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Preview and Recap: Digimon Adventure Episode 34

Digimon Adventure

Tachi and his crew are traveling in the digital world to prevent the revival of the bringer of destruction and darkness, Millenniumon. Hikari, who was kidnapped by a mysterious enemy, Skullknightmon, Hikari turned out to be the last Chosen One. Taichi just recently learned about it and overcame a fierce battle while Skulknightmon is planning something evil. He reveals that he can sense the will of Milleniumon, who has come from the distant Cloud Continent.

Milleniumon desires a resurrection as soon as possible. Koshiro warns Taichi about the satellite incident that could happen any time. Koshiro told the crew that they have to solve the problem quickly before the disaster strike. At the same time, Joe has not yet managed to get out of the hot springs. The hot spring Digimon cannot let go of Joe since he is fun and entertaining to them. Koshiro comments that he will continue with his investigation and if he finds something, he will contact Taichi and the others.

Digimon Adventure Episode 34 Release Date and Recap

Digimon Adventure Episode 34 will be released on Sunday, 31 January 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. The new episode of Anime releases its new episode every Sunday. The spoilers of the upcoming episode may be available in this post. You can also watch this Anime on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 33

Koshiro asks Taichi to continue to look for Hikari, and Taichi also said the other Holly Digimon. After the communication with Koshiro is cut off, Taichi, Soro, and Agumon heard the sound of lightning. They look at a distance and find that it is evil black lightning that is causing destruction. Taichi told Kukuwamon to speed up, and Sora saw the Digmon running away from something.

When they reach near the lighting, they saw Skullknightmon and realizes that Hikaru must be with him. Skullnightmon performed his ritual and told Hikari that the time has come. Taichi yells that he will save Hikari. His gods tell Skullknightmon that the last Chosen One is the one Millenniumon desires. Skullknightmon and Hikari will be summoned to darkness together and when they fall to it.

Super Evolution

They will become sacrifices for the great darkness’s birth, Milleniumon and Skullknightmon enters super evolution. He became Draknightmon, and Taichi’s crew notice that Hikari is resonating with Darknightmon. Tremendous power is about to be born, Taichi’s crew asks why Hikari and Darknightmon are teaming up. Agumon told Taichi that they must go and save Hikari together, and Taichi took his watch. Agumon enters an evolution and transforms into Greymon Sora, and Birdramon decided to join the battle.

They exchange blows with the Darkightmon crew, and Darknightmon unleashes a super move called Undead Soldier. The Undead emerges from the ground and circles around Taichi and Agumon. Agumon fire a giga-flames attack burning them into ashes. Patamon enters evolution to help Agumon and Taichi she involve in Pegasmon. Pegasmon charged at full speed sweeping all the Undead in her way. Taichi failed to grab Hikaru’s hand before she was consumed by darkness.

Darknightmon swallow Hikaru with his dark powers. The gods comment that it is the pulse of Milleniumon’s rebirth; the ceremony is now approaching its final stage. Pagasmon notices that after Hikari was swallowed, Darknightmon is growing bigger. Taichi realizes that there is no time to waste, and they have to save Hikari before the final stage is finished. He orders Greymon to enter super evolution and become Metalgrewmon.

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

Mega Evolution

Taichi and Metalgreymon exchange blows with Darknightmon. Taichi tries to call Hikari, who is awake inside Darknightmon’s body. Pagsmon attacks with a silver blade, and Birdramon attacks with Shadow wing that destroy Darknightmon’s army. Taichi and Metalgreymon got slammed with the ground by a single slap from Darknightmon. While Hikari is trying to find her way out to the light within the darkness and she realizes that Taichi has been calling her.

Tachi realizes that Hikari is fighting inside the dark powers, and he refuses to give up. Metalgreymon enters a mega evolution and evolves into Waregreymon. They both realize that they are now in a do-or-die situation. They both charge towards Darkgnightmon without fear. Waregreymon attacks with a Brave Tornado and passes through Darknightmon’s chest while destroying the evil darkness that is consuming Hikari.

Taichi met with Hikari inside Darnightmon, and he started to explode. Darknightmon got destroyed along with the black crystal before the final stage is finished. Taichi got reunited with Hikaru. He told her no to wander off by herself again. Hikari apologizes, and they both head back to the crew. The gods are disappointed that plan A has failed, and they are now trying to make plan B work. They have managed to get the Holy Digimon Tailmon as a new member of their crew.

Digimon Adventure Episode 34 Preview

Read other latest updates here: Digimon Adventure. Let meet next time after the new episode is released.

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