School Spirits Filming Locations: Where is This Paramount + Thriller Filmed?

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School Spirits
School Spirits (Credits- Paramount)

School Spirits are loved by fans due to its gripping plotline and strong performances. School Spirits are the creation of Paramount +. Maddie and the other characters have managed to gain a loyal fan following. School Spirits have aired three episodes till now, and the next episodes will be released weekly in April 2023.

Maddie, a high school girl, is murdered brutally. Her spirit gets trapped in her school: The Spilt River High School. This is the place where Maddie lost her life. Her soul cannot escape the school area. Maddie gets the help of a few other ghosts who were also killed and now seek revenge. This group of spirits is led by a teacher. Maddie wants to uncover the real truth behind her murder and find justice.

School Spirits
Trapped souls hunt out for justice (Credits- Paramount)

School Spirits Filming Locations

Most fans desire to know whether Split River High is actually a real place or not. Let us get to know the filming locations of School Spirits. Well, the series has been filmed primarily in two locations since most of the scenes revolve around school life, so the crew just had to find the perfect spot to show the school building.

School Spirits were filmed in the British Columbia region of Canada. The city which is mainly featured in the series in Vancouver. The story is set in a high school in an urban area, and Vancouver was deemed perfect for the same. 

British Columbia

British Columbia has been a favored destination for the shooting of many movies due to its stunning landscape. The region lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky mountain range. The place has lots of beaches, forest cover, expansive coasts, etc. So all that makes it the right shooting destination for the movies. 

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School Spirits
School Spirits Poster (Credits-Paramount)

Vancouver, British Columbia

The majority of the scenes were filmed in the areas around Vancouver. Vancouver happens to be a bustling and populous city in British Columbia. The production team had to look for suitable locations through intensive research. The team had to set up camps at different places across Vancouver. 

Another advantage of shooting in Vancouver for producers is the low costs and smooth regulation of laws to enable filmmakers to film their movies and series. That has led to an increase in popularity for Vancouver as a filming location among filmmakers, especially American ones.

School Spirits
The cast of School Spirits (Credits-Paramount)

Vancouver’s location along the West Coast makes it a perfect filming location. The entire series has been shot here. The filming started in August 2022 and was finished by November 2022. This is how the team managed to film scenes in the area. They located a dilapidated building at Heather and 37th Avenue, renovated it, and then presented it as Spilt River High School. 

Is Spilt River High School Real Or Fictional?

Spilt River High School is the most crucial landmark of the series. Most of the series revolves around this place since Maddie is trapped inside the school and has to remain inside for a long. 

The Spilt River High School is a fictional place. There’s no high school of that name. The makers had to find an old building in Vancouver and convert it into school premises.

You can visit this building by reaching 37th Avenue, Vancouver. Earlier, it was just a shabby building, but now proper restoration has helped the building to become popular among locals. 

School Spirits Plot Overview 

The latest series by Paramount + follows the story of a 16-year-old girl. She’s a student at Spilt River High School. Maddie is an intelligent and aspiration girl, but she passes away in mysterious conditions. She is then stuck in the afterlife. 

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She cannot escape the afterlife till she digs deep into her murder mystery. But she isn’t the only one. There are many souls who are trapped like this. There are many others who died in the school in the past century. But Maddie has a special power.

Only Maddie is the one who has got the special power to talk with living beings. This magical ability is crucial for her to reach closer to unlocking her murder mystery. The series follows her story and how she manages to find the truth behind her untimely murder. 

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