Are Oasis Getting Back Together? Can We Expect A Reunion?

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Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher.
Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher (Credits: Loud wire)

Are you a fan of the famous 90s British Rock Band “Oasis” and wondering about they will ever reunite the band to bless your ears with their rocking performances, after the recent speculations about Liam Gallagher stating that he is “Born ready” to reunite with Noel and the band? If yes, then I guess here’s something you will find that will excite you.

And I do know it is something regarding them reuniting. How badly excited are you to learn more about the band that stood at the forefront of Britpop during the early-mid 90s?

Therefore, in this article, we shall look at the reason behind their band disbanding, the update you are waiting for on whether or not the band is reuniting, and How Noel reacted to his brother’s statement. In addition, we will also briefly discuss the band’s prominence with some insights into the band.

Oasis Band
Oasis Band (Credits: Far Out Magazine)

Oasis was a British rock band initially known as the Rain in 1991 in Manchester, England. Oasis focuses on the genres of Britpop and rock. This band was active from 1991 to 2009. Originally the group comprised four members, namely, Liam Gallagher as the lead vocalist and tambourine, Tony McCarroll as the drummer, Paul McGuigan as bassist, and the co-founder of Oasis, and Paul Arthurs as the guitarist.

Subsequently, the band finalized their members with Noel, the brother, Liam, as he joined the band as the lead guitarist and vocalist. However, during the band’s existence, its members’ lineup shifted, marking the Gallagher brother as stable members till the end.

Now let us shoot to the part you must be wondering about and want to know the most. Are the British rock band reuniting? Scroll to find your answers.

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Are Oasis Getting Back Together? Answered

Fans were worried about Oasis never reuniting back as the Gallagher brothers had to put behind their years of quarrel for that to happen. Even Noel stated for them to reunite, it would take extraordinary circumstances, but miracles do happen. Liam Gallagher replied, “It’s happening,” to one of his followers on Twitter who asked about the chances of seeing the legends of Britpop again playing together.

Oasis’s fanbase named themselves “Madferit” to represent themselves as a fan of Oasis; they have been waiting for this to happen for 14 years now, though it is a little bit early to rush into any excitement as nothing has been set in stone yet. Liam did not drop a hint, but by now, we can expect a possibility of the reunion happening. It is not just a blind hope now.

Oasis disbanded in 2009 because of a serious argument between the Gallagher brothers backstage during their last concert in Paris, France. The brothers had been on bad terms with each other for years now. Nonetheless, the brothers seem to have gotten over the time they spent snubbing the idea. Noel, by himself, not so long ago, claimed that he would never say never to the plan of Oasis reuniting. 

Oasis Band
Oasis Band (Credits: NME)

What about the bands’ achievements? Their hard work, passion, and talent were not unseen by the industry, as they were praised with several awards and nominations, including two Grammy nominations, four MTV Europe Music Awards, and 17 NME Awards wins.

By 2009, With eight singles and eight albums, both making it to the number-one list, the band became the most prosperous and thriving act on the Album charts and UK single albums. The band has sold above 70 million records across the globe. 

Oasis also accomplished three platinum albums in the united states. Some of the remarkable works of the band that you would regret if you did not watch would be ” Lord Don’t Slow Me” (2007), “Those Swollen Hard Blues” (2009), “Stay Young” (1997), “Married with Children” (1994), “Greatest Hits” (2008), “Be Here Now”(1997), “Gas Panic!” (2000), “All Around The World” (1997), “Going Nowhere” (1997).

To conclude, we can keep hoping for a reunion now as we have a strong base of it happening one day soon.

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