Gachiakuta Chapter 50: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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Gachiakuta Chapter 52
Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

Are you guys excited about the release of Gachiakuta Chapter 50, well, we are here for you! The previous chapter had me in a bit of a chokehold, it was so much in this chapter that I had to think about for quite some time, and it completely eradicated some of our theories, even though we could still adjust as to Boss Zodil, having Rrcto kill, he didn’t necessarily have to do it himself, and this chapter low key proves that a bit more than anything. 

The previous chapter also gives credence to what his Jinky could potentially be and just how much influence he also has on the way the Vandals are run. If you also want to know when the next chapter of the series is going to be out, you are in the right place to get all of your answers in one single place, but before revealing the release date, spoilers, and reading guide of the upcoming chapter, let us take a look at what previously happened in the series. 

The recent chapter starts off with the continuation of the conversation that they were having before, which is about bringing down the Heavens, Zodil’s whole view on this situation, he wants to bring down the heavens, but we still don’t know why, and I think that is important to know.

Zodil has such a disdain for the Heavens, and why is that so important? Now, this could be his way of persuading Rudou to join their side because something that we can think about as we read the chapter. 

Gachiakuta Chapter 49 Recap

Zodil’s ability seems to lean more toward the power of persuasion as opposed to prediction. Although this could be two totally separate things, it could be two Jinkies, or it could be wielding two things, but we will get to that a little later.

Gachiakuta Chapter 50
Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

Sometime later, we see a giant part of the art falling from the sky, this is obviously the Heavens crashing, and again this defiantly gives credence to the heavens consistently moving around at all times. It is not just held up by beams or that thing that we saw when Rudou failed, but it is not being held up. 

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As we continue to read, I just want you guys to think about his words; he says, “It is not what you bring down, but what happens to your target”. He is an agent of chaos; he doesn’t care whether or not like people that he cares about die is just it doesn’t matter, it is what happens to them, and it is not, and it is not what happens to those important to you, but to the target of your rage, and that is important because he is using words to try to reel Rudou in it. 

The thing that Zodil was trying almost works with what Rudou has seen, he sees the guards, the angels, and people in the background, people looking down on him, but this place is in his one-track mind. Rudou doesn’t care what the dude is saying, there is another important going on right now, and he gets to say that do not dodge his question. He is the one who is as asking now, and it is like the owner of the boots he has and the cleaner, where did they go, and what did he do to them.

Gachiakuta Chapter 50
Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

While teasing him, Zodil says that he answered in his own way, Rudou is next. If Rudou answer, then it is his turn now, and this is what they call the “conversation”. This dude is quite the politician, he has a way with words, and this leads to the persuasion tactic, this lead to the potential of him having a Jinky that amplifies what he says. I believe that is the “code” too, because he is exhibiting the powers of a leader, and that jacket may just be that.

Zodil goes on to say, “he doesn’t like to waste, and he won’t waste words as well”, so when you think about it in this aspect again, he doesn’t like to waste “words”, the art of persuasion bro, and it is insane. 

This was where Rudou started to feel something. He is like, what is with the guy? Why is that so hard for him? He goes on to think about trying to talk to Amo because, remember, Amo didn’t care, Amo wasn’t listing to anybody, and if you didn’t answer her question, she would continue to talk.  

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After that, we get a beautiful artwork where Zodil says that he is tied into the conversation and he can not escape this conversation, and this could go one of two ways. Now his being tied into the conversation could be because it has to deal with something very near and dear to him because that is what happens in the Heaves.

Gachiakuta Chapter 50
CC: Gachiakuta (Credits: Pocket)

This could also tie into funny enough, Zodil’s true ability or one of his abilities, and here comes the politician, the persuader in Zodil, and he is like, “Are you that worried about the Cleaners and Amo”, and then asks him what the reason he is with the Cleaners is. He already knows; he saw these things, so this is more so trying to get into Rudou’s head. 

In his response, Rudou says that he is trying to get back to the Heaves. He is with the Cleaners to find out how to get back, and Zodil asks him that does he really think that the Cleaners can really get you him back, and obviously that strikes the court with Rudou because the conversation we had with Corvus was, we are gonna figure out some information to try to help you out. 

We know that there is somebody out there on the outskirts that know some things and that has seen people able to cross without getting hurt, so now what he is trying to do is, he is trying to instill doubt so that he can hook line, and sinker and bring him in. 

This proves that Zodil knows how to talk, Zodil goes on to say, “Going to the Heavens is not part of Cleaner’s duty; they are with Rudou simply because of a coincidence”, but the main question that arises here is how does he know this, how Zodil is aware of the fact what Cleaners do, how do he know their credence, was he the former member of the cleaners? Probably not, but he knows a little too much. 

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Gachiakuta Chapter 50
Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

Zodil goes on by asking Rudou if he is trying to play buddy-buddy with the Cleaner. It is interesting how he layers this, he starts off picking his brain a little bit, and by picking his brain, he starts to inch at it and stabs at it, so now, the more he starts to peel back the layers without, the more he realizes that he could get in there and really yank him from them. 

Gachiakuta Chapter 50 Spoilers

As of now, there are not any spoilers revealed for the upcoming Gachiakuta Chapter 50, but it seems like the next chapter is probably going to show us some action elements between Zodil and Rudou and in addition to that, we can also see what happened to Amo. 

Gachiakuta Chapter 50
Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

Although the probability of Rudou joining the Vandals is less, we can assume that there is going to be some sort of collaboration between the Cleaners and Vandals in the future chapters, and if that happens, this is going to be a lot exciting to see. 

Gachiakuta Chapter 50 Release Date

The upcoming Gachiakuta Chapter 50 is scheduled to be released on March 28, 2023

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 9:12 PM on March 28, 2023
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 6:12 PM on March 28, 2023
  • CST (Central Standard Time): 8:12 PM on March 28, 2023
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 10:12 AM on March 29, 2023
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 1:12 AM on March 29, 2023
  • IST (India Standard Time): 2:42 PM on March 29, 2023
  • PKST (Pakistan Standard Time): 2:12 PM on March 29, 2023
  • CET (Central European Time): 3:12 AM on March 29, 2023
  • ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time): 11:42 AM on March 29, 2023

Where To Read Gachiakuta Chapter 50?

You can read the upcoming Gachiakuta Chapter 50, simply by visiting the official site of the primary distributor, Pocket, on the time and dates we have mentioned in the previous section. As of now, unfortunately, there are nay official sources where you can read this amazing manga from Kei Urana with the official English translation, but considering the unique storyline, and recent popularity, we can hope to see one soon.

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