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Little Women Episode 3 Release Date: In Joo Finds Herself Amid Troubles

South Korean drama Little Women has struck all the right chords with the audience. By the looks of the trailer, it gave that feeling, of being thrilling. The series is fast-paced and gives space to all characters, to share their stories. By the looks of how the series is proceeding, Little Women Episode 3 will lead to many more interesting twists and turns. 

 In Joo, the oldest of the three sisters is treated as an outcast in her office, majorly because she is unfit to the social strata that her colleagues belong to.

Her only friend was Hwa Young, another outcast, although she was a woman with too many secrets under wraps. In Kyung is the middle child, who is trying to do her best in the job, however, is way too emotional given the kind of work she is a part of. In Hye is the youngest of them, who tries to keep a straight face in all situations, but sometimes breaks down as well.  

Little Women Episode 2 Recap

In Joo and In Kyung engages in a dining table conversation about how the latter might be an alcoholic. Their father also had that habit, which had a tremendous effect on their lives. In fact, In Kyung was suspended from work due to her drinking on the job. 

Little Women Ep 3

In Kyung At The Crime Scene  Cr- Netflix

Later, we see In Joo cleaning the kimchi container and filling it with cash. At the convenience store she buys, an enormous amount of ice- creams which once she only took due to the free offer.

Walking through the streets In Joo is struck by the thought that she would have never died by suicide if there was so much money for her, and that’s it. That’s when she thought why would someone with such an exorbitant amount decide to take their own life? 

Is There Something More To Hwa Young’s Death?

That sure is a yes. Hwa Young was leading a double life which was evident from her Skygram account. When upon the company’s calling In Joo went to her home to look for any hints regarding the cash, she found another profile of Hwa Young where all the pictures indicated her wealthy lifestyle.

Remembering her conversations with the fellow outcast, In Joo was told how people like them should not flaunt even if they have money. The incoming of Directed Shin indicated how he was only interested in the stolen 70 billion won and not in the other expensive kinds of stuff that were around the room. 

The Blue Orchid Is Symbolic In The Crime Scenes

This ‘coincidence’ didn’t only take place with Hwa Young, but with another woman whose crime scene also involved the presence of the blue orchid. In Joo shares this information with Do-il and though they do agree that some serious mishaps took place between them and Director Shin, he focused his interest more on retrieving the cash and not anything else. 

Little Women Ep 3

In Joo And Do Il Try To Figure Out The Situation

Later that day, In Joo informs In Kyung that she left her job, however, becomes petrified when a parcel with red shoes in it arrives. It was similar to the ones that the dead women had. In Joo hurries to meet Director Shin and asks him about his relationship with Hwa Young. Though he clears the air regarding this, he meets with a car accident leaving In Joo baffled. 

Preview Of Episode 3

Hyo Rin gets the grand prize for the portrait In Hye made. Meanwhile, something odd happens as In Hye refers to a lying body in a painting as her dead sister. On the other hand, In Joo sneaks out with a bag, thinking of taking all the money and then going to prison. 

Where To Watch Little Women Episode 3? Online Streaming Details 

Little Women Episode 3 will be broadcasted on its original network, tvN. For the international audience, the drama will be available on Netflix in an array of different languages. 

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When Will Little Women Episode 3 Release?

Little Women Episode 3 will release on 9th September 2022. The way the difference in social positioning has been portrayed is appreciated. How, for some, 1.2 million won didn’t even matter that much, to some whose dreams may shatter because of it.

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