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The Fantastic Four: New Marvel Flick – Everything We Know So Far!

2020 was the only year where Marvel didn’t release a single movie, this was hard on every single marvel fanatic out there. But rejoice! Marvel seeks to make up for what they lost in 2020 by giving us some jaw-dropping entries from here on which includes the new Fantastic Four movie. The recent announcements made by the company have mostly everyone drooling, from a legendary Thor casting to spin-off Tv Shows to something that really makes us really curious which is the new Fantastic Four Movie.

 After many rumors and a lot of its and bits, the confirmation is here, The Fantastic four is coming to marvel and we expect only great things. Jon Watts will be taking the helm on this one, he was also the one who directed Spiderman Homecoming and Spiderman Far From home. 

 For anyone who doesn’t know who the Fantastic Four is, we’ll help you out. So marvel’s first family is a team of four people having the most different and fun superpowers.

The 4 Heroes

  1.  Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic- has the ability to twist or stretch his body to his liking)


      2. Susan Storm (Invisible Girl- She can control and manipulate light to her wish, helping her to make herself and others invisible. She can also create force fields for defense and offense. She is also Reed Richards’s wife.


          3.  Johnny Storm (The Human Torch- He can control fire any way he wants to. He can use the fire to make his body into a projectile of sorts, use to make himself fly, and use it for plain old destruction. he is the younger brother of Susan Storm.)

The Human Torch

4. Ben Grimm (The Thing)- He was the only person to completely lose his human form. He looks like a huge orange monster made up of rocks. Just from judging the way he looks it’s obvious that he has superhuman strengths and also durability.

The Thing

The Villains

The family has faced an abundance of villains all seeming to be worthy competitors. Some of the notable evil faces include Dr. Doom, Namor The Submariner, The Frightful Four, Mole Man, Skrull, Krall, and even Galactus.

The Fantastic Four always had a different take on the superhero genre when it was first released. 

They didn’t keep their identities private, everyone knew who they were and what they were capable of. 

Another thing that sets them different from other superheroes is the fact that they really don’t mix well with each other, most of the time they can’t agree on the same decisions and end up complicating or losing battles. This can be traced to most of them being really close to each other and being actual family, so you expect the rivalries to be present. A normal family would have its own set of rivalries, so a super-powered family can be expected to have a whole new different level of rivalry.

They always portrayed a mix of emotions all throughout, it was a different kind of fun work so badly with each other but always end up besting the enemy. They do start the whole thing by not agreeing with each other and bickering but towards the end, the family shows us that they can work well with each other than most other superhero groups.

Each character portrays a completely different behavior to the next one, The Human Torch can be seen as very immature and childish, whereas The thing is almost 24/7 angry at everything and doesn’t like it when things don’t go his way. So you can expect how things would work out when these 2 personalities clash, this is what keeps The Fantastic Four so much interesting, each interaction between the heroes is so fun to watch.

The Plot –

Reed Richards somehow pushes his not-so-good friend Victor Von Doom(Dr. Doom) to fund his new experiment on cosmic energy which would take place in outer space. So a team of 5 set off consisting of the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom, but during the experiment, they get hit by a weird cosmic storm that messes up everything. They make it back safely, but to their amazement, every single one of them has gained a superpower from the incident. But not everyone is pleased with what has happened, Vincent vows revenge against the entire family. 

With Twentieth Century Fox taking a run (twice) on the Fantastic Four years back, the end result was something that can only be termed as “disappointing”(both times). 

Fantastic Four has seen multiple TV shows, multiple movies, and even video games, but nothing to be honest hasn’t given us the proper comic book superhero vibe. The movie series was released once, didn’t work, rebooted and released again, still didn’t work. it really does feel like this is the hardest superhero movie to make, it kind of seems to be cursed, even after many attempts no one can seem to get it right. But with Marvel stepping in, we can finally see some improvement and these iconic characters could get the love they deserve.

This news has everyone excited mainly because of 2 reasons, one being we get an amazing fantastic four movie and the second thing when looking at Marvel’s movie history and how the character rights have changed hands, we can hope to see the fantastic family interacting with our other favorite heroes, there’s nothing a marvel fan loves more than seeing the favorite heroes interact with each other.

 With Marvel getting such an amazing and experienced Director it is for sure that they don’t want to mess this up, we need this superhero family to be on theatres in the best story possible. With the resources that Marvel has and with such an experience behind the camera team we can surely expect a good watch.

 Like we said the new Fantastic Four movie was just one from the long list of entries Marvel has in store, there is something for almost every superhero fan from the company. Some of the other series we can wait for are Loki, Wandavision, and Black Widow. Looks like from 2021 we see the new golden age of superhero movies.

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