Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel ‘Justice’ World Tour?

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All the fans of Justin Bieber were eagerly waiting for the ‘Justice’ world tour. But, it seems like it won’t be continued further. Wait, what? With the title itself, you must have become very upset and disappointed too. Well, things are reportedly going wrong in Justin Bieber’s life. Why? What happened to him? This sudden cancelation must have some valid reasons behind it. Before getting into that, let’s briefly discuss the prominence of this former teen icon. 

Who doesn’t know Justin Bieber? He needs no introduction. The singer started making fame with his debut single, One Time. How much do you like it? When his song, Baby released, all the teens and even the kids used to sing that song. Also, Justin Bieber has been making a fanbase since then, because of his punk and a bit funky hairstyles. So good! 

Keeping the random facts aside, Justin Bieber is 29 years old and is known globally. Some of his notable music releases include- U Smile, Never Say Never, As Long as You Love Me, Home to Mama, Company, Peaches, Attention, etc. It was in 2021 when Justin released his studio album, Justice. Since then, it has been doing wonders. 

Talking about Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’ world tour, the international event was initially postponed. Well, it is reported that the remaining dates of the tour have been canceled by the Yummy singer. In addition to that, Justin’s official website doesn’t currently showcase any dates. What went wrong? Is he unwell? If you are looking for the reason behind Justin Bieber canceling his ‘Justice’ World Tour, here is what we know. 

Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel 'Justice' World Tour
Justin Bieber on-stage shaking hands with his fans

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Justin Bieber Cancels His ‘Justice’ World Tour: Everything To Know

Concerning the ‘Justice’ World Tour, Justin Bieber is reportedly about to perform in Bangkok, Thailand. But, it’s not happening. On the official site of a ticket company, the dates for this are shown as canceled. Why? Well, Neither Justin Bieber nor any of his representatives have commented anything on the cancelation. In other words, no piece of information or reason has been provided yet. 

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Concerning the ‘Justice’ World Tour, Justin Bieber was supposed to perform in London, in February. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Pepeoplegot very disappointed as some of them traveled to London from far away places, just to attend Justin Bieber’s concert. The ones who purchased tickets of the same, received an email from the company, stating the news of the cancelation.

It looked like, “We regret to inform you that the Justin Bieber shows planned to take place at The O2 arena have been canceled.” the company, AXS, in it’s saying also shared that the refunds will be processed on time. 

Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel 'Justice' World Tour
Justin Bieber

In June 2022, Justin Bieber announced his willingness to take a break from his concerts. What was the reason? Well, he was diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome. In case you don’t know, the disease affects the facial nerve near either of the ears. Because of this, his half-portion of face eventually got paralyzed. The singer took some time and later resumed his Justice World Tour at the end of the following month, July. 

Meanwhile, Justin felt sick during his performance in Europe. At that time, he made a post on Twitter, stating that he needed to take proper care of his health and make it a priority, over everything else. Knowing about his health, fans showered Justin Bieber with immense love and support. He said, “I’m going to be ok, but I need time to rest and get better.” 

Today, when Justin Bieber canceled his Justice World Tour again, some of his fans are worrying if he has fallen ill again. We hope, this assumption turns out to be false. This time, we want to be proved wrong. Hoping Justin is fine and the reason is possibly something else. Best Wishes! Make sure you follow Justin Bieber, on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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