9. Happy streaming!

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