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Preview and Recap: Big Sky Episode 9

Big Sky Episode 9

The suspenseful Big Sky Episode 9 is soon going to be released. Based on a novel penned down by David E. Kelley, this crime drama is one of the most popular American TV shows today. With excellent storytelling and a good narrative, the show has been getting worldwide appreciation from the fans. What makes this show stand out from the rest of the crime thrillers is the climax in every episode that the makers bring about. Each episode is left on a cliffhanger, thus, making the audience want for more. In this article, you will find out everything about this new TV series, the release date of the upcoming episode, and other useful information. Follow the article till the end to learn everything!

Big Sky- ABC's yet another crime-thriller

Big Sky- ABC’s yet another crime-thriller

Having released its first episode back in November 2020, Big Sky has amassed a lot of viewers and good ratings. The audience felt the show didn’t get off at any point and kept them hooked from the beginning till the very end. It’s not the first time that ABC has dropped an amazing crime show. The Rookie, Deception, and Stumptown are other shows that earned massive success. And, are still cherished by many enthusiasts of crime dramas. To know what all things the makers have in store for you and when the next episode will be released, jump to the next section!

Big Sky Episode 9 Release Date

After a blast in the previous episode, Big Sky Episode 9 will be released on February 16, 2021, on the same broadcasting network, ABC. It will be aired at 10:00 PM( Eastern Time) and will observe a runtime of 60 minutes. The episode is titled “Let It Be Him” and is expected to be as intense as other Big Sky episodes.

Big Sky Episode 9 to be released soon

Big Sky Episode 9 to be released soon

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many TV shows and movies had to suffer. As a result, there have been many changes to the event calendar. Thus, the show did get off-air for a short period. But, as things are going to normal again, so is the team of Big Sky. They are all set to drop yet another amazing episode to amuse the audience.

So, if you have a cable subscription to the broadcasting channel, ABC, you can get a kick out of the upcoming episode this Tuesday. However, if you don’t have access to it, you can resort to OTT platforms. The show will also be available to stream on the official site of ABC but a day later. We are hoping they give us the same thrills as before and continue the drill. So, don’t miss out on anything that the show has to offer to entertain you.

Big Sky Episode 8 Recap

Since the premiere of the show, we have seen Ronald, Cassie, and Jenny running in a fanatic cat and mouse race. And, Episode 8 was no exception. In the previous episode, we saw Merilee recognizing Ronald’s sketch. And, the truth is revealed to her, she immediately contacts the detectives to inform them about Ronald. She contends that the man they have been looking for is in her home. And that, she had no idea about it.

Brian Geraghty as the creepy Ronald in Big Sky

Brian Geraghty as the creepy Ronald in Big Sky

The detectives come hurriedly to encounter Roland. But, by the time they enter her bedroom, Ronald had already escaped. He jumps from the window to not fall in their hands and thus, departs from Merilee’s house. After a series of events, Sheriff Walter comes to her place to look into the matter. Merilee again informs them she has no idea about the identity of the man. Ronald reaches his home to find his mother dead. After a while, he turns on the TV to find out the news channels have been flooded with the “manhunt” announcement.

As Erik runs into Ronald, he is held captive by him. Ronald interrogates him to find out that Erik had already informed Ronald’s mother about the truth of the sketch. In the later part of the episode, Merilee is seen trying her bit to know the identity of Ronald by questioning Rick. But, fails to know a thing about him. To know what happens next, do watch the next episode this Tuesday!

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