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The New Employee Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

The New Employee Episode 6 preview
The New Employee Episode 6 Release Date

Here is the release date for Season 6 of The New Employee. The Korean industry is working exceedingly hard to keep up with Thai boys’ love shows and introduce them one at a time. The latest item on the watchlist is the new employee.

We will give our new viewers an outline of the storyline and characters before revealing the release date for the sixth episode of the new employee series and describing how to view the sixth episode online. The Gay love story “The New Employee” centers on the relationship between the Head of an advertising agency and an assistant.

This Gay love story is said to be based on a well-liked webtoon adaptation from late 2016, “The New Employee” and “The New Recruit,” developed by Moscareto & Zecc. Seung Hyun is unable to control his emotions as he thinks back on their first encounter and attempts to learn from his mistakes.

He makes numerous attempts to avoid Jong Chan but to no avail. Can they all escape the fate that seems to have drawn each of them, bringing them together in such a way by an unknown force? This is only one of many theatrical translations published this year.

The New Employee Episode 6: Release Date

The New Employee season one’s cast.

Watch our website for updates on analogous adaptations. Can any of these men evade the fate which seems to be beckoning to them and pulling them together in this manner by an unidentified force?

In the coming year, there will be plenty more dramatic adaptations; this is just one of them. To find out about such modifications, keep an eye on our website.

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What is the plot from the webcomic that inspired the TV show?

A digital comic created by Moscareto & Zecc, titled The New Employee (also known as “The New Recruit”), was created. A man in his early 20s named Seung Hyun, a virginal, shows up. Will these cute men be able to complete the mission without coming into contact with one another?

The New Employee Episode 6: Release Date

The Webtoon inspiration.

One of the comics offered by Ridi Books which is accessible in English and Korean, is called Manta. Visitors must be 18 or older to appreciate these comics.

The New Employee: The Premise

Seung Hyun (or Mun Ji Yong), a man in his late 20s, is not used to living an “adult” lifestyle. With almost the same amount of knowledge in his personal and intrapersonal relationships, Seung Hyun is indeed a late starter. Or, to put it another way, he is inexperienced in both.

But when he finally receives the position of his desires, everything changes. Seung Hyun’s initial excitement about being an assistant at such a prominent advertising business is quickly faded as he encounters an exceptionally attractive but cold man on his first day after his job.

Seung Hyun’s first week was extraordinary, but it is even more amazing when he discovers the person he met—none apart from Kim Jong Chan, his employer. He has described his interactions with Kwon Hyuk in more detail.

The South Korean romance drama “The New Employee,” which K. Jo Kwang directed in late 2022, was inspired by the Moscareto comic of the same name.

Who Will Appear in The New Employee Season 6 Episode 6?

Kwon Hyuk recognized Kim Jong Chan’s role. Then we have  Jong Chan, CEO of a very well-ad agency, and a severe workaholic Woo SeungHyun, portrayed by Moon JiYong in the film. We shall learn that SeungHyun seems to be a fresh intern at this renowned advertising agency.

The New Employee Episode 6 preview


Choi SiHun will portray Na YooSeong. Then we have Na Yoo Seong who appears onscreen as Seung Hyun’s maiden love. Kim Tae Young will portray Lee Beom. She plays a supplementary role. As mentioned above, the initiative’s coordinator is Kim Kwang Soo.

The New Employee Episode 6 Release Date

The New Employee’s sixth episode will air on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. Around 1:00 pm EST, Watcha will air The New Employee Episode 6. For viewers in other nations, The New Employee Episode 6 will be streamable concurrently at 5 am AEDT (January 26), 11.30 pm IST, and 6 pm GMT.

The New Employee Episode 6: Where To Watch

The New Employee Episode 6 is available on Viki at times mentioned above for viewers outside of Korea, while Watcha is available for South Korean audiences. For $6, Viki can run the most basic bundle of a viewer. The visitors from those other countries must compare their local timings with the ones shown above.

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