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She-Hulk Episode 1 Release Date: The New Superhero Of MCU

She-Hulk episode 1 is making the fans most excited about its release, and we are here to update you through the details. Jessica Gao has created this series for Disney Plus. The plot of this series will share its continuity with the other films in the franchise. The main focus will be laid on the character named Jennifer Walters, who is a lawyer. She generally handles the case of superhumans.

Well, she is a superhuman herself as on occasions, we see her becoming the superhero She-Hulk. We will see the character leading a very difficult life. She is 30 years of age and is a single woman. Her greatest difficulty is the way she transforms into a green creature. Now, there are a lot of myths about She-Hulk being the girlfriend of Hulk or doctor Banner. Well, she is a cousin to Bruce.

Filming on the Marvel series started back in 2021. It all began in Los Angeles. Locations of filming include Trilith Studios in Atlanta, located in Georgia. The first footage from the upcoming show released last year in 2021 confirms its release. Although, at that time, nobody knew much about it at all.

She-Hulk Episode 1 Release Date

A still from She-Hulk Episode 1

This teaser clip ends with the main character saying that no one should make her angry because they will not like her persona when she is angry. This line was said by a 1970 Hulk played by actor Bill Bixby. He said this line in the show The Incredible Hulk. As for Mark Ruffalo, the actor is coming back for She-Hulk and reprising his usual role.

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She-Hulk Episode 1 Release Date

She-Hulk Episode 1 will release on the 17th of August 2022. The entire installment is set to have nine episodes. It will be set in Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe and is the 13th series for Disney Plus in the MCU. New episodes will drop out on Disney Plus every week following the premiere on a Wednesday. Make sure to clear out your schedules to watch the upcoming drama. This series will serve as an introduction to this new character. As per the president of Marvel, Kevin Feige, we will see more of She-Hulk in the franchise and will have a definite crossover in the upcoming films.

Where to Watch She-Hulk Episode 1?

It is obvious that She-Hulk will air on Disney Plus. You can buy a subscription to the streaming platform for 7.99 dollars a month. It will support all the devices on which the service can be run. Other than that, fans can also access Disney Plus through a one-year plan which comes at a discounted rate of 79.99 dollars a year.

It is not sure if the new episodes of this series are available through demand. Although, if it is available, then we can expect to buy it from platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Apple iTunes.


Tatiana Maslany will reprise the role of She-Hulk. She has similar powers as her cousin brother Bruce Banner. These abilities get infused within her when she receives blood from him. Walters is not satisfied with her abilities and wants to be a normal person.

Jameela Jamil will enact the character of Titania. She will be the main villain in this series. To be very honest, Jameela is one of the very underrated actresses in the industry. It feels like she should be given more roles in the Marvel Universe as well. Well, in this installment, Titania is also a super villain with a lot of strengths. She will be a rival to She-Hulk.

Ginger Gonzaga does the part of Nikki. She is the best friend of Walters, aka She-Hulk. We will see their special bond throughout the series. Tim Roth reprises the role of Emil Blonsky. He is also known as Abomination. Emil is a former officer in the United Kingdom. He is born in Russia, though. Emil used to work at the Royal Marines Commandos. He is the one who has combined the super-soldier serum along with gamma radiation. This has made him transform into a human monster. These powers are similar to what we see in Hulk.

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