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The Oval Season 4 Episode 1: How Will Victoria Escape the Situation?

The Oval Season 4 Episode 1
The Oval

The Oval Season 4 episode 1 is up on the roster, and everybody is excited about its release. It is a political drama that gives us an insight into the personal and professional lives of the characters. Tyler Perry directed the story. It follows the life of a family who is living in the White House. They are placed right in the political viewpoint by the people who are in power. There is also focus on the staff members of the place who manage the working of the place smoothly. Till now, we have had three seasons of The Oval on BET. Fans’ eyes are all set for the release of The Oval season 4, and they shall have. We have wrapped up all the details about the future of the upcoming series.

As for the cast, the main characters are bound to return once again. Ed Quinn will reprise his role as Hunter Franklin. Hunter is the fictional President of the United States. Kron Moore enacts the character of Victoria Franklin. She’s the wife of Hunter and the First Lady of the United States. Daniel Croix Henderson does the part of Jason Franklin. He is the son of Hunter and Victoria. Perry has made the series in his studios in Atlanta ed the Tyler Perry Studios.

Previously in the third season-ending of The Oval, we saw that Victoria has decided to go meet with Donald. There surely will be a consequence for the entire family, who are heavily under public scrutiny. Once Jason returns to their home, it would be difficult to manage everything, and hence, preparation is needed from the start itself. Then we saw her going to meet Jason in the hospital. The two seemed to have a great time in there, with Victoria even laughing about various topics. The same can not be said for the Vice President.

The Oval Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date

A still from The Oval Season 3

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The Oval Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date

The Oval season 4 episode 1 release date is not scheduled yet. Although, a confirmation is surely approved by the authorities at BET for the renewal. This means that we are surely getting another season but just do not know when. This time, we got The Oval season 3 in October of 2021. It came to an end with a total of 22 episodes in March of 2022.

Previously, The Oval season 2 started in February of 2021 and ended in September 2021. This might lead to a certain pattern of release. If it is right, then we can surely expect The Oval season 4 release date to be somewhere around the fall of 2022. Other speculations are in the order as well. Obviously, we can not say for certain when will the actual date will be. It can even be shifted to the first half of 2023 based on the production process.

It is insightful to know that Tyler Perry’s second project at BET has also been renewed for a fifth season. This will engage his time more than ever now. He might be working on both shows simultaneously. This fact may delay the release date a bit because of all the chaos of production and filming. Talking about the same, there has been no news about any of the two. The media has no idea whether they have wrapped the shooting process or are still in the middle of it.


As of then, he was seen gaining new allies just so he can stay alive. It is a tough situation, and he must take care of it with his mental abilities and skills. The last episode of The Oval season 3 aired in March. In this entry, we see that Nancy is not having a great day either. She is on edge and does not know what could happen next.

More tragedy falls upon her shoulders when Barry leaves home and cuts off all means of communication with her. The last season ended on a cliff-hanger. We saw that Kyle has now brought in a gun inside the White House bunker. Although, without realizing it, he has just created a situation place where people’s life is in danger. In order to know what’s next, we’ll have to wait for the next installment.

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