Versatile Mage Chapter 1006: Mo Fan The Savior, Release Date & Where To Read

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Versatile Mage Chapter 1006 Release Date
Versatile Mage Chapter 1005 Stills (Credit: Chaos)

Isekai manhua Versatile Mage will soon return with chapter 1006 and with all the adventure from the previous chapter. We are highly anticipating the release of Chapter 1006 to unlock a new thrilling adventure. Mo Fan was super happy after he learned he could control the monster alone. Apas was aware of a demonic soul working deep in the monster’s soul, and she asked Mo Fan to let her control the monster.

Mo Fan tells her it did not expect the demon element to work then and warns her that it will not with the following steps. Mo Fan tells Apas that it is his demonic element, so she does not have to worry about anything. Mo Fan asks his monster to get moving and warm up a bit, and the spectators are a bit startled when the monsters started throwing punches at each other.

The giant monster uses a rising earth cage to capture the little ones and surrounds them with a cage. Mo Fan was not aware something like that would happen after the cage’s appearance Mo Fan got invisible, but soon after, the giant monster’s power got weakened. The time was running out, so Mo Fan decided not to absorb more energy since the evolutionary form could not be maintained.

Mo Fan got a warning that it would degrade into a mud-morphing monster. Without wasting much time, let’s find out what the release date is for Versatile Mage chapter 1006 and where you can read chapter 1006 online. But a quick recap would help you out if you’re going to read the next chapter in the coming week.

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Versatile Mage Chapter 1005 Recap

In the previous chapter, Mo Fan’s monster begins to degrade after a while, and everyone comments that the black and silver rock demon is not as powerful as they thought. Mo Fan decides he needs to destroy them quickly, and Apas orders them to spit out the people they have devoured and go back to the caves. Mo Fan asks for her guidance.

Mo Fan warns her about where he is going, so she fears he will destroy the city first. Mo Fan was confused if his master was a retard; he did not speak their language, yet he was still roaring. Mo Fan takes the initiative and tells him to shut up soon after it gets dawn, but the people are still alive, and they are not sure if the monsters have retreated.

Versatile Mage Chapter 1006 Release Date
Versatile Mage Chapter 1005 Stills (Credit: Chaos)

But later, they realize that they have been saved, and now Dingcheng is safe. The soldier tells their commander that the tide of the battle turned after Mo was devoured by a silver rock demon, so he must have done something.

The commander asks them how they leave so easily, but before they can answer the commander’s question, the old lady asks them to take her to meet him. Mo Fan confesses that his body was so tired after the battle that he felt like his entire being was emptied. The soldiers come together to show their gratitude to Mo Fan; they call him the hero of Dingcheng, and they add how glad they are that he is safe.

Versatile Mage Chapter 1006 Release Date And Time

Versatile Mage Chapter 1006 will be released on Wednesday, 15 March 2023. Versatile Mage releases three chapters every week since three chapters have already been released this week. Readers will get to read Versatile Mage Chapter 1006 next week. The international schedule for Versatile Mage Chapter 1006 is as follows: 

  • 4:00 pm EST (USA) on 15 March 2023
  • 4:00 pm NT (Canada) on 15 March 2023
  • 2:30 am IST (India) on 16 March 2023
  • 8:00 am AEST (Australia) on 16 March 2023
  • 5:00 am PHT (Philippines) on 16 March 2023
  • 6:00 am JST (Japan) on 16 March 2023
  • 6:00 am KST (South Korea) on 16 March 2023

Where To Read Versatile Mage Chapter 1006

Versatile Mage Chapter 1006 will be released on uukanshu, and international readers can find the chapters on Kindle. To read the Versatile Mage Chapter, you can get a Kindle Unlimited subscription for $9.99 per month. It also gives you a 30-day free trial so that you can cancel your subscription anytime. To get further information, you can visit the website and become familiar with the service.

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