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Hulu New Releases August 2022: Everything We Know

Hulu New Releases August 2022 schedule is already lined up, and we are excited to discuss it with you guys. This content will include a new range of Hulu classic and original work along with some of the licensed content. We will catch brand new shows and films as well as sequels and follow-up installments of various shows. Hulu has always provided us with great content over the years of its release. It has not been in the market for as long as competitors such as Netflix and Amazon, but it is delivering content as great as theirs.

Every month we see movies coming in and going out. The service tries to give us content upfront every month in the form of new films or even old ones. We can expect a new range of Hulu Originals and various lineups of big-name hits. Prey is one of the biggest names among all the films which are about to release on the platform. As for the series which we will see this month, Mike season 1 will have its premiere.

Hulu New Releases August 2022:

Hulu costs 13.99 dollars a month for its basic plan. It is an ad-supported version, though. You can upgrade the plan to its premium version at 19.99 dollars. It will give you an ad-free streaming experience. If you are someone who prefers shows over movies, August is your month. Hulu will have its library full, and there will be some of the most extraordinary series available for watching.

Prey – The 5th of August 2022

Prey is a Hulu Original film. It has the elements of science and fiction. The movie will start at a time in the Comanche Nation almost 300 years prior to now. The focus will be laid on our main character named, Naru. She is a skilled warrior and lives her life on her terms. Naru is a wonderful young woman, talented and beautiful. She was born and raised by some of the most popular and legendary hunters in the Great Plains.

This is her story and how Naru decides to protect the legacy and lives of her people. When the lives of her people are threatened, Naru takes it into her own hands to kill the creature who is causing that. Although, the opponent is not exactly what one would imagine them to be. It is a highly dangerous extraterrestrial being. The film sees how Naru sets her narrative and settles the score between the predator and the Prey.

Hulu New Releases August 2022

A still from Prey

This Fool – The 12th of August 2022

This is a Hulu Original series that will serve as comedic elements in full. The story of This Fool is inspired by the life of Chris Estrada. The star has seen a lot of challenges in his life but learned how to get through them. This series will give us just those hardships but in a creative, humorous manner. The story is set in South Central Los Angeles among the working class people. It throws light on Julio Lopez.

This guy is 30 years of age and still has not moved out of his house yet. His life feels pretty stuck with him dating his girlfriend from high school constantly, even though they do not seem to be compatible together. Julio has a job at Hugs Not Thugs. The man does not sit well with his cousin named Luis. Luis has a dark past as well. He used to be a member of a dangerous gang. Although, he has now moved in with Julio’s family after being released from jail. This Fool will focus on the importance of relations and family and how socializing is very important.

Mike – The 25th of August 2022

Mike, as the title suggests, it is a miniseries about the boxing champion Mike Tyson. Obviously, the player’s fans are thrilled to have this news, with Hulu dropping this original gem later this month. Mike has led a full yet controversial life. With this show, we will glode through each episode and understand the story from his point of view. Hulu will drop all of the eight episodes of the drama all at once. Mike Tyson is very influential among the youth right now. Every person who loves boxing as a sport idolizes the player. Thus, in order to have a look at his life and understand the narrative which he always wanted to tell, I suggest you watch this drama on Hulu.

Black Swan – The 1st of August 2022

Black Swan will be licensed on Hulu on the first of this month. It is a psychological thriller film that was released back in 2010. It focuses on a bunch of ballerinas who dance at the New York City Ballet Company. The production of Swan Lake in this theatre requires a White Swan to play the role of an innocent and weak woman. Nina Sayers is a dancer in the group, and she is selected for the same. Her rival dancer is Lily, who is appointed for the role of Black Swan. Soon the film focuses on how Nina slips into a void of madness as the pressure and competition on her shoulders get way out of hand.

Hulu New Releases August 2022

A still from Black Swan

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Spiderman Trilogy – The 1st of August 2022

The Spiderman trilogy is now licensed by Hulu, and all the three films from 2002, 2004, and 2007 will now appear on the platform. In these films, we see that the life of an ordinary kid in school changes when he is bitten by a genetically altered spider. The guy, previously known as Peter Parker, has now turned into a superhero called Spider-Man. He thus uses all of his powers in order to help the people around him. Although, his biggest rival appears soon in the movie who wants to take control of the film. The opponent lead’s name is Green Goblin, and he will raise a challenge against Spider-Man.

The Hate You Give – The 15th of August 2022

The Hate You give is a film about a teenager who will stand up for herself and her friend who was recently shot by the police. This movie is similar to the real case which happened earlier in 2020 in New York City. It was a time when a white policeman killed George Floyd, a black man, just for a crime that could have been resolved with a simple punishment. The Hate You Give has Starr Carter in the lead role. She is an African American teenager who is facing racism and social pressure on a daily basis. Although, after being tired of it, she decides to bounce back and take matters into her own hands.

What Just Happened – The 15th of August 2022

This is again a licensed release on Hulu. What Just Happened was released back in 2008 and focuses on a man named Ben. He works as a producer in Hollywood. What Just Happened follows Ben on his journey as he tries to get away from his ex-wife. Ben is also struggling to make a great film project. At the same time, other situations demand his attention, such as having a good relationship with his father. With actor Robert De Niro in the lead role as Ben, What Just Happened is a perfect family film to watch on a lousy Sunday, soon available on Hulu.

Hulu New Releases August 2022

A still from What Just Happened

Keep This Between Us – The 29th of August 2022

This is a Freeform Network series that will air on Hulu weekly shortly after its official release on the channel. Keep This Between Us sees Cheryl as an adult, although most of the time, she is reminiscing her childhood trauma. We see that Cheryl actually had relations with her high school teacher when she was a teenager. As the series progresses, we will witness the main character navigating through the past events, healing, and coming across the consequences of her actions. Amy Berg has directed this drama along with Jenna Rosher and Kristi Jacobson.

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