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Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 4 Recap: Morgan and Binh Connect!

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 4 Recap
Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 4 Recap

It’s the moment to do another Married At First Sight recap and tell you about the Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 4 release date. Just in the last episode, we saw how the couples are adapting to each other: And what an episode! From COVID recovery, pet peeves, picky eating, sex abstinence, honeymoon woes, and more! So, let’s get into it! Shall we?

One couple is still getting ready for their wedding after a bout of Covid, while the episode follows four couples as they meet with their spouse’s friends and family after their wedding. Beware of spoilers as we break down all of the significant moments below.

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 4 Recap

The newlywed couples get to know each other better on their first night together. Mitch worries that things will be awkward as he struggles to force feelings, but as Krysten removes her makeup and becomes less camera-ready, he becomes less concerned. Miguel is concerned when Lindy takes a little longer than usual to get ready for bed, and Nate raises some questions when he claims a bedside before even entering the newlywed suite with the tense Stacia.

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 4

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The following morning, the couples engage in conversation over breakfast. Krysten learns that Mitch is a picky eater, Miguel learns that Lindy can become a little stressed out over little things, and Justin and Alexis learn they both enjoy cuddling. In the meantime, Nate and Stacia have a more in-depth discussion during which he discloses the value of communication and will shut down in the face of difficulty.


Couples get together for lunch with their new partner’s family and friends to chat and share a meal. Stacia meets with Nate’s father and a friend, confessing that her workaholic behavior might become problematic in the future. When Nate is questioned about his position regarding the marriage by Stacia’s mother and friends, he replies that he is prepared to wait until the time is appropriate for both he and his new wife. When they inquire about his past, things take an emotional turn, and he sobs about his dysfunctional family, which didn’t include his mother.

Mitch & Krysten

After that, Mitch meets with Krysten’s mother and friends. He shares his desire to be the best version of himself for the marriage with them, and they advise him never to lie because Krysten has had issues in the past with lying partners. When Krysten meets with Mitch’s family, they caution her that while he can be honest and arrogant, she shouldn’t let that stop her from standing by him even when times are difficult.

Because Justin is sensitive, his family and friends advise Alexis to be kind to him. Justin is honest with Alexis’ family when he says he typically cries when angry and doesn’t necessarily lose his cool as some other people might. The final couple is Miguel and Lindy. After meeting her family, they advise him that although Lindy might take things personally, he shouldn’t let that stop him from giving her an embrace.

Married at First Sight Season 15

Mitch and Krysten have lunch


The honeymoon basket, informing the couples of their upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta, is delivered to them when they hear a knock at the door of their residence. The fun getaway starts with a group get-together where the couples enjoy a cocktail and discuss their marriages thus far. The group follows them on their trip to the airport and the resort. Mitch begins the conversation by recalling his gaffe at the altar when he mistakenly believed Krysten’s mother to be his bride.

Binh Is Covid Free!

Now that Binh is finally free of Covid, he and Morgan can start the celebrations for their wedding. Binh declares that if their wedding is postponed due to him, he will give his bride a second honeymoon of her choosing as he gets ready with his friends. As she reveals her intention to walk down the aisle alone because she and her father do not get along, a nervous Morgan gets ready with her mother and friends.

While she waits for the ceremony to start, Binh gives Morgan a gift with her engagement ring and a book by Pastor Cal. She also reads a note he had written to her, which she finds sweet about his promise to take her on another honeymoon. Outside, Binh speaks to his mother and expresses his hope that she will approve of his bride, emphasizing the importance of her judgment. When the ceremony finally starts, Binh and Morgan embrace and smile as they exchange vows and rings before sealing the deal with a kiss. After walking down the aisle together, Morgan and Binh talk about tattoos, exercise, money, and other topics to get to know one another better. Is this the start of a satisfying relationship? Time will only tell.

Where To Watch Married At First Sight?

If you want to watch Married at First Sight, you can do it by tuning in on Lifetime on Wednesdays nights at 20:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States. If you want to stream the show, you can do it from Netflix, Hulu, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu Fandango, the Lifetime App or website, the Roku Channel, Hoopla, and Pluto TV.

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 5 Release Date

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 5 will release on Lifetime on August 3, 2022, at 20:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States. This show airs weekly, and every episode lasts around 45 minutes. Thanks for your attention, happy streaming, and see you soon.

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