Did Van Montgomery And Cheyenne Hart Divorce? The Reba Stars End Their Marriage

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Cheyenne Hart

Want to know if Van Montgomery and Cheyenne Hart get divorced on the sitcom, Reba? In case you couldn’t make it to that, you must be wondering about the ultimate status of their marriage. The characters have been portrayed by Steve Howey and Joanna Garcia Swisher, respectively. 

Starting from the basics, made it’s debut back in 2001 and concluded in 2007 with Season 6. Focusing on the country music singer, Reba McEntire, and her family. 

Well, Cheyenne Hart was the oldest daughter of Reba and Brock. On the other hand, Van Montgomery was seen as an incredible cornerback on his high school team. When he wanted to marry his expecting girlfriend, Cheyenne, his parents disowned him. Their relationship was strained. He moved to Reba’s house to pursue her daughter and there the story begins. 

So, Van and Cheyenne exchanged their vows at the beginning of their senior year days. There was immense love between the two. Still, at times, it used to get a bit off. Moreover, Van and Cheyenne got blessed with a daughter, Elizabeth. At the end of the series, we saw her expecting their second child, revealing the gender to be a son. 

What went wrong between Van and Cheyenne on Reba? Because of being rocky at times, some expected them to end their marriage. If you are looking for whether Van Montgomery and Cheyenne Hart get divorced, here are your answers. 

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Did Van Montgomery and Cheyenne Hart Get Divorced? 

Even if you haven’t watched the sitcom, Reba, to the end, you must have witnessed how Van and Cheyenne were deeply in love with each other. 

They tied the knot at an early age, while both of them were students. Before that, their relationship got so serious, they even made things which eventually started their new journey. That was more like their own family. 

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If there was no love, why would Van leave his parents, for Cheyenne? He would not have done that. But, both were head over heels and wanted to live together, no matter what. 

That was when Van decided to move to Reba’s place. Over time, he became very close to Cheyenne’s mother. With Reba, Cheyenne used to live with her husband and daughter, Elizabeth. Reba approved their marriage and they had her full support. 

Like every relationship, Van and Cheyenne used to face difficulties in their marriage. But, not all of us expected them to think about divorce. So, the question arises did Van and Cheyenne get divorced? 

In the finale, we saw Van working on his home. But, he had poor home renovating skills. Because of that, it eventually caused an accident. To be more precise about it, a small fire was caught at Van’s place. 

Did Van Montgomery And Cheyenne Hart Divorce

Because of that, Reba allowed Van, Cheyenne, and their daughter, to stay with her. Until when? At the time, things didn’t get right on track. 

Meanwhile, Barbra Jean Hart got a promotion to the out-of-state weather station. Her character was portrayed by Melissa Peterman. 

If you forgot about her, Barbara Jean or BJ was the one, with whom Reba’s husband, Brock had an affair with. Since his marriage was deteriorating with Reba, they started dating. And yes, they decided to part ways legally, with a divorce. 

Created by Allison M. Gibson, in the sitcom, Reba, we witnessed a couple of failed marriages. Both were surprising and painful to even watch. 

If you want to watch Reba, make sure you have subscribed to Hulu. It’s available there.

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