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The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 Episode 1: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Fruit Of Evolution
Destra | Seiichi

Winter 2023 is going on a roll for Isekai genres, with new animes airing every day of the week. Animes like Handyman Saitou In Another World, Saving 80,000 Gold In Another World For My Retirement, Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill, etc., are some of the few isekai titles for this season.

Many famous fan-favorites like the Vinland Saga, Tokyo Revengers, and Don’t toy with me Nagatoro is returning with a bang this winter season 2023. The second season of these titles is somewhat long-awaited by the fans since the success of the previous seasons. 

Adding to this returning list of anime, we also have an Isekai/Harem titled ‘The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made.’ The First season of this anime was aired back in October 2021, and fans have waited for almost over a year for the second season.

Fruit of Evolution season 2 is scheduled to be released this winter, 2023. It is a typical Isekai anime with an overpowered main character with a number of female leads playing a major role in different story arcs of the anime. The plot of this anime can be relatable to other isekai titles, but it does bring some uniqueness when it comes to the storyline.

Season 1 Recap:

The story starts in a normal-looking high school. Our main character Seiichi Hiiragi in his world, is a loner, a fat kid who is always bullied by his classmates because he is weak. One day a voice from the intercoms claiming to be God tells the students that they will be summoned to another world as heroes.

God gives them abilities and tells them to form groups to go to the other world. Obviously, because of his low stats and weak ability, no one wants to form a group with our main character Seiichi. The other students were sent to the other world in groups, leaving him alone.

God realizes that Seiichi is alone, and he sends him to another world with additional ability. Seiichi woke up in a forest where he founds a strange fruit called evolution fruit. He eats the awful-tasting fruits and further encounters a group of high-level monkeys making potions and evolution fruits.

Seiichi steals the potions and fruits from the monkeys and runs away. Soon enough, a monkey catches up to him, and as he is about to kill Seiichi, the monkey dies of the bad smell from Seiichi’s mouth. Seichi wakes up and sees a couple of items in front of him. They were meat, bones, the monkey’s skills, and a book containing the clever monkey’s knowledge.

Seiichi then realizes it was due to his ability called ‘Complete dismantling previously mentioned by the so-called God. At that moment, a voice in Seiichis’s head tells him that the effects of the Ecoltion fruit are activating. Seiichi then notices that his stats have increased exponentially, and he has lost quite some weight.

Months later, Seiichi improved his stats considerably while undergoing nine evolutions from the fruits. It’s when a large pink gorilla challenges Seiichi and asks him to fight. It was later revealed that the gorilla was a female named Saria. Saria, during their fight, falls in love with Seiichi and takes him away, saying that she will marry him.


Seiichi | Saria

After a couple of failed attempts, Seiichi again tries to escape from Saria. While running away from her, Seiichi gets inside a cave where he encounters a skeleton. Seiichi sees that the skeleton level is 1500. The skeleton named Zenos attacks Seiichi, and when he is about to hit him with his sword Saria stands in front of Seiichi to protect him.

After this, Seiichi gets into a battle with the skeleton. After a while, he manages to kill the skeleton with his sword. The skeleton thanks him and says that now he can finally be reunited with his beloved in th afterlife. Seiichi then notices Saria’s body which is glowing. Thinking that she has died, Saria evolves into a beautiful girl.

With this, Seiichi gets his final evolution and evolves, which makes him more handsome. Then a small sheep named Edward appears in front of them. Edward congratulates Seiichi on completing the dungeon and teleports both Seiichi and Saria to some other place, and from there, the whole adventure of Seiichi begins.

Throughout the whole series, Seiichi finds new people, defeats many powerful monsters, and learns new skills like controlling his magic. Season 1 is 12 episodes long and ends with Seiichi going to Academy to teach magic, wondering what all adventures await him.

Trailer #1:

The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 Episode 1: What to Expect?

Season 1, Episode 12 of Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made, was aired on December 21, 2021. In the last episode, we witnessed Seiichi using his immense power to defeat all S-rank monsters by creating his own magic spell, ‘Judgement.’ After seeing this, the Transcendent invites Seiichi to become a teacher in his Academy. 

Seiichi accepts the offer. After some time, Seiichi and his party bid farewell to the city of Telbert and went on his journey. It was revealed later in the episode that the Demon Lord is going to target the Barbador Magic academy as the sons of many nobles and power figures attend it, and it’s the same Academy where Seiichi is heading to. 

Season 2 Episode 1 will answer the very first cliffhanger, who is Gargand of Certain Victory? He first appeared in the last episode when Seiichi and his party were going to Barbador Magic Academy. On asking who he is, Gargand claimed to be a Hero of Justice of this land.

We don’t have any official spoilers yet, but we do have a trailer, and it’s looking even better than season 1. The studio Hotline, who is responsible for the animation of this series, did some staff changes for season 2, and we can definitely see it.


Seiichi Hiiragi

In Official Trailer #1, we can see Seiichi and Saria fighting one of the generals of the demon lord. She was first shown in the last episode wearing a half mask, but this trailer finally introduces her. Her name is Destra, and in the trailer, she is in a fierce battle with Seiichi and Saria. 

With the trailer, we can presume that season 2 will take a dark turn as the trailer ends with Destra possibly stabbing Saria with one of her blades. This season may also introduce powerful characters because, in Season 1, no one could match Seiichi’s power level, but in the trailer, Destra keeps her ground quite easily against both Seiichi and Saria.

The second trailer gives us a glimpse of how the life of Seiichi and his party will be in Barbador Magic Academy. We get to see Altria, Origa, and Lulune in the Academy as teachers and assistants, along with some new faces, possibly the new side characters that are going to be introduced this season.

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The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 Episode 1: Release date and time!

The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 was announced in April 2022 and was confirmed later in November 2022 by the announcement on the official anime website. The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 Episode 1 is all set to be released on 14th January 2023.

It will be a weekly anime with new episodes every Saturday at 01:23 hrs Japanese standard time. Keep in mind the time and dates may differ depending on which part of the world you belong to. Below is the date and time release for different time zones.

  • 01:23 hrs Japanese Standard Time 14th January, Saturday, 2023.
  • 11:23 hrs Eastern Standard Time 13th January, Friday, 2023.
  • 08:23 hrs Pacific Standard Time 13th January, Friday, 2023.
  • 21:53 hrs Indian Standard Time 13th January, Friday, 2023.
  • 10:23 hrs Central Standard Time 13th January, Friday, 2023.
  • 02:23 hrs Australian Standard Time 14th January, Saturday, 2023.

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