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Top 10 Facts About Money Heist You Need To Know

Money Heist is a show which gained attention whole around the world, especially during these pandemic times. Although we all are excited to see what to expect in the Season 5 of Money Heist, there aren’t any confirmations as of now when we should expect the fifth season of this crime thriller series. But while waiting for money Heist, Season 5 will be a long one, today we bring you the top 10 facts about Money Heist.

In this article, we will try to cover facts that many don’t even know about this show, even if they are huge fans of this show. Also, do note that these facts aren’t ranked in any manner, as ranking these facts isn’t possible at all. Now that we have said it, let us jump into the article.

The Story of Money Heist

In The First two seasons of Money Heist, the story is set around a criminal mastermind who is called by his gang members as “Professor”. His master plan is to pull off the biggest heist in history. Print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain, the place where official currency notes are printed in Spain. But Professor is not alone in this plan.

In order to help him carry out this plan, he recruits eight people with certain different abilities and has nothing to lose in their life. With this team, the Professor takes on his plan to work out. The first season deals with the strategies planned by the professor in order to counter the steps taken by the authorities to take down the team.

In the final two seasons, while everyone was leading a life in shadow but still enjoying the fruit of their hard work, Professor asks the team to regroup again for another heist. This time, the team is declaring a war against the system and prepares for the second heist. But this time, it wasn’t as easy as expected in the first two seasons. This time professor had to deal with some serious levels of challenges which he was unprepared for.

The series season one consists of 15 episodes which were released on the Spanish network Antena 3 from 2 May 2017 through 23 November 2017. Later, when Netflix acquired the global streaming rights,  they re-cut the series into 22 shorter episodes and released them worldwide. The second part was then aired on 6 April 2018. Following that, Netflix renewed the series for another season with a significantly increased budget which consists of 16 new episodes total.

In 2019, the third season was released with eight episodes. In Season 4 also there were eight episodes, and it was released on 3 April 2020. Following the humongous success of the latest seasons, In July 2020, Netflix renewed the show for the final fifth season.

1. Money Heist is the most-watched non-English series on Netflix!

The first season of Money Heist was released back in 2017. When the show was released on Netflix, it just blows up with fans around the world. And everyone was waiting for the second season. When season 2 was released, it was watched by more volume of audiences and thus again surged the fanbase for this show.

It only took four weeks since the release of Season three of this sow to reach the record numbers of 44 million household viewership! As you guessed, it has only raised after the fourth season and is still rising. With this huge amount of viewership, Money Heist broke the record of most-watched non-English series on Netflix.

Around the globe, it was in Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Italy, and France, who had the most number of viewership for this show. Even though there are English and other languages dubbed versions for this show, many still prefer to watch the original audio, which is in Spanish. The prime example is how people sing around the song Bella Ciao.

2. The Secret Name of Professor.

No, it’s not Sergio Marquina, That’s his actual name. We are talking about the names the character in the series choose for the heist. While everyone has their name of famous cities around the world, we see that professor isn’t called by any city names. He is just called simply “Professor” by his colleagues. Judging by that, many of us may assume that it is the name of Professor for the heist. Well, ist not.

The Professor’s infamous heist name based on a city name is called Vatican City. For those who wonder, Vatican city is a city that is well-protected as well as filled with many mysteries and knowledge. We still don’t know the depth of knowledge and mysteries surrounding this ‘Holy City’, and we may even never know that.

By this all, it is pretty right to assign Álvaro Morte’s character Professor with the name Vatican City. Since we are also talking about Álvaro Morte, have you noticed how good-looking Professor was with his glasses? Interestingly, he has perfect vision in real life, and he is wearing glasses for his character. it took him some time to get used to wearing glasses.

3. Money Heist wasn’t a Netflix original show

Yes, Money Heist wasn’t a Netflix original show. In fact, Money Heist was made for a Spanish TV channel Antena 3. Did you know what the cast and crew thought about this show? In the first year of the show, almost everyone, including the directors and cast were heavily believing that the show won’t be that successful.

This was because, Even though the show’s initial viewers in Spain were giving good support for the show, it slowly deteriorated. The show raised up to the attention it deserved when Netflix acquired the rights of this show. Interestingly, Netflix didn’t give it much advertisement at the beginning, but the show gained momentum just because of how good it was.

4. The Script isn’t written in advance

Yes! You read it right. The script of Money Heist is not written in advance. It’s just amazing to see that, considering how much well planned the story is moving forward in this series. Many of us use days to even write the one line of something and here, the show’s writer Álex Pina just writes the script of this complex and thrilling show while he is on the set.

It just feels like we all doing that assignment at the last minute, which the teacher gave to us days ago. Many may have doubts about how effective this on-set writing could be. For those who are wondering, just look around how much support this show has. Álex PinaThis is so that he writes the script while filming because he would like to make changes to the storyline wherever the cast or crew could get a great idea on how to move the story forward.

A prime example of these changes can be seen in season 3. In this, when the professor teaches how to perform a surgery, we could see Marseille, who is played by Luka Peros refuses, to practice on a dying pig. It was interesting to see how Marseille valued human lives more than other humans.

Even though this scene was supposed to be a little humor one, the writers decided to develop this animal love perk of Marseille to the storyline. We could see later on in that season Marseille speaking about his old dog. These were all examples of how onset writing helped the writers to change the direction of the series.

5. How Tokyo got her name?

We all know Tokyo. Even though you are a fan of her or not, it is no doubt that Tokyo will go to the maximum when she is determined into something. It is also her voice, that we could hear the story being narrated.  But do you know that how Tokyo got her name for the first name? It was by accident.

The Director as well as producer of the show, Jesus Colmenar shared that one day when Alexa Pina reached the set for work, they noticed his shirt and what was printed on it. This inspired the writers to give this character, played by  Úrsula Corberó,  was decided to choose this name. Soon after that, other names for the rest of the characters also popped up.

6. The creators wanted the show to be as real as possible

We all know how much committed the creator of the show is. Not only there is on-set writing, But there are other things also done by both the cast and crew to make their show a great success. In order to make the story as real as possible, The team did plentiful research about the defense mechanisms of the Bank of Spain’s vault.

And if you have guessed it, you are right. There is actually a real-life flood in the vault, in case if there is any kind of activities that happen to trigger it. The crew hired a marine engineer, to use his help to design the antechamber along with its defense mechanisms.

7. The complicated scenes in the show

With each season, the Money Heist is becoming very complex. Gradually, There are many scenes that were new and stressful for the cast. One such scene is when Denver, played by Jaime Lorente while stealing the Bank of Spain’s gold by going in underwater. In order to shoot the submerged vault, the crew had to rebuild the set inside of a tank, which had been interesting to hear.

In this scene, the gold bricks used weren’t actually gold bricks. But instead, it was made out of foam. This caused another problem. As the gold brick is made out of foam, they started to float. They found the solution to this issue gladly.

8. The Tribute

Everyone has seen the mask worn by the crew. Since money heist, the popularity for this face has gone along. It was the face of Salvador Dali, a Spanish Surrealist artist. Salvador has contributed a lot to the face of art. His bizarre style and anti-modern capitalist views had a huge impact around the world. The Spanish people are a proud nation. In order to honor Salvator Dali, the show used his infamous face as a mask. as a way to pay respect and to attract attention yet again to the artwork of this artist and to revive his memory

9. The initial name of the show was a different one

We all know that what was the real name of the show before it was acquired by Netflix. For those who don’t know, the show was called La Casa de Papel. This name is given from the Spanish language as it was initially released only in Spain. This name means  “The Paper House”.

Facts About Money Heist

But there is one thing which even many fans may don’t know. The creators wanted to name this show with another name. During the time of brainstorming that happened. While in the beginning stage, when planning the story, the creators used the title Los Desahuciados, Which means “The Evicted.” in Spanish. Tbh, we do like that name too considering the fact that both it has meant about the show’s characters as social outcasts.

10. Professor was set to be the original Narattor.

When we hear the word Narattor for its show, the sound of Tokyo comes to our mind. It turns out that It was actually a planned part for Professor. But the creators thought that it would be too narcissistic if they choose the professor to describe his own plan. Ultimately, they chose Tokyo to be the narrator. This was because the showrunners want the show to have a woman’s perspective.

Fans have been asking this for quite some time as to why the Professor, who is the incredibly smart, charismatic, yet shy mastermind, who is behind the heists, wasn’t chosen to be the Narattor.  Now we have an answer to it. Money Heist is available to watch on Netflix, in case you wanted to recap all things that happened till now or if you haven’t watched the show yet.

What do you think about our picks for Top 10 Facts about Money Heist? Were there any facts that surprised you? We hope that we were able to give at least one fact to you which you were not expecting to see. If you thought we missed out on any facts which should have been included in this article, do let us know. Also, for all updates regarding Money Heist Season 5, do check out our site.

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