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Where Are The X1 Members Now? Know Where They Are Now!

where are the x1 members now

X1 had been one of the most successful boy groups, so it is natural why people would wonder where are the X1 members now. The boy group X1 consisted of eleven members who had been selected through the survival program Produce X 101. The member picked through the survivals show were Kim Yohan, Kim Wooseok, Han Seungwoo, Song Hyeong Jun, Cho Seung Youn, Song Dong Pyo, Lee Han Gyul, Nam Do Hyun, Cha Jun Ho, Kang Minhee, Lee Eun-sang. The boy group X1 debuted with the single Flash on August 27, 2019.

Even before their debut, there had been a lot of hype about them. They were even named the 11th most emerging artists by Billboards. Evidently, the group had been very popular and achieved a lot of success, and gained a lot of fans in a short amount of time. However, even though the group was to last for five years, as the Mnet Vote Manipulation investigation happened and the X1 members’ individual companies could not come to an agreement, the group sadly had to disband just a few months after their debut on January 6, 2020.

Since then, the X1 members have found their own charm, whether it be acting or music or becoming a part of a group. So, without further ado, let us start seeing where the X1 members are now!

1. Han Seungwoo

Starting off with the leader of the X1 members, Han Seungwoo, where is he now? After X1’s disbandment, Han Seungwoo continued with VICTON’s group promotions. He even debuted as a soloist with the Extended play Fame. Moreover, he even made his acting debut in a K-drama with Love#Hashtag as Lee Shi Woo. 

where are the x1 members now

Han Seungwoo

2. Seungyoun

Seungyoun or as he is more popularly known as WOODZ, continued his solo activities as WOODZ. After the disbandment of X1, he made a solo comeback with his first Extended Play Equal. Over the years, WOODZ has made his mark in the K-pop industry with his awesome music styles and themes. 

where are the x1 members now


3. Kim Wooseok

Kim Wooseok, also known as Wooshin, where is the visual of the X1 members now? Kim Wooseok released his solo debut extended play 1st Desire (Greed). He even made his K-drama debut as Lee Hyun Jin from Twenty-Twenty. 

where are the x1 members now

Kim Wooseok

4. Kim Yohan

Where is the face of the group and the center of X1 now? Kim Yohan made his solo debut with the digital single No More. Through the K-drama roles that he played the past year, we are sure that he even has a vibrant acting career ahead. Kim Yohan acted in two school rom-coms last year, aka School 2021 and A Love So Beautiful.

Kim Yohan

Kim Yohan

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5. Lee Hangyul

Lee Hangyul went on to make a sun-unit with a fellow X1 member named H&D, but the duo soon disbanded. Then, Hangyul went on to debut with the boy group BAE173 as the leader, main dancer, and vocalist of the group.

Lee Hangyul

Lee Hangyul

6. Cha Junho

Junho went on to debut with Woolim Entertainment’s new boy group DRIPPIN. DRPPIN debuted in 2020 with Boyager, and Junho is the visual center, the face of the group, and the lead vocalist.

Cha Junho

Cha Junho

7. Son Dongpyo

Dongpyo went on to debut with the boy group MIRAE on March 17. He has also been credited for writing My Dear Friend, a song in MIRAE’s third mini-album Marvelous. 

Son Dongpyo


8. Minhee

Minhee debuted as a member of CRAVITY alongside another X1 member. He is the lead vocalist and visual of CRAVITY. Currently, he is an MC of the Music show ‘The Show’.  

where are the x1 members now


9. Lee Eunsang

Lee Eunsang continued his career as a member of Younite and also as an actor. The former X1 member is now the main vocalist and a co-leader of Younite. He made his debut as an actor through the role of Kang Ha Woon from Part-time Mello. 

Lee Eunsang

Lee Eunsang

10. Song Hyeongjun

Hyengjun also debuted as a member of CRAVITY with fellow X1 member Minhee. He is the main dancer and a vocalist of CRAVITY. 

where are the x1 members now

Song Hyeongjun

11. Nam Dohyun

Dohyun also debuted with BAE173 with Hangyul. The two had first made a sub-unite but later on disbanded and joined the group together.

where are the x1 members now

Nam Do Hyun

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