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Tyga Controversy: Why Did The Rapper Face Backlash?

Tyga Controversy
All about the Tyga Controversy

What do we know about the Tyga Controversy? Popular American rapper Tyga has been making a mark for himself in the music industry for a while now. Tyga has worked with fellow A-listers, including Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

Tyga’s 2018 single, Taste, featured Offset was a massive hit and went on to peak at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, which became his first top 40 since his big release with Chris Brown. Tyga recently got embroiled in a controversy after one of his music videos seemingly did not sit well with fans and faced some severe allegations of being racially insensitive. Let us find out all about the Tyga Controversy and what happened. 

Tyga Controversy: Here’s What We Know

Tyga faced huge backlash and criticism after his music video of  “Ay Caramba” was alleged to contain offensive Mexican-American stereotypes. Fans took to social media after Tyga seemed to have offended people after dressing himself in a fat suit playing a character named “Gordo” while the artist can be seen eating tortilla chips, as he is driving a lowrider and using what can be seen as a fake accent.

Tyga Controversy

All about the Tyga Controversy

The popular rapper later addresses the criticism explaining how he worked with a Mexican sound engineer to record the song while adding that he has always done Latin records. Tyga further stated how he started seeing a lot of people offended by it, and he was kind of confused, so that is why he did not respond and took time to do his research a little bit and tried to ask a lot of his friends that he grew up with that are Mexican for their opinion on the video.

Tyga also took this opportunity as he apologize to the Mexican community, along with his fans that are Mexican. Tyga further added that he has a lot of Latin fans that are Puerto Rican and Dominican, who were probably not offended by this video but revealed that his Mexican fans in L.A. were offended.

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Is Tyga Dating Avril Lavigne?

Tyga recently sparked dating rumors with Avril Lavigne. The two were recently photographed by the paparazzi when they were sharing a kiss outside the Mugler X Hunter Schafer party at Paris Fashion Week.

A source has further stated that Tyga and Avril are getting to know each other while calling it very casual. The couple was earlier spotted while arriving together at actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s party at Kùkù restaurant in Paris. The dating rumor came to a while later after spruce claimed that Lavigne and her fiancé Mod Sun called off their engagement less than a year, and they were reportedly on and off for the last two months.

Tyga and Lavigne sparked dating rumors for the first time after the alleged couple was spotted by the paparazzi as the two were seen having dinner at Nobu. The source stated that time that they were nothing but just good friends. The alleged couple has not yet addressed these rumors as of yet. 

Blac Chyna Makes Shocking Revelation About Tyga!

Chyna and Tyga were reportedly dating around 2011 and later welcomed a baby boy named King Cairo. However m, the relationship was short-lived, as the two parted ways in 2014. This split cake around the toke when the artist was linked with Kyle Jenner after he made a few appearances on Jenner’s social media posts. The rapper received backlash, given their age difference during that time. 

Tyga Controversy

Tyga and Blac Chyna

Chyna later made a shocking revelation that Tyga kicked her out of his house after ending the relationship to date, Kylie. When show host Jason Lee asked Chyna how she felt about it, she explained how she saw this as a perfect opportunity to focus on her business and herself and wanted to worry about her son King. 

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