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Why Did Tony Patrico Get Fired From The Rizzuto Show?

Tony Patrico Rizzuto Show
Tony Patrico in The Rizzuto Show, Credit: Facebook

Tony Patrico was fired from The Rizzuto Show on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, very recently, but why was he fired? Want to know? We will help you with that. Tony Patrico was born on September 12, 1985, as Anthony J Petrico.

If you love radio shows, you might know he is one of the best in the business. He joined the KPNT network in 2007 and became a part of the Rizzuto Show in 2014 when it began. There was nothing suspicious about him as he did a great job with a humorous and generous personality. 

It was a surprise when The Point (105.7 FM) posted on their Twitter Page that Tony was no longer a part of either the Hubbard Studio or The Rizzuto Show. Other than that, there was nothing The Point cleared regarding this matter, like what was the main reason he was fired.

It would have been simple, but there’s a complication; the tweet has been deleted from the page, and there is no record of the news on any related 105.7 FM social media pages. Here’s what we know now regarding the matter.

Why Did Tony Petrico Get Fired From The Rizzuto Show?

Tony Petrico was fired because he reached out to females and asked them for inappropriate images regarding their sexuality. Proofs regarding the allegations were posted on social media sites, like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and a Facebook Page. The essential fact is that this has not been confirmed by either The Point or Tony. However, it’s clear as day since the decision to fire him came soon after the allegations gained rhythm.

The whole thing started a week before Christmas when a Twitter account, @HellNoPatrico, started posting Tony’s chats with his female fans. The person behind it also created a Facebook page with the name Robert Reynolds (now deleted) and shared the screenshots.

After these posts were shared, numerous comments supported that he also reached out to them. Among these were also female members of Team Rizz, a group assembled to promote the Rizzuto Show.

The Point's Tweet

The Point’s Tweet, Credit: Twitter

If the comments are to be trusted, Tony has been indulged in this behavior for the past 4 – 5 years. And his messages don’t stop asking for sexual images; what he wrote is harassment. One person wrote that Tony described his sexual dreams and fantasies on chat, and when his requests were denied, he passed it all as a joke.

And also asked the females not to share the conversations with other people. It seems he usually did this inside his working circle, where he could use his position to prevent the chats from being out on the internet. From the chats, it was also clear that he offered bribes, asking them to perform sexual acts on cams and video calls.

In one of the chats, he is seen promising “Team Rizz Member of the Day” in return for explicit content. It would have been fine, but now everything implicating Tony has been deleted from the internet, and no such images are on any social media pages. Even The Point has deleted the firing tweet, and the account that started all this deleted the Facebook page and is soon set to delete the Twitter account.

Scott Rizzuto, Tony’s colleague on the show, said he couldn’t disclose anything. He also said he sought compassion and empathy for everyone involved. The way he described it, saying that “difficult was an understatement,” makes it seem that the allegations are all true. For the time being, we are waiting for new information, and an official statement from Tony, Scott, or The Point would help.

Is Tony Petrico Married?

Yes, Tony is married and has two sons and a daughter. His family is remarkably conserved, and he rarely posts about them on social media. He posted a picture with his family in the first week of December 2022, where we can see his wife and three kids.

He used his Facebook page to share the image. However, that page has also been deactivated, showing content isn’t available on the site. We hope the situation is cleared and everyone affected gets a closure fit to their soul.

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