Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1: Release Date & Where to Watch

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Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon is back with another season!

The most loved Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon, will have another Season this year. All set to premiere on September 29th, 2022, The series will show the next part of life that Sheldon goes through.

Young Sheldon was an idea by Jim Parson, the Character who played the Adult Sheldon Cooper. It was brought to life by Steven Molaro and Chuck Lorre on November 2nd, 2017. The character was played by Iain Armitage, who portrayed the character perfectly and ended up winning The Young Artist Award in 2018.

The first season’s popularity led to producers renewing the show for another 6 seasons But based on various reports, 7th season will probably be the last one. 

Young Sheldon: The Story of the Awkward Prodigy

Sheldon Cooper, an exceptionally talented young child, lives in Texas with his family of four others. His Dad, George Cooper is a Football coach who, throughout the series, ends up losing his job and does his best to manage expenses. Sheldon’s mom Mary, is a very religious woman who babies her kids more than needed. 

Sheldon and his dad

His elder brother, Georgie is sort of an airhead who wants to be a model someday. He grows up to be a thick-skulled adult but cares deeply when he feels like it. Sheldon’s fraternal twin, Missy is a charming girl with high emotional intelligence. She often feels left out but is very mature and helps Sheldon at times when his intelligence is not enough.

At the age of 9, he goes to high school and is much smarter than his teachers. Sheldon often shows no emotions and empathy, he also blurts out whatever is on his mind, which gives a comedic theme to the show. 

This coming-of-age series perfectly shows the timeline of why Sheldon was the way he was in The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon Season 5: Recap

Season 5 came out on October 7, 2021, and had a total of 22 episodes. Sheldon was older, and the family had much more drama coming their way. George goes on the path of being unfaithful but feels guilty. Meemaw setups a gambling shop and is joined by Georgie. Georgie though has a fun time with an older woman to who he lies and ends up getting her pregnant.

Young Sheldon
Missy and Sheldon

Missy has a terrible breakup, and her father helps console her, and she ends up running her small business for some time. Due to Georgie having a child out of wedlock, the church they go to fills up with all sorts of rumors. 

Young Sheldon, though, has problems of his own. He has reached the brink of puberty and has his first pimple, which causes him to ask various adults to guide him through it. Mandy, the girl bearing Georgie’s child, sees that Georgie is honest about caring for the baby, so she forgives him for lying about his age. 

Meemaw and Georgie, the business partners, travel to Mexico for “Business Purposes”. They sadly do end up getting caught and are sent to jail.

This was the whole storyline that the 5th season followed. It had some of the most significant features of Sheldon’s life, and season 6 is only going to be much more important.

Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1: Release Date & What to Expect

Season 6, Episode 1 is all set to release on 29th September 2022. The new episodes will air every Thursday.

This season will continue with the storyline that season 5’s episode 22 ended with. Based on 1992-1993, It will show Sheldon going through the awkward puberty era, all while his family is having a tough time. 

Episode 1 will show Sheldon’s father, George, going to jail to bail His son and Meemaw out. Georgie, on the other hand, is excited to be a father and wants to be a proper man. He also thinks about the names that he’ll be giving his children. Mary faces the wrath of the church when the word of her son gets out. She feels ignored and unneeded.

Where to Watch Young Sheldon Season 6?

All the episodes of the show are available on demand on major streaming platforms like Prime Video, Vudu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus. American viewers can also watch it at 8:00 pm on CBS.

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