What Is Kamusari Attack In One Piece 1079? – Explained!

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What Is Kamusari Attack In One Piece 1079? Explained!

Ever since the release of One Piece Chapter 1079 spoilers, fans are in love with the chapter’s context released so far and already declaring it the greatest chapter of this year, even though the chapter isn’t fully out yet. Just learning that Shanks had finally been seen in action has made fans lose their mind. However, after learning that an attack that Shanks had used to defeat Kid was a hidden reference to the late King of pirates has made fans lose their minds even more.

After only reading the spoilers for One Piece 1079 which is scheduled to be released on Monday, March 27th, 2023, fans are ready for it and to see Shanks in action in the manga. While it will at least be a year before this scene is animated in the anime but fans will finally see Shanks in action for the first time in a while even though it’s only a single move.

Speaking of which, the attack that Shanks used to defeat Kid and his crew was called Kamusari and the fans are wondering what is this attack. Well, as mentioned earlier, it is an attack reference to Gol D Roger and fans are wondering about this attack. 

Thus, we are here to discuss the said topic in this article and give you all the details regarding the said attack in this post. We will also break the summary of One Piece 1079 in this article as we go along to see eventually the attack and thanks to the leakers, there is also a raw scan of the attack that Shanks used in the chapter which we would humbly like to present. 

So with that beings said, let’s dive into to the spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1079. Here we bring you the latest its and bits of One Piece manga and anime series.

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Kamusari Attack In One Piece 1079 - Explained

One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoilers

The spoilers for the chapter released so far reveal that the chapter will be focused on two parts with one continuing the events from Egghead Island at first and later the fight between Kid and Shanks will be portrayed. The first context for One Piece Chapter 1079 says that York will continue her plan of being a Celestial dragon however, at first a flashback will occur explaining how she planned everything that had to happen so far.

We will learn in this chapter that York realizes that she had been betrayed by the world government and they plan to destroy her as well alongside the other Vegapunk thus she intended to hide the Cipher Pol agents and Stella and has her own plan which is a back up if things went south. Also, one of the interesting things that happened in the said chapter was the sight of Blackbeard’s Ship near Egghead island.

What Is Kamusari Attack In One Piece Chapter 1079?

Then the chapter shifts perspective and we see the sight of Elbaf island with Kid approaching to fight the Red-haired pirates. We learn that the fleet under the Red-haired yonko consists of weak pirates and they have been surviving thanks to the pirate flag of the Yonko himself. 

We see that Kid uses an attack called Damned Punk which is able to defeat the captains of the Yonko’s fleet with a single attack however, we learn that it was a future sight that Shanks saw with his observation of Haki and thus decides to enter the battle himself so that he will reduce the casualties. 

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Not underestimating Kid, Shanks uses an attack called “Kamusari” translated to English the attack is called Divine Departure defeats Kid and Killer who seemingly tries to help the unconscious Kid but falls himself. It only took a single attack for Shanks to defeat a pirate with a 3 Billion bounty and fans are wondering what is this attack.

Well, Kamusari is an attack that was previously used by the first King Of Pirates, Gol D Roger in his banter with Kozuki Oden. It is a simple swing attack from the attack coated with the Supreme King Haki or Concequer’s Haki. There isn’t much about this attack revealed at this point rather than only two of them using it and is also considered one of the strongest attacks in One Piece history.

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